What Happens When Find New Love After a Toxic Relationship

by Shamsul
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11 Things That Happen When You Find New Love After a Toxic Relationship

Love After a Toxic Relationship

Here’s what happens when you find new love after a toxic relationship. When you’re immersed in a toxic relationship, it’s difficult to measure the impact of psychological violence, at least not until you’re still in it. In a toxic relationship, every element becomes almost addictive. It’s the game of knowing and not knowing the events to come. It’s the constant hope for change and comfort in the constancy of things. There’s a certain security in being deeply understood by someone.

It takes considerable effort not to leave. Even when you distance yourself, the longing brings you back many times, drawn by the adrenaline of intense emotions- love, conflicts, or reconciliations.

Then, you meet someone suitable. At this moment, you realize how negatively the past relationship has impacted you. Sometimes, you may even push people away because of it. You’re not used to being treated with so much kindness, to the point of almost rejecting it.


What is a Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship has harmful and detrimental aspects for at least one of the parties involved. These relationships can have various manifestations, but they generally share characteristics detrimental to the emotional and mental health of the people concerned.

Excessive control: One partner seeks to control the other, dictating their actions, time, and interactions.

Lack of respect: Mutual respect is necessary in a healthy relationship. In a toxic relationship, there may be a lack of consideration and respect for the other’s needs, opinions, and boundaries.

Emotional manipulation: Manipulative tactics are used to influence or control the other, often through guilt-tripping, threats, or emotional intimidation.

Toxic communication: Exchanges are often negative, hostile, or non-constructive. Conflicts can turn into verbal violence.

Emotional dependency: One person excessively relies on the other for their happiness and well-being, creating an imbalance in the relationship.

Excessive jealousy: Uncontrolled jealousy can lead to possessive, controlling behaviors and even outbursts of anger.

Isolation: One partner may seek to isolate the other from friends, family, or other relationships, reinforcing control.

It’s essential to be aware of these signs and seek help to establish healthy boundaries or, in some cases, end the relationship to preserve those involved in emotional and physical health.


1- After a toxic relationship, initially, you anticipate the worst.

After experiencing a toxic relationship, trust in others crumbles. Each new relationship is approached with negative anticipation, leaving little room for hope. It becomes difficult to believe in the presence of caring individuals.

For a while, it becomes even more difficult to maintain faith in the possibility of meeting positive individuals.

2- Mistrust Becomes Pervasive:

You develop the conviction that everyone is hiding something. After being deceived repeatedly, paranoia can set in. Having faith in people’s honesty becomes a challenge, with constant doubts.

You come up with improbable hypotheses and question everyone’s sincerity simply because of the experience with one person.

3- After A Toxic Relationship, You Think It’s Too Good to Be True:

It may seem too perfect to be accurate when someone treats you well. You’re always expecting a sudden and inexplicable end, but they prove they’ve been genuine every day, with no reason to doubt.

There’s no real insecurity; it’s just a reflection of the past.

4- After A Toxic Relationship, You Expect Conflicts:

The conflict of hope persists, but everything is clear and healthy. After this wave of comfort, you realize that not everyone is harmful.

5- Then, You Apologize Too Often:

They will wonder why you apologize so much, seeking to understand the reason behind this frequency. Or perceive the pain in your eyes, an inheritance from past relationships that made you doubt yourself. They will feel the pain in your heart, seeing your earnest efforts to love again despite past experiences of grief. They will constantly strive to reassure you that everything is okay.

When a good man loves someone, who is broken and has mainly experienced toxic relationships, he teaches them that this person doesn’t deserve any of what they’ve endured. He deliberately redefines those painful standards and chooses to be the exception.

6- You Question Your Worth, Wondering If This Person Would Be Better Off Without You:

You often wonder if this person would be better off without you, but the reality is that it works both ways, just as they’ve improved your life. I understand that you dread loving again and that the prospect of letting someone close is scary. However, your sensitivity, compassion, strength, understanding, and lack of judgment are the qualities that make you beautiful.

In the past, you managed to love someone who was neither lovable nor tolerable. You found the good in them, took the risk with them, and never abandoned them. Now, it’s your turn to receive that reciprocity. This new relationship may differ from what you’re used to, but it’s precisely what you deserve.

7- You Start Giving Back:

When you finally feel comfortable in this relationship, you start offering this person all the affection you received initially.

8- You Develop Open Communication:

As trust grows in your new relationship, communication becomes more accessible. You can express your thoughts, needs, and concerns without fearing judgment. This openness creates an environment conducive to mutual understanding, strengthening your bond.

9- You Invest Fully:

Once you feel comfortable and fully accept this relationship, you love this person with all your being. However, avoid overdoing it. Don’t think that you must overcompensate. In the past, you were instilled with the idea that doing your best was never enough. It demanded too much effort, constant competition, and a need to prove your worth.

It would help if you learned that your best effort is always enough and it’s the person from the past who didn’t deserve it.

10- Then, You Trust Them:

There will come a time when you’ll share everything you’ve been through with this person. A time when you’ll trust them enough to let them get closer. When you bring up your past and the people who hurt you, you’ll find that they won’t seek to escape. Instead, it will simply give them a reason to stay.

I understand that someone in your past taught you to love with harshness. You learned that vulnerability is a weakness. For so long, you had to be strong and endure things you didn’t deserve. Yet, all of this has shaped you more beautifully than you think. And it will lead the right person to appreciate you for overcoming these trials.

With tears in your eyes, you might even feel gratitude for a toxic relationship that didn’t destroy you but rather contributed to making you the strong person you are today.

11- Finally, You Regain Confidence in Love:

You gradually realize that the conception of love that marked your norm was far from the current reality. You learn that love shouldn’t cause you pain or humiliation.

That love shouldn’t consciously break your heart only to rebuild it. It shouldn’t manifest in jealousy, whether to make you envious or elicit envy. True love, the healthy kind, doesn’t manipulate your heart and doesn’t want to see you suffer.

You gradually realize that what you experienced wasn’t love but a form of control. Love isn’t meant to break your heart but to strengthen it. You begin to believe again in the possibility of a healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship.



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