How to Please Women: 10 Effective (And Directly Applicable) Tips

by Shamsul
Please Women
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How to Please Women: 10 Effective (And Directly Applicable) Tips

If you are wondering how to please women and make them want more, pay attention to the following.


How to Please Women

Pleasing a woman is not very complicated.

You need to have a few key factors in mind that directly impact how women view you.

Then make some small adjustments, relatively simple for some, which can change a lot of things.

And this is correctly what we will see together in the following lines.

With 10 solid tips to please girls and thus seduce them more easily (and this in any situation, especially those listed here).

We will also see some traps if you want to avoid passing for a guy in need or who does too much.

I’ve been helping men develop a solid attitude toward women over the years for more success in their sexual and romantic lives.

Some of the points we will cover here will require a little work on you to be mastered, while others will be applicable much more easily and quickly.

Let’s get started without further ado.


1. Sense of Humor:

You’ve probably noticed it: men who know how to make women laugh are generally pleasing.

A guy who knows how to make us laugh is a guy whose company we appreciate. He’s a guy you want to be with.

A sense of humor helps to generate positive emotions in your interlocutors.

It also allows you to demonstrate a certain social intelligence (which is a quality that particularly attracts women).

Your sense of humor, therefore, allows you, on the one hand, to make women feel positive emotions but also to demonstrate a certain social status.

Prince Charming Now, as you’d expect, your sense of humor needs to be socially calibrated and imbued with some finesse.

If your humor is heavy and awkward, you’ll come off as a weird or relatively low social status guy.

You will pass for a guy who lacks social intelligence, which is handicapping when it comes to seducing (it repels women, in the bad sense of the word).

Your sense of humor should lift you up, not vice versa.


2. Self-Confidence:

Confident men appeal to women.

Men who lack self-confidence, on the other hand, are much less attractive.

Generally speaking, men who don’t like themselves don’t like women (or people in general, for that matter).

Take the test: remember the last time you liked someone sorely lacking self-confidence. You are going to have trouble.

Confident men are very popular from the moment they know how to bring positive energy.

And it doesn’t matter how confident they are.

Hyper-confident and narcissistic guys are no exception.

Some psychologists even go on to say that narcissistic guys are even more attractive.

So, it’s not a question of becoming selfish and full of himself, but of increasing your confidence level if this one is weak.


3. Knowledge:

Men who know things and know how to share them with women are generally pleasing.

This allows them to demonstrate a certain intelligence and to bring more emotions to these ladies.

Basically, it makes you attractive.

Women crave your company because they know you’ll be able to rock them, and they won’t be bored.

Hence the interest in working on your general culture and living specific experiences you can share with women.


4. Dress Style:

Your dress style can either pull you up or drag you down.

The way you dress directly reflects your social status.

Understand this: your dress style is the first thing a woman sees when she meets you.

This is the first element you give her so that she can obtain an idea of you.

This is the first thing she will use to judge your social status.

And it also allows him to get an idea of your state of mind and your social intelligence.

A guy who dresses any old way will be seen as a guy who lacks social intelligence. He will be seen as a guy of low social status.

So if you wear your clothes haphazardly, your first impression on a girl you meet will work against you.

And god knows first impressions die hard.

A good style of dress will also allow you to please the women around you more: they will behave better with you, smile at you more, and even give you compliments.

So if you look to speed on this, it’s time to build a quality men’s wardrobe (bet on sober and efficient, James Bond style).


5. Hygiene:

It is obvious, but I still prefer to take stock of it.

If you have a bad lifestyle, you will naturally repel women.

Foul body odor, oily hair, poor dental hygiene and other love killers that will undermine your interactions with women.

Not only will it put them off in the moment, but it will also lead them to see you as a guy of low social status.

Conversely, taking care of yourself will please the ladies more.

Of course, you don’t need to do too much: a haircut and a suitable hairstyle, a petite eau de toilette or aftershave, fresh breath, and you’re ready.


6. Physical Fitness:

Needless to say, if you are overweight, you will be less pleasing.

Ditto if you are skinny.

A strong, athletic, and muscular body appeals to women.

So get active and eat smart.

How to please a woman


7. The Ability to Compliment:

When you compliment a woman, she feels valued.

Particularly effective in pleasing a girl.

It makes him feel positive emotions. She feels better. You made his day better.

Men who know how to compliment or flatter women are often men who appeal to women.

It can be all kinds of flattery: it can be about his personality, his achievements, his style of dress, his physique, etc.

When you give a compliment, you transmit positive energy. You bring value.

And men who bring value, women like it.


8. A Good Financial Situation:

A regular job, a handsome salary, a higher level of education, etc., women like it.

Yes, women are all more or less materialistic and evil, even if they do not admit it (many of them do not even realize it).

That said, it doesn’t mean you have to have a great job or a big salary to sleep with the girls you like (I’ll explain why a little further down).

But here it is: a good situation is a plus.

It often reflects a specific social intelligence and a certain social status.

It exhibits that you are capable of taking on responsibilities.

Certainly, It shows maturity.


9. A Social Life:

To please women, have asocial life.

Don’t be an unsocial guy who has no friends and never does anything interesting.

When you lead an exciting life, women see it. And they want to join you and she wants to be part of your life.

A man who has a whole life that should please.


10. Good Humor:

You will certainly agree with me that a man who is constantly in a bad mood will be less attractive.

And conversely, a guy who is often in a good mood and communicates with an excellent attitude to women will please more.

And that’s normal: women want to spend more time with men who make them feel good than men who only experience negative emotions.

Hence the interest in improving your mood and communicating more positivity (it is not always easy, especially in certain contexts, but with some work on yourself and practice, you can get there).

Now there’s something you need to understand.

Everything we have just seen has its limits.

Pleasing Women: Why It’s Not Enough (what you need to Understand):

Pleasure remains relatively superficial.

Because pleasing in the end, what does pleasing mean?

Pleasing means being pleasant.

It simply means to provide satisfaction.

But it stops there.

Knowing how to please women will come in handy if you want to please women and provide them with some emotional satisfaction, but it won’t guarantee you go the extra mile with them.

It won’t guarantee you won’t end up in the friend zone.

Because you can please while leaving sexually indifferent, you can please without attracting.

However, what really matters to arouse a woman’s desire is to attract, not to please.

You can also very well attract a woman without pleasing her.

How to please your wife meets the middle ground because attraction plays out much deeper than just pleasing.

When you have knowledge of how to attract a woman, you don’t need to know how to please women.

So, of course, pleasing will help you. But this is different from what will be decisive.

The key is to build yourself as a man to attract quality women.

It is to work on your masculinity and solidity to attract feminine women who will help you flourish.

Have that in mind.


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