15 Limiting Beliefs That Block Your Happiness

by Shamsul
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​​15 Limiting Beliefs That Block You from Your Happiness

Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Happiness

Do you want your life to change, but can’t make the changes you need? It may be because of your limiting beliefs. Without getting rid of it, it is difficult to achieve the coveted happiness. Here’s how to identify them and free yourself from them.


What is a Limiting Belief?

A limiting belief is a state of mind or belief about yourself that is holding you back in life. This is often a false idea that can be harmful to a person’s development. Limiting beliefs make us think things like, “I can’t do it,” “He’s more talented than me,” or “It’s not for me.”

Not only do these thoughts trigger negative emotions, but they also prevent us from reaching our full potential. Whether it is a professional change, personal projects, sporting competitions or romantic relationships, our mind consolidates these negative thoughts and leads us to failure!


At the Origin of Limiting Beliefs is Fear

The feeling common to all individuals with limiting beliefs is fear. They occur after one or more traumatic or recurring events that cause a person to feel strong emotions such as shame, abandonment, sadness or rejection. Most deeply held beliefs come from childhood, but some are born over the years.

To get rid of your limiting beliefs, it is better to work on your fears at the same time. But what are we afraid of?

1- Fear of disappointment (of oneself or others)

2- Fear of change

3- Fear of failure

4- Fear of not being loved/seen/heard and more


The Influence of Limiting Beliefs on Our Happiness

We all have limiting beliefs! Regardless of our origins, we all have patterns ingrained from childhood. These come from what we learn from our education, our life experience and our environment. Beliefs are often associated with positive and negative elements, true and false elements.

But what are the limiting beliefs? It is the beliefs we adopt that prevent us from moving forward and growing personally. We often don’t realize that these beliefs are so important to us that they greatly influence the way we see the world. Deviating from these beliefs is not easy. Especially when we have always lived with them.

However, it is very important to free yourself from these mental barriers in order to move forward and achieve happiness. It is impossible to achieve our goals when our biggest obstacle is our own head!


How to Find Our Limiting Beliefs?

Finding your limiting beliefs is a first step to getting rid of them. To do this, you have to visualize a situation in which you feel stuck. For example, “I’m too old to retrain.” Where does this belief come from? Probably experiences you’ve had and phrases heard around you or while growing up, like “From a certain age, it’s difficult to find work.”

It is then a matter of “destabilizing” these beliefs and replacing them with more positive and useful alternatives. Listing all the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward can make them more concrete and easier to combat.

Putting beliefs in another context and finding counterexamples opens a frame of reference to consider that, in this or that situation, limiting beliefs no longer have any reason to exist. What if we said to ourselves “She became a writer at 54, why not me?” “.

Finally, identify the positive emotions that it evokes in you. When an event occurs, how we interpret it is far more important than the event itself. Working on positive beliefs also helps us work on our confidence to move forward.


How to Change Your Negative Beliefs?

After becoming aware of the negative beliefs that limit us and drawing up a list of what blocks us (it won’t change anything, I’m not capable, I don’t deserve), using the Émile Coué’s Method can be helpful. a big help. This method is a practice of positive thinking through autosuggestion. You must intercept all negative thoughts associated with your beliefs and repeat the contrary statements in your mind. For example, if you think, “I could never do that,” quickly replace that thought with “I am totally capable of doing that.” The goal is to convince your subconscious that what you are repeating is true in order to “reprogram” your beliefs in some way.

Next Comes Visualization. If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, visualizing the path to get there can reverse that belief. Break down step by step everything you need to do to achieve your goal and visualize yourself completing those steps with flying colors. Pretending as if it were possible and easy is a good way to fool the brain!

Last but not least, to successfully complete all these steps, it is essential to get out of your comfort zone and take action. To do this, we must answer the question “how to do it?” »: “How can I succeed in my retraining? “.


What is the List of Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are negative, self-limiting thoughts or beliefs that can hinder our potential and personal development. They can come from our upbringing, our environment or past experiences.

Here is a list of some common limiting beliefs:

1- “I’m not good enough”: Belief that one is not competent or worthy enough to succeed in certain situations.

2- “I don’t deserve happiness/success”: Belief that one does not deserve to be happy or achieve success.

3- “I can’t change”: Belief that personality traits or habits cannot be changed.

4- “I am always unlucky”: Belief that positive events are rare and that bad luck is a constant.

5- “I am unlovable”: Belief that others cannot love or accept us as we are.

6- “I can’t trust others”: Belief that others are unreliable or will betray us.

7- “I don’t deserve to be loved”: Belief that love and affection are not accessible to us.

8- “I’m not intelligent”: Belief that one lacks intelligence or intellectual abilities.

9- “Money is the source of all problems”: Belief that money is harmful or that wealth leads to trouble.

10- “I can’t succeed”: Belief that success is inaccessible or reserved for others.

11- “I’m too old to change”: Belief that age limits the ability to change or achieve dreams.

12- “I am destined to fail”: Belief that failure is inevitable, no matter how hard you try.

13- “Change is scary”: Belief that all change is scary or that it is best to stay in your comfort zone.

14- “I must be perfect”: Belief that one must be perfect in everything one does.

15- “Others are always judging me”: Belief that others constantly judge us in a negative way.

Once you identify the beliefs that are holding you back, it will be easier for you to gain confidence and achieve your dreams. To get to know yourself and your loved ones, play the BLOCK HAPPY card game.


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