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Marketing Strategy of Amazon
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Marketing Strategy of Amazon | Amazon Marketing Strategy

Amazon Marketing Strategy

Amazon Slogan and Tagline

Work hard, have fun, make history

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce giants in the world. It is a big hub for eCommerce buyers and shoppers. Today, this eCommerce platform is a buying as well as selling portal for everyone. Amazon Marketing Strategy is one of the best examples to motivate clients.


Positioning, Segmentation, and Targeting:

While studying the marketing strategy of Amazon, an eCommerce giant, it is necessary to see what it uses. Amazon deploys psychographics as well as demographic segmentation to cover the markets. It relies on Actual Purchase Behavior because seeing what people find interesting is a mistake of sellers around the globe. It also has a Micro-level segmentation which targets the customers one by one enabling the company to grab more attention of customers in order to convert them into long-term clients.

The ecommerce segmentation strategy of Amazon is impressive as it encourages buyers to take more interest in shopping activities, brands, and products. It preferably targets customers from the middle class as well as an upper class who want to get modern technologies, fashion apparel, gear and more. Amazon enables these buyers to save more time while seeing neutral reviews and product descriptions.



Go Global Act Local:

“Go Global Act Local” is the latest approach of this eCommerce platform. It is the latest trend forcing sellers to discover new markets and customers around the globe. On the other hand, corporate partners or sellers can act locally with the help of easy payment, delivery and refund facilities. Amazon is using the recent trend #AurDukhao in India to encourage companies, manufacturers, fashion designers, retailers, and sellers. This Amazon Marketing Strategy trend is helping customers to make up their minds while searching for the desired products online rather than visiting local markets.

Marketing Mix – Read more details about the marketing mix of Amazon.

SWOT analysisRead more about SWOT analysis of Amazon.

Mission – Amazon wants to be the most favored and attractive eCommerce platform for customers in the world. The customers will find whatever they like, love and use here. It also likes to provide an unforgettable experience to the customers and sellers in a user-friendly way.

Vision: It helps to support modern expertise and technology for the users. This will improve the online shopping experience.

Competitive Benefit in Amazon Marketing Strategy:

In order to distinguish itself, Amazon is working with numerous IT and eCommerce start-ups such as,,,,, and Woot, etc. All these start-ups help this e-commerce platform to acquire better technologies targeting the customers in the online markets. This customer facilitation idea is more economical because of low-cost marketing and traffic production. It has achieved a status of “Economies of Scale” with the help of an extensive product range containing toys, electronics, fashions, games, DIY, Apparel, travel, home decoration, and more.

These things support Amazon in maintaining prices in an affordable range. This is a simple but direct way to deliver economic benefits to the buyers. Customer Buying Behavior is helping it to develop a robust client-centric approach. According to an analysis, more than 50 % of clients on this platform are “Repeat Buyers” who come frequently to shop. Today, it is among the leading eCommerce services in Europe and the USA. However, it is also planning to extend the network to other markets.


BCG Matrix:

According to the BCG Matrix, there are three types of businesses: Cash Cows, Stars, and Question marks.

Amazon Prime, Movies on Demand and E-books are the cash cows for the eCommerce portal. These offer great margins to the portal. As a matter of fact, Amazon was an online bookstore when it started its business.

Amazon Web services and Kindle, VOD (which is Video on Demand service) are among the question marks. These are technology dependent. This is why these things drop in demand with the passage of time.

Electronics are in the stars category for Amazon. These are durable and reliable products offering reasonable margins to this eCommerce portal. Amazon holds the highest market share in this industry.


Amazon Distribution Strategy:

Increasing online traffic has doubled the workload on Amazon. Today, it operates with more than 55 fulfillment franchises helping to improve the manufacturing to consumer’s end experience. Products or brands manufactured by different companies require proper marketing, vendors, retailers, and shipment & delivery options. All these things require more attention especially when it is about management. Amazon uses an aggressive marketing strategy to serve its clients around the globe. This is a reason why Amazon is getting more recognition in the world.

In fact, Amazon has a structured and deep network ensuring that products will be available everywhere including remote locations. This strategy aims to minimize the product availability cost, especially the delivery charges. With the help of an extensive network, it continues to serve the customers in a friendly approach.


Brand Equity:

The marketing strategy of Amazon is a great example of brand equity. It started as an e-book provider, but now it is a modern e-commerce service with a network in all six continents. This portal is increasing the service network in order to strengthen the brands and products. This successful approach for promotion and marketing results in targeting the customers with the highest satisfaction rate.

By April 2015, the total revenue generation of Amazon was $176 billion. It is a big revenue production for any eCommerce portal with a short professional history. With the highest 55 % of repeat customers, it is going to get the most attractive status in the world of online markets. Amazon has set itself as a most valuable brand (Forbes List).


Competitive Analysis:

Amazon has so many strong competitors in the market. When comparing its competitors, it is necessary to consider the business field or industry. For example, Apple is the biggest competitor of Amazon when it is to magazines, movies, books, and audiobooks. On the other hand, its iTunes store is another threat to this eCommerce portal. It is because of the Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. Google is the most dangerous competitor for Amazon when it is to web services.

Walmart is a considerable eCommerce system giving it a tough time to Amazon. It appears as a large online retailer offering the best shopping experience with a wide range of products, brands, and services. Shopping can buy products online, pay easily and get deliveries at home in a simple manner.

In order to improve the service standards equal to Amazon, Walmart is interested to bring same-day delivery service. This service would be available in major cities and countries for everyone. This would make Walmart a leading service on the internet with excellent choices for buyers. In some developed countries, Amazon is facing high competition with Flipkart, Snapdeal, and others. This service is also facing threats from Groupon and First Cry. These are some basic services targeting moms, new parents, and kids. These local competitors are going to be a tough presence for Amazon.


Market Analysis of Amazon

Market analysis of Amazon in relation to marketing strategy is very strong. The international e-commerce portals are in the evolution phase and these are updating the systems. With the adaptation of modern technologies, software, and systems, it would be possible for developing eCommerce stores and portals to grab more attention. Targeting customers is no longer an issue because of the increasing e-commerce shopping trends. There are several examples of eCommerce portals developing the systems regularly. These include the top names of eBay, Alibaba, and others. These things are going to change the eCommerce industry in order to provide more benefits to buyers.


Customer Analysis:

Amazon marketing strategy usages is for its business development and customer analysis. It believes to balance the e-commerce and customer shopping experience. Customers want to use eCommerce portals because of the ease of shopping. On the other hand, they also want to see the products or brands before paying for them. Amazon has launched a neutral reviewing system with descriptions so that buyers can see what they want. The majority of the buyers at this online store are professionals and businessmen. They want to see how to improve the business with the help of Amazon’s business choices. Remember, Amazon has a large network in hundreds of countries. This network is highly attractive to manufacturers, companies, retailers, and sellers. Anyone interested in finding more exposure to target customers can use this platform.


Amazon Marketing Strategy:

Amazon presents the best business expansion choices. It is a friendly platform for everyone. Those with a product or service can exploit its large network. There are lots of interesting opportunities and choices for businessmen, companies, manufacturers, and others. Whether you have a small or large business setup, there are corporate advantages for users. Those who have an emerging business setup should take the support of Amazon. It would be a great step to take real advantage of Amazon’s largest network of online buyers around the globe. Get high traffic to your website, store or even a local shop with the help of marketing strategies of this leading online portal.


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