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Colgate Oral Care
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Colgate Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Colgate

Colgate Marketing Strategy

Oral hygiene is very important. People use different products, including solids, semisolids, and liquids for oral protection. Colgate comes to mind when someone talks about oral protection or hygiene. This is a top leading product in the world for people with concerns about toothpaste, brush, teeth health and dental hygiene. Colgate’s Marketing Strategy is made to stay prominent in the health industry. It is a preferred choice for many dentists when they recommend toothpaste to their patients. Due to its excellent brand status and marketing strategy, it is now a leader in the field of oral health. It is valuable to see the marketing strategy of Colgate. Readers will find interesting points and approaches while studying Colgate’s promotional and marketing approaches.


Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning in the Colgate Marketing Strategy

Colgate has so many segmentation policies. It uses a segmentation-based marketing strategy to target various types of users. Its segmentation depends on oral health for oral, personal and homecare brands. This step is done using psychographics, demographics and other behavioral factors. For example, it has various Body sprays & deodorants for women and men. It also offers oral care products for all age and income groups. However, these segmentations always focus on customer satisfaction.

Colgate Marketing Strategy targets all income groups and its devices marketing policies to deal with the mass population. However, the major portion of its sales comes from middle-class buyers. Colgate Palmolive is one of the best examples of the positioning strategy. This strategy involves Colgate in homecare or household products. Buyers from all categories commonly use these products at home or office.

Marketing Mix – Click here to have more details about Colgate’s marketing mix.

SWOT Analysis – Find interesting factors in Colgate’s SWOT Analysis.

Mission – “Colgate desires to be the fastest growing business company that is providing one of the best oral healthcare products. People love to use the oral hygiene and protection products manufactured by this company. It also focuses to develop new products according to changing trends, choices, and technologies.”

Vision – It prefers to hold the position of “A Truly Global Product Service” with high priority in customers’ minds.

Colgate Marketing Strategy

Competitive Advantage in Colgate Marketing Strategy

Colgate uses a unique driving force to stay prominent in the markets. It has a top-notch product portfolio. The Colgate Marketing Strategy uses an apt differentiation system depending on the advantages they offer. They have several segmentation systems (mentioned above) for the products providing them an edge. This company always maintains its recognition and popularity level just because of the excellent quality of oral health products. Colgate is active in health communication, awareness creation, and others. This gives them a lead in the markets even in the presence of competitors.

The most prominent competitive advantage Colgate enjoys is its extensive distribution system. It has a big distribution network in the urban as well as rural markets. Product availability is the biggest challenge for companies in high-competition markets. Colgate always uses its extensive network to ensure that its oral health products will be available in the markets of cities, towns or even villages. This excellent Colgate Marketing Strategy gives the Company more attention, resulting in huge sales.



BCG Matrix in the Colgate Marketing Strategy

The BCG Matrix is an essential factor in marketing strategy. Colgate has a remarkable BCG Matrix for its oral protection products. The increasing oral health awareness and technology support this company in delivering the best quality home care brands. Almost all the home care products in the list of Colgate are Stars.

However, oral care products are in a new Stars and Cash Cows sub-category. It would be good to see the definition of this new category in the BCG Matrix. Find more details here.

Colgate produces high-quality toothbrushes. This section is in Cash Cows. Quality and availability of the toothbrushes are key features. Colgate keeps all resources to ensure its products’ quality and easy availability. No doubt, different local and national groups compete with this company but customers always prefer their products.

Remember, Colgate toothpaste is a Star product. It is in the Stars category because of the various features mentioned previously. Available in a very cheap but superb in quality. It presents kinds of toothpaste in different flavors to attract various buyers. Colgate Mint, ice, refresh and others are good examples. Different competitors also offer similar products in local markets.


Distribution Strategy in Colgate Marketing Strategy

It is necessary to focus on the distribution strategy when studying the marketing strategy of Colgate. Colgate Palmolive enjoys its own network of distribution. It uses a self-service known as Colgate Palmolive Co Distributors. This subsidiary of Colgate is a FMCG company. It has access to the local as well as international markets. It provides the best distribution support to businesses worldwide. This company plays a vital role in making Colgate a successful industry leader.

No doubt, they have a huge distribution network and a subsidiary company, but they still depend on the global transportation system. Colgate utilizes an international shipping service known as Magellan Transport Logistics. On the other hand, they have set up a 3 Tier Distribution System for local access. Due to the effective Colgate Marketing Strategy, this system enables Colgate to deliver its products to the main departmental stores, shops, and grocery hubs. Colgate’s 3 Tier Distribution system depends on Manufacturer to Regional Distributor to Sub-regional Distributor or Retailer. The products reach to customers after using this distribution network.


Brand Equity in Colgate Marketing Strategy

Remember, Colgate is a top (#1) company in the Kantar World Panel. The Brand Footprint report published in 2014 placed Colgate as No. 1 Company. On the other hand, Colgate also enjoys the status of 2nd most loved brand internationally in the list of top 50 homecare brands. This company has so many other achievements. It is a highly recognized brand for the household. People around the globe love to have Colgate products rather than choosing low priced products.


Competitive Analysis in Colgate Marketing Strategy

Colgate has so many giant competitors. It fights with leading FMCG companies such as P & G, HUL, and others. Local players are also providing extensive shocks to this company. Colgate has a list of potential threats, whether it is about home care, household or oral health products. However, some companies have successfully got the lead by introducing different products in local markets. P & G and HUL are more famous for their soaps and detergents. Local manufacturers also offer similar products to compete with this company. What about oral hygiene? Remember, Colgate is the king in this matter due to the Colgate Marketing Strategy.


Market Analysis in Colgate Marketing Strategy

In the intensive competition environment of FMCG companies, Colgate still has high awareness. It is a priority option for buyers looking for oral, home, and personal care products. Branding Colgate Marketing Strategy is the only reason why this company is more prominent. The distribution strategy of this company also plays a vital role. However, the quality of products makes Colgate a brilliant choice for customers around the globe. These things make Colgate a leader in the national and international markets.


Customer Analysis in the Colgate Marketing Strategy

Colgate has different types of customers. It studies the customers using various types of products in order to develop a better segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy. Products of this company are famous among all age groups, classes, and societies. From personal care to home care, it has a wide range of choices for buyers. Elite, as well as middle-class users, feel easy and safe when buying the products of Colgate for their homes.


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