How to Bring Happiness Among Teenagers

by Shamsul
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How to Bring Happiness Among Teenagers

How to Help A Teenager Be Happy?

Happiness among teenagers is a source of concern for parents. We all want to be happy, but we want our children to be even happier. We sometimes see happiness as something that happens to us and over which we have no control. It is easy to link the idea of happiness to the situation in which we find ourselves, especially during adolescence. At this age, children are more likely to say, “If only things were different, I would be happier.” without really knowing what to do to get better. So how can we help them live a peaceful life?


Are We Born Happy?

A significant aspect of experiencing happiness is influenced by one’s personality. Some individuals possess an innate predisposition towards happiness, as they tend to be consistently cheerful and optimistic. Their personalities make it easier for them to smile.

So, what does this mean for teens born with a grumpy personality? They tend to focus on people’s flaws and negative situations. Their mood is more often gloomy than happy. But if we weren’t born happy, with a little practice we can learn to see happiness everywhere.


Happiness Depends on Us:

Researchers have found that more than half of happiness depends on things that are actually within our control. This is really good news because it means everyone can be happier.

Much of our happiness depends on our mindset, our habits and the way we live each day. By learning the key ingredients to happiness, we can use them to get better.


Why Happiness Matters:

happiness transcends mere positivity or a simplistic symbol like a smiling yellow face. It encompasses the profound sense of genuinely relishing one’s life and the aspiration to make the most of it. Happiness can be seen as the elusive ingredient that has the potential to bring smiles back to both ourselves and our children.

The findings from studies on happy individuals reveal the following:

1- Happy people are more successful.

2- Happy people achieve their goals better.

3- Happy people are healthier.

4- Happy people live longer.

5- Happy people have better relationships.

6- Happy people learn better.


Happiness in Teenager: Ingredients for A Happy Life

Happiness is so important in our lives that it has its own field of research called positive psychology. Experts in this field have discovered that there are key elements that make people happier:


Positive Emotions:

Joy, gratitude, love, pleasure, playfulness, humor, inspiration, compassion, hope, creativity, interest, excitement, enjoyment, calm. We all like to feel these positive feelings. Knowing how to manage your negative emotions is also the key to happiness. Difficult emotions are a part of life. But the way we welcome them makes all the difference.

In addition to helping us feel good, positive emotions are valuable for our brain and body. They lower stress hormone levels, help relieve anxiety and depression, and make our immune system stronger.

Feeling positive emotions every day has a significant effect on adolescents’ happiness and well-being. This is why it is important for them to do things that give them positive feelings. Even simple actions like playing with a dog or taking a walk in the forest can do a lot of good.


Strengths and Interests:

The things they are good at and enjoy doing are their strengths. We all have qualities, even if we haven’t discovered them all yet.


Highlights Include:

Things that interest them like music, art, science, cooking or reading.

Skills already acquired: painting, playing an instrument or playing a sport.

Their qualities, such as kindness or humor.

One’s happiness tends to increase when they identify a personal strength and actively engage in practicing and developing it. The more we go in this direction, the more we improve until we truly master it.

When we get really good at something we love, we can drift into focus. This is what we call “flow”. Experiencing flow helps you be happier. Finding ways to use our strengths every day is a key ingredient to a happy life.



The people in our lives can make all the difference. Having good relationships is one of the best ways to achieve high levels of happiness, health and well-being.

Cultivating specific emotional skills can be instrumental in establishing and sustaining positive relationships with others. When we are there for the people who matter, and when they are there for us, we are more resilient and fulfilled.


Here Are Some of The Skills That Help Us Build Good Relationships:

Learn to understand and express our emotions;

Demonstrate empathy to understand what others are feeling;

Show kindness;

Practice gratitude;

Develop self-affirmation to dare to say what we want and what we need.


Find Meaning in Your Life:

Adolescents’ lives are often very busy: school, hobbies, friends, loves, family. It is important to show them how to slow down and think about the meaning of their existence. Pay attention to the effects of their actions, observe when they do good around them. They must become aware of the importance of the values that are important to them, of what really matters to them (helping others, protecting the planet, etc.).


Summary | How to Bring Happiness Among Teenagers

In summary, it is entirely possible to teach your teenagers ways to lead a happy life. Build a mindset, use your strengths, develop your self-esteem, take care of those who matter. All these little things bring happiness every day.


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