How Do I Know I Love Him? The 8 Telltale Signs

by Shamsul
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How Do I Know I Love Him? The 8 Telltale Signs

I am often asked this question. How do I know if I love him/her (still)?

How do I know if I’m in love with my boyfriend or my girlfriend? It may happen to question the real nature of his own feelings. Someone experiencing their first romance will often associate with love at first sight. A person who has known several life partners will have more perspective on their emotions. However, even for this person, the boundary between the two can still be blurred for reasons that we will discuss. In fact, love at first sight or a friendly collaboration is not enough to develop a romantic relationship. Several signs can enlighten us when we are not sure of how we feel.

Let’s find out how to know if it’s love, love at first sight, or even emotional dependence.


Why Is It Important To Know If We Love?

It’s completely normal to wonder if you really love. In fact, we should all ask ourselves this question before investing in a new relationship and saying I love you to someone. So, there is no reason to blush. It is a legitimate way to protect yourself and others from possible betrayal.

Certain situations may justify this questioning. This is particularly the case when you embark on a new relationship sometime after a disappointment. Either because we are afraid of making mistakes again and having illusions. Either because we are afraid of being in a bandage relationship. I mean by bandage relationship, a new relationship motivated by the desire to forget the previous one.

There is also the case of a relationship that has lasted for years and that time, routine or hardships have upset. This, too, is important. Being aware that you (still) love your partner helps you open up better, project yourself into the future and invest yourself more. We can then worry about what the other feels and, if it seems reciprocal, express our love to them freely. It also provides a better knowledge of oneself and what one is looking for in a person.


How To Know If I Love Him | The True Definition of Love:

From one person to another, we can have different conceptions of love. Our upbringing, our history, and our personality can influence these conceptions. But, there is one immutable thing in the definition of love.

Loving our partner not for what we would like them to be but for what they really are. This involves knowing all the facets, the lightest and darkest of his personality, and loving him anyway. It is a feeling that develops over time. We love the person even more when we get to know them. It is a much deeper feeling than the one you feel at the very beginning of the romantic encounter.

How To Know If I Like It Or Not | The Signs That Do Not Deceive

1- The Intensity of Your Feelings:

Love and love at first sight, are two strong feelings with similar traits but different tenors. One of the most reliable ways to tell the difference between love and attraction is to gauge your feelings and the emotions they bring to you. Generally, we experience more grounded, peaceful, and lasting feelings when we fall in love. On the other hand, when we are in love at first sight, our emotions are generally much more intense and fleeting.

So, take the time to think about how you feel about the person. Are you afraid of losing him/her? Do you want to share your universe with this person and introduce him to your friends and your family? Do you confide in this person easily? Will you care about his happiness? Do you feel peace in his presence? All of this will help you to know if your emotions are fueled by a feeling of love or by a passing infatuation.


2- The Nature of Your Thoughts:

Another way to distinguish between love and love at first sight is to ask ourselves what we like most about each other. What do you think of when you think of her or dream of this person? How do you talk about this person to others? If your thoughts and talk about her are purely physical, it could be a sign that she’s just an attraction. You have flipped over his look or his physical appearance. But if you look beyond, are you able to see a whole beautiful soul that brings you something?

If so, then it could be true love! Carefully evaluate your own thoughts when considering whether it is real. Sometimes, you can just be smitten with the idea of having a new interest. We often confuse with the feeling of love. In this case, this relationship can give you a false impression of happiness and satisfaction.

True love, however, is more than a constant attachment – it allows for independence and gives both parties the space to grow as individuals without fear of losing each other.

3- Your Degree of Independence:

To really know if your feelings are rooted in love or love at first sight, observe how you feel when you’re apart. Can’t stop thinking about your him/her? Are you constantly looking for ways to stay in touch and spend time together? If the answer is yes, chances are it’s just a . True love, however, is more than a constant attachment – it allows for independence and gives both parties the space to grow as individuals without fear of losing each other. In this sense, if the relationship does not make you jealous and anxious about separation if it rather encourages personal development, then you have fallen in love.


4- The Effect of Time on Your Relationship

Here is another fact that is easier to understand. Feeling madly about him/her, having butterflies in our stomachs the first time we kiss and during sex, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve fallen in love. Even though these feelings are all beautiful and strongly felt, attachement is confirmed by knowing each other better over time.

Indeed, it takes time to get to know someone and identify their qualities, faults, specificities, and habits. We usually know someone when we are in a relationship with that person for a certain period of time. Those who have lived together for several years know this. We learn a lot from this experience of living together. You learn to see the difference between early romance and true love. Over time, with cohabitation, we learn a lot more about the loved one.

The more time passes, the more we get to know it in all its facets. After a time spent with her, bounding matures. We can love our lover for who he is, not for what we thought of him on our first date. It takes time to really get to know someone. The more authentic and real people are from the start, the faster we can get the answer to this question. This is why there is no point in acting or impersonating another person to please. If the person likes what you show them and, in the end, realizes that they were wrong about you, things may end badly.


5- The Effect of His Absence:

We talk a lot about the person in their absence when it comes to love. We remember the good times past, and we can not help but mention his name. Pay attention to how you talk about the person, what you say, and the importance you give them despite their absence. Hearing you talk about this person, your friends are often the first to realize if you are madly in love. You will also want to tell her how much you miss her.


6- Your Ability to Project Yourself Into the Future

We begin to really love when we manage to project ourselves. Even if we are not yet thinking about marriage and children, love leads us to project ourselves into the future. Do a little exercise: Imagine a future where you are with a different partner or an ex that you liked a lot, for example. Does this thought of being with someone else lessen or increase the intensity of your feelings? A decrease can be an indicator of a crush-based relationship. Simply because true love cannot be replaced! If you love, imagining yourself with someone else will make your feelings more powerful than ever. So take the time to think about what would happen if you were with someone else. And true love will remain strong despite this thought experiment.


7- Your Ability to Respect Others and to Compromise:

Respecting your partner’s decisions and thoughts, even if they differ from yours, proves your love’s sincerity. Compromising peacefully and without resentment towards each other is also important in a serious relationship. When couples struggle in this area, it can be an indicator that their feelings may not be rooted in true love.


8- Your Interest in Other Men or Women:

When we love a person, we lose other men’s or women’s taste. Even people who seemed to like you before you met this person become much less attractive to you. Your attention is focused on a specific person; if so, that’s a good sign!

To know if I love him that is real or not

In addition to asking you the question, how do I know if I like it, there is another question to ask which is very important. It is not enough to love a person; they must also love you, and this romantic relationship must be healthy! Indeed, there are ways of loving that cause more pain than anything else. What you want, through this question, is to find love or to be sure that you have found love. Let me explain: A love affair based on domination will not necessarily get you the love you are looking for.

Because a romantic relationship has a better foundation when there is mutual respect in addition to attachment. It is also true that we do not feel good if we only depend on our partners and suffer from emotional dependence. We can build our happiness in love without relying on the other.


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