Dreams Don’t Get Old | Have Time To Dream Them!

by Shamsul
Dreams don't get old
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Dreams Don’t Get Old | Have Time To Dream Them!

Our reality has become chaotic, unstable, and frantic, but is this a sign of progression or regression? We are numbed by fatigue and exhaustion without the opportunity to reflect on our past experiences! We get carried away by the whirlwind of life and sacrifice our dreams, desires, aspirations, romantic relationships, and passions.


Today, we experience multiple realities simultaneously. We find ourselves immersed in this adventure, whether by constraint or by choice. However, amidst these many pieces, we sometimes struggle to piece together the puzzle of our essence, and we find ourselves caught in a so-called “snowball” effect. Despite the abundance of disconnected emotions, they fail to bring us the true feeling of happiness in our hearts.


In reality, our goal in this reflection today is not to understand the complexity of the feeling of “happiness” nor its different facets but rather to locate this emotion in our other parts.

I use the term “part” without a pejorative connotation and without the intention of underestimating some of our daily functions. It is a way of inviting you, as the reader, to imagine not only through the prism of the subconscious but also to visualize each of your concrete functions.

Take a moment to imagine yourself in pieces…not broken, please! Of all the functions (parts) you perform daily, how many of them give you proper satisfaction? What is the result of this evaluation?


If we don’t even have time to do the math!

If we don’t even bother to count it, it will be impossible for us to get the “real proof”! We carry them pushing, touching, and in the words of Milton Nascimento in the song “Clube da Esquina II”, and the river of asphalt and people overflows the slopes, obstructs the sidewalk…”. Our feet hurt, so we change our shoes.

We are loaded, so we change bags. We didn’t have time for lunch, so we just had a snack. We drink coffee standing up and teach sitting down. Examples abound; we are so absorbed in our daily lives that we don’t even have time to imagine them!


We sleep exhausted, without time to think about what we have experienced or what we need to change in our routine!

We hitch a ride on the wheel of life and ride on our dreams, fantasies, projects, loves, and passions. And there are still those who believe that living like this is normal! We are conditioned to embrace the “battle of life” and kill the “hungry lion” every day!

The internalized rule that life is a struggle pushes us to put on armor to protect ourselves, to hide our work in drawers, to demand confidentiality in everything we say, and sometimes we end up hurting and hurting ourselves. Away from those who only wanted our good, and to top it all off, we always have “a flea behind our ear”!


We could no longer think; the norm was to act endlessly, and the more we worked, the more the obligations multiplied!

It’s time to shout goodbye to lions, fleas, and fights! It’s the time to contemplate the sunset without wearing oversized glasses and to smile while reading comics without worrying about their classic nature.

Let us laugh at the poorly pronounced words and let the well-constructed and perfect speeches disappear. Let’s kiss rather than shake hands, dance freely without worrying about the choreography, and say “I love you” without worrying about what others will think of us.

Let’s take the time to blink to flirt with the moment, embrace our charms, and abandon ourselves to our dreams.

As the song mentioned above says: “Dreams don’t get old…”, but you must take the time to dream them!



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