How To Choose Your Bed Sheet According To The Seasons?

by Shamsul
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How To Choose Your Bed Sheet According To The Seasons?

To choose your bed sheet, you will take into account the dimensions, colors and style of its components. But we should not neglect its adaptation to different seasons either. Indeed, they involve temperature variations which will also influence your choice in this matter. Adapting your bed sheet to the season is the assurance, for the sleeper, of true well-being.


Bed Sheet For the Summer:

In spring, the nights are milder and, with the arrival of summer, temperatures rise again. It’s time to adapt the bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover that make up your bed set to this new situation. Certain materials are then more appropriate.



The great benefit of linen is that it regulates body temperature. When it is hot, it tends to cool the sleeper.

And a bedding set creates the conditions for a peaceful night all the better as it absorbs perspiration. Furthermore, it is a soft and pleasant material to the touch, which does not prevent it from being solid. Finally, it is recommended for people suffering from allergies to dust mites or dust.


Cotton Percale:

This is another material recommended when the nights are hot. Indeed, cotton percale bed sheet will be very absorbent. Which is ideal in the summer, especially for sleepers who sweat a lot.

The icing on the cake is that this soft material, which retains heat, is also very elegant.


The Satin:

Satin is distinguished by a singular softness, but also by a suppleness which makes it very pleasant to touch, especially in spring and summer.

For the summer season, however, it is better to choose satin bed sheet made of cotton or silk, which will be more absorbent, but also more expensive, than synthetic satin.



This material is a composite of synthetic fibers, based on polyester, and natural fibers, here cotton. Hence the name “polycotton”.

This material is also very breathable. Soft and light, it is also very easy to maintain. As polycotton bed linen creases little when washed, ironing will most often be unnecessary.


The Silk:

Sleeping in silk is synonymous with ease and comfort. But this refined material is also ideal for dressing your bed in the warm season.

Indeed, silk bed sheets or a duvet cover regulate body temperature. They therefore help to wick away perspiration and maintain welcome freshness, even when the heat becomes stifling.

This opulent material is also suitable for allergy sufferers. And a silk pillowcase won’t mark your face.



A mattress generally has two sides, adapted to the seasons. As the hot season approaches, consider sleeping on the summer side of your mattress, designed to maintain coolness.

How To Dress Your Bed in Fall and Winter?

Always linen

The qualities specific to linen make it a material as well suited to the hot season as to cooler temperatures. Indeed, if it is able, in spring and summer, to keep your sheets fresh, it also insulates you from the cold in winter.

Both soft and warm, and still breathable, a linen bed sheet set makes it easier to fall asleep and makes your winter nights more restful. Insulated from the cold by this material which is always pleasant to touch, you ignore the rigors of winter without overheating the room.

Your linen bed sheet will therefore give you a more comfortable bed. Like a warm nest in which you will enjoy curling up.



Made in Wales as early as the 16th century, flannel has always been renowned for the protection it offers against the cold. It can be made of sheep’s wool or cotton.

Flannel bedding retains heat and keeps sheets at a comfortable temperature. With this material, no more cold sheets, even in the heart of the harshest winter!

If you prefer natural textures, choose organic flannel bed sheet, free of any dye. Generally speaking, natural fibers, such as wool or cotton flannel, are more breathable than synthetic materials. Flannel can be machine washed at 40 or 60 degrees depending on the variety.



If it is therefore in your interest to change your bedding set according to the seasons, certain materials can be used all year round. In addition to linen, this is particularly the case for jersey and cotton. Furthermore, there are “4 seasons” duvets and bed sheets, which adapt according to the time of year.


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