How to Stand Out From Other Men In Front Of A Woman: 5 New Tips

by Shamsul
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How to Stand Out From Other Men In Front Of A Woman: 5 New Tips

How to stand out from other men in front of a woman? It is a big question that several people are asking today. Yes, because whether it is in the evening with friends, eating out, or even at the office, it is sometimes difficult for a boy to get noticed by a woman, especially when several men are present in the same room.

Our insecurity and rivalry with others often prevent us from taking the first step. In this stressful situation, some boys tend to react badly, to do too much to get noticed: heavy jokes, inappropriate gestures, or too much shyness—enough to scare off most women quickly.

What if getting noticed by a woman was easier? If it were enough to follow 5 simple steps applicable to all situations, and which will allow you to get noticed by the woman you want to please. Here’s how to stand out from other men in front of a woman!

Step 1 – Start By Making Eye Contact

To decide how to stand out from other men in front of a woman, you must first understand the importance of eye contact between a man and a woman.

Although it can be a little intimidating, women love eye contact with a man. And that can be explained quite simply because it is indeed the eyes that most women look at first. If there are many of you in a room, frequent eye contact with a woman will allow you to create a first bond with her and, therefore, a little collaboration.

This is a trick that is particularly effective for the shyest of you who only sometimes dare to take the first step and approach women. It might even get her to come to you because simple eye contact will let the woman know you’re interested.

How to do it? Look for his gaze, and if your eyes meet, smile a little and then look away. Try to do it quite often, but don’t insist if you see that it makes her too uncomfortable! You can even indulge in a little wink if you’re bold enough. If the look is returned, it’s won!

When the conversation is engaged, try to capture and maintain his gaze. If she maintains a deep gaze, there is no longer any doubt! If she frequently looks away while smiling, she’s embarrassed so that she may like you.

How to stand out from other men in front of a woman? By playing with your look and your smile, the two things women look for first in a man.

Step 2 – Get Noticed, But Not Too Much!

Before approaching her, you must try to make yourself noticed in the room. Whether it’s your smile, your eyes, your walk, how you stand, or even your shyness, charm is worth much more than beauty; believe me! Your charm is your key asset, and you must play on it.

Be different from other men. Try to make yourself heard in the room and crack a few jokes while remaining subtle. Women like men who have a presence, who know how to capture attention and make themselves heard. The idea is to set the stage so that when you decide to approach her, the woman will feel special and rather lucky that you are the one you are interested in.

But above all, be yourself! No need to try to do the service comic if it is outside your personality; she will feel it directly.

How to do it? Start the conversation with the group on exciting topics, news, or past experiences—the opportunity to show that you are cultivated without giving the impression of spreading your knowledge or bragging.

Tell about your last evening a little too watery if you know it to be a party girl or your last debate between friends if it is the nerd type. It is optional to make sure to be the focus of attention, to make sure to be more transparent, and above all, to try to be confident.

A man who has confidence has the right to miss a pun, not to be at the forefront of fashion, in short, not to be the ideal man as long as he has confidence in himself. The charm of a man is key for a woman.

How to stand out from other men in front of a woman? Charm, self-confidence, and above all, be yourself.

How to Stand Out From Other Men In Front Of A Woman:

Step 3 – Know How To Make Her Laugh.

It is a known and recognized way: “laughing woman, half in bed”! A popular belief that has proven itself. But on the condition of not being too heavy! Bold jokes rather scare women away.

When you finalize to strike up a conversation with the woman you’re interested in, try to make her laugh during your conversation.

How to do it? We forget the gritty jokes, the sexual innuendos. Try to stay on the finesse.

Also, play with gestures and with your gaze to make her laugh. It’s not all in words!

You don’t have to be particularly funny, but the rule of thumb is to laugh at your jokes. The funniest joke in the world, told in a monotonous and annoying tone, will never be as well received as a bad joke told with cheerfulness and amusement.


How to Stand Out From Other Men In Front Of A Woman? Humor, But with Fitnesse!

Step 4: Listen To her, But Not Only!

Women like to feel listened to and, above all, understood. When you start a conversation with her, you must be very attentive and have a banter. Contrary to what most men think, women want a listening ear and someone to have an honest conversation with.

How to do it? To reconcile the two, nothing could be simpler: ask questions! It is the most fruitful way to revive the conversation constantly but also to make it last. On the other hand, avoid bringing everything back to you, and try to get her to say more and more about her.

She must read in your eyes that you are interested in her and want to share a conversation with her. Feel free to make her talk about these centers of interest to find common points.

If you are not very inspired, go for the classics: what she does for a living, her age, what studies she follows, the kind of music she listens to, etc. On the other hand, we avoid stormy subjects such as politics or religion.

Little trick: you can offer her to look on social networks if you have friends in common, an implicit technique that allows you to talk about any acquaintances you have but, above all, to ask her as a friend instantly, which will enable you to contact her again by the following.

How to Stand Out From Other Men In Front Of A Woman? Conversation, Debate, with a Hint of Lightness and Humor.


Step 5 – Be Considerate Of Her

You are differentiating yourself from other men. This small detail is significant for a woman and must be considered to understand how to stand out from other men in front of a woman. Women like kind and caring men, so the little touches will make a difference. But is it possible to be attentive to a woman you don’t know or know little about? And is it surrounded by other men? Well, thanks to small gestures that will not go unnoticed by her.

How to do it? For example, offer her a drink or open her beer during a party, order her a drink at the bar or restaurant, or even offer her a lighter or a cigarette if she is a smoker.

You can also ask her if she is going home alone. In this case, you can offer to drive her home (in all honor) or even help on a file if she is working with you, etc.

Yes, beware of the friend zone! Don’t be too nice either, to the point of offering to do his job for him or help him with a move because a good pear indicates a certain lack of character, a very negative energy for a woman. Women want a caring and kind man, but not a sucker.

Being thoughtful will also go through compliments; do not hesitate to compliment her outfit or hair. The best thing is to compliment her on something that could be more obvious. Avoid clichés; for example, it is not worth telling her that she has magnificent eyes if this is not the case; it is seen and reviewed, and the woman will have the impression of being one more prey on your hunting board, to whom you are out of the boat phrases.

Conversely, if she has a particular physical trait (a small dimple, a mole, an original hairstyle, or a specific style of clothing), allude to it. She will be flattered to see that this is the detail you noticed. On the other hand, avoid rudeness at all costs by complimenting her neckline or her tight pants.

How to Stand Out From Other Men In Front Of A Woman? Small Gestures That Will Make Her Feel Important to You and Compliments.


How do you stand out from other men in front of a woman? You have to check the signs that tell you that you are interested. First, the look, as said above, then the conversation: if she talks to you for a long time, it’s a good sign. You have the keys to successfully getting noticed by following these five steps.

You can engage in some physical contact, but nothing too heavy. Avoid being too tactile because many women find it very uncomfortable. The best thing is to touch her “involuntarily” by giving her something: brush her hand, kick her by moving your chair…

You will quickly see if she avoids contact or if she lets you do it.

But keep in mind that the best indicator to know if she likes you is her smile! Nothing is more evocative than a woman’s smile.

So get started, and above all, take the time to observe the person before you.


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