What is the Source of Human Happiness?

by Shamsul
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What is the Source of Human Happiness?

Although certain aspects of life make us happy universally, there are certain things that define human happiness. Work, friends, health, relationships, so many factors that make men smile. So, what makes men happy?


What is the Source of Happiness?

The question of the source of happiness is complex and can vary from person to person. Happiness is a subjective emotional state that depends on many factors, and what makes one person happy may not necessarily make another person happy. However, here are a few things that are often associated with happiness:

Social Relationships:

Having positive relationships with friends, family, and loved ones is often an important source of happiness. Social interactions, emotional support and bonding can contribute to well-being.


Personal Achievement for Happiness:

Achieving personal, professional or academic goals can bring great satisfaction and contribute to happiness. This may include achieving dreams, success at work, or personal fulfillment.


Physical and Mental Health:

Physical and mental health are essential for happiness. Feeling fit, healthy and having the ability to manage stress and emotions effectively are very important.


Autonomy and Control:

Having some degree of autonomy and control over your life can promote happiness. Feeling capable of making decisions and shaping your own destiny can be rewarding.


Gratitude and Positivity:

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude—appreciating the little things in life and focusing on the positive rather than the negative—can improve happiness.


Meaning and Purpose:

Having meaning and purpose in life, such as contributing to a cause you are passionate about or living according to your personal values, can provide a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.


Experiences Rather Than Material Goods:

Many studies show that experiences, such as travel, adventures and shared moments, tend to bring more happiness in the long term than the acquisition of material goods.


What is the Secret to Achieving Happiness?

To achieve happiness, there is no magic formula. However, certain actions can get you there. First, cultivate positive relationships with your family, friends and loved ones. Strong social connections are often essential to happiness. Also, practice gratitude by appreciating the little things in life and recognizing what you have and looking for what excites you.


What Gives Meaning to Your Life?

Having a Personal Goal can Help you Feel Greater Satisfaction:

In terms of physical health, adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage your stress. Practice mindfulness to develop a better awareness of yourself and your emotions. In all areas of your life, set achievable and realistic goals, and celebrate your achievements. Find a balance between your work, hobbies, social life and personal time. Helping others and contributing to the community can also bring you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Finally, remain open to change and demonstrate flexibility and resilience.


Fulfilling Work Makes Men Happy

Numerous studies have shown that a man must be satisfied with his work to be happy overall. Here are the reasons:

It Gives Them Meaning

Most men need to feel like they are part of a bigger picture and that their efforts have an impact. A man must also be able to align his sense of purpose at work with his own values. That is to say; ethics must not be sacrificed to the detriment of a higher salary, for example.

They Can Provide for Their Family

Being able to provide for your family is extremely important to a man’s sense of identity. It values him. Seeing his family happy makes him happy in turn.

They Appreciate the Feeling of Belonging

Many men don’t have as many friends as women. They don’t bond as easily. At work, they can meet people and interact in a natural way. They work together on a common goal.

They Like To Evolve In A Framework

Most workplaces operate according to a framework, a hierarchy. Men like to know what bracket they are in so they can measure their progress. This framework also generally allows them to orient themselves within the company, to climb the ladder or to gravitate laterally.


Having Good Friends Is A Criterion of Happiness For Men

If women like to have many friends, men look more for quality in friendship. Those who have friends, especially childhood friends, are in better health as adults. They don’t say it, but they too aspire to strong emotional bonds! Unfortunately, men have a harder time keeping friends, probably because unlike women, they are not taught to be socially and emotionally involved.


A Good Health for Happiness

Still, according to research, a man in good physical health is a happier man. On the one hand, exercising physical activity is a good way to meet other people and make friends. On the other hand, exercising and taking care of yourself is key for your mental health and, therefore, your overall happiness.


Be in a Relationship for The Happiness

Science says it: A man in a relationship is happier than a single man. It even seems that he would live longer. His wife is his confidante. He can tell her anything and show himself as he is. A male person would have more difficulty enjoying solitude.

His happiness is also due to the tenderness he receives. He is all the happier if his wife is independent while devoting quality time to him every day. Married men even have lower cholesterol!


At What Age Are Men Happiest?

According to their research, scientists say that men are happiest in their lives at ages 23 and 69. At 23, they experience true happiness for the first time, whether it is related to work or an important meeting. After that, the level of happiness fluctuates. It is often lower due to entry into working life, regrets, midlife crises and disappointments.

Then, from the age of 50, the older they get, the happier men are. More precisely, they experience increasing happiness after the start of their fifties until the age of 65-70. In general, life gets better over time because older men have less worries than younger ones. Moreover, they react better to life’s ups and downs. Also, as we age, men, like women, realize that time passes quickly and that we must embrace life to the fullest.

For men, being happy comes down to very little. This U-shaped happiness shows that during the middle of their lives, they would benefit from discovering the keys to being more serene, finding a hobby and reaching out more to others. For Christmas, why not offer a deck of happiness diffuser cards to a man dear to you?


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