Ideal Time You Should Wash Your Bed Sheets

by Shamsul
Bed Sheets
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To maintain healthy bedding and prevent the proliferation of bacteria, you must change the Bed Sheets on your bed regularly. But how often should you do it? We will provide you with some answers because different factors come into play.


Between heat, humidity, and dirt, bacteria, microbes, and dust mites multiply in your bed as the days pass. But what humidity are we talking about?

You should know that every year, a person releases, on average, 100 liters of sweat into their Bed Sheets during their sleep. It is understood that saw trapping CO2 during periods of extreme heat. Add to this that without realizing it, you deposit dead skin, hair, dust, pollen, etc., in your bed every night.

In your bed’s warm and humid environment, the bacteria then take 10 to 12 days to develop and cling to the fibers. Your bed then becomes a nest for bacteria, which can cause respiratory problems, skin problems, allergies, etc. You, therefore, understand that it is essential to clean your Bed Sheets regularly.


The duration between two changes can range from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your daily habits. Factors to consider include:

Whether you sleep alone or in pairs, the frequency may differ.

If you prefer a shower in the evening and sleep in your pajamas, you can clean your sheets every 15 days, maximum.

If you shower in the morning, washing your Sheets every week is best.

Likewise, if you sweat a lot, change your Bed Sheets every week, especially in summer.


As for adults, or even more than for them, you must ensure the cleanliness of your child’s (ren) bedding. Indeed, they are more vulnerable to respiratory problems and skin irritations. To ensure healthy Bed Sheets, it is recommended to change their Sheets weekly.


For a baby, the ideal frequency is higher since washing their Bed Sheets every 2 days is recommended. Yes, we must take into account the fact that they are even more fragile than children.

It is also important to protect the mattress well against small nighttime accidents by installing a mattress protector above the mattress and the fitted Bed Sheet. Remember to do the same to this mattress pad every time you wash the Bed Sheets.


Duvets and pillows are certainly protected by Sheets, but that does not mean that they do not need to be maintained regularly. As with Bed Sheets, the frequency of this maintenance may vary depending on your profile. Indeed, if you suffer from allergies or sweat profusely at night, focusing on more frequent maintenance is recommended.

Generally speaking, the best solution is to clean the duvet every season or at least every 6 months. As for your pillows, washing them every two or three months is recommended.


Washing sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases should be done at a temperature that allows them to be properly sanitized. Let’s see the different cases:

If your Bed Sheets are new, carrying out a wash at 30° before using them is recommended. This wash will help fix the colors, relax the fibers, and eliminate any possible primer residue.

For regular maintenance of your Sheets, you can wash at 40°. In addition to being a more ecological solution, it offers your bed linen greater durability because it consumes less energy.

If your Bed Sheet is very dirty, it is recommended to wash it at 60°. But before starting your washing machine, check that the textile used can withstand this temperature.

Likewise, if a sick person has slept in this bed, washing at 60° is strongly recommended.


Generally speaking, it is preferable to choose cotton Bed Sheets because, besides limiting perspiration, this textile can withstand washing at high temperatures.

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