What is A Teamwork? Its Importances and Drawbacks

Factors Influencing Teamwork

by Shamsul
What is Teamwork
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What is A Teamwork? Its Importances and Drawbacks

Teamwork is a collaborative effort of a group to complete a task or achieve some common goal most efficiently and effectively. Different individuals with the same plans work together to accomplish the goal in this process. Teamwork is effective and efficient, and no one can deny its importance. History is full of examples in which teamwork showed efficient results. So many people support teamwork, and at the same time, many like to work individually. The choice of teamwork varies from person to person.


Factors Influencing Teamwork:

Some factors influence teamwork, and they are given below.

Social Norms:

Social norms are essential when it comes to teamwork because everyone in the team must know how to behave well with everyone. The behavior of every team member should be acceptable and set a standard. The interaction between team members should be great so that they can understand each other’s ideas efficiently. Norms mainly emerge when the team members talk or socialize with each other.


Team Cohesiveness:

A group should have cohesion. The bond between people should be very strong. Team cohesion is directly related to working ability. If they have nice bonding, then they can talk with each other and time will be saved. They will be comfortable with each other and rely on available resources. It encourages people to perform work in a better way.


Team Roles:

Every person on the team is responsible for something and has some duties. So, these duties are counted in a person’s role, which he plays in developing a team. One can assign the functions to a group or a single individual. The positive point of team roles is that all persons are interconnected and interdependent for performance. Every member should contribute and it enhances efficiency.


Team Communication:

Communication is vital in making relations suitable and team communication is very effective. There is a specific part of work that always includes communication. If the team communication skills are not strong, then it may cause a lack of understanding and as a result, the work will not be done with the same energy.


Team Size:

Team size should be average. If the team is of small size, then the burden of work will be significant, and people may not perform work efficiently. If the team size is large, it will be difficult for so many people to connect with each other. They may create a mess. So the team size should be average to have the best results or output.


Group Thinking:

Members can make decisions. If the group thinking is excellent, it will be very easy for them to make decisions. But if the group’s thinking ability is weak and they cannot make decisions, the work will be left pending, and meeting on a fixed time won’t be easy.



The team should be stable and they must know that how to create a balance between things. Everything has ups and downs, but members must know how to deal with them and move forward by being stable.


Importance of Teamwork:

1. Teamwork is very efficient in most cases, and you can get the desired result from teamwork. It was the key pillar in the evolution of civilization. The work is divided ‘among’ all and everyone is responsible for its work.

2. Teams have self-monitoring power, and no one can stop them from working in their way. They are a team and have their own monitor, which enhances their sense of responsibility.

3. Teamwork causes innovation. The innovation process is very important and it is fastened by teamwork. When people sit together and talk about different things, they learn about new things or ideas.

4. Teammates always learn things from each other. No one is a complete house of knowledge, so everyone can learn anything from anyone. When all teammates sit together and talk, they know so many things.

5. Teamwork creates a spirit of competition. Every person tries to perform better than others, and as a result, everyone serves excellent work.


Drawbacks of Teamwork:

1. Some personalities in a team try to dominate other people, and thus, some personalities are suppressed.

2. Sometimes, the work is divided unequally, which causes a lot of pressure or burden on those who are given more jobs.

3. Certainly, when there are more minds, there are more ideas, which can sometimes cause conflict ‘among’ people.

4. Not everyone is equally efficient so some people may work slowly, and you’ll not get the desired result.

5. Some people are very efficient, but they are not comfortable working with other people. They can work outside the team environment much better.

So, teamwork depends on the individual’s participation and dedication to the overall work.


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