PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

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PESTLE Analysis of Coca-Cola
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 PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

Coca Cola is a well-liked soft drink company and caters to consumers around the globe. They follow firm laws and regulations to supply their products to consumers. They use innovative technology and understand the consumer’s needs. If you want to know more about Coca Cola then you should read this PESTLE analysis of Coca Cola. In this Coca Cola PESTLE analysis, we will discuss the internal and external strategic factors of Coca Cola and its working. So, are you ready? Let’s start.

PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

Political Factors:

Coca Cola products are based on the authorization of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is necessary for products to fulfill the requirements or regulations of the FDA before placing on the shelves of the stores. The change in established laws can affect the distributing process of Coca Cola. There are some other factors that can affect the working of Coca Cola:

  • Taxes
  • Accounting
  • Labor laws.
  • Internal marketing.

PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

Economical Factors:

There is no doubt Coca Cola is a leading company in the beverage market and supplies its products to hundreds of locations of the world. As every country has its own rules, customs, desires, cultures, and tastes, so it’s a big challenge for Coca Cola to meet the requirements. But, Coca Cola understands the needs and requirements of their customers that’s why they are creating new flavors and beverages to fulfill the desires of users. The current market value of Coca Cola is more than 80 billion dollars. The major portion of its income (nearly 70-percent) is generated from regions outside America. But now, people are moving towards healthy drinks, and Coca Cola is also adopting this way to fulfill the needs of consumers.

PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

Social Factors:

Coca Cola dispenses the greater part of its beverages in cultured regions. They do not only offer different products but also fulfilling the requirements of these consumers. They introduced 30 different flavors in Japan to attract Japanese customers. The company is also trying the same method in the Chinese market. But, the number of health-conscious people is increasing in the United States, so they are offering diet drinks. Coca Cola can also introduce other healthy products in the American market to fulfill the needs of consumers.

PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

Technological Factors:

Coca-Cola is using innovative machinery in its manufacturing process which results in a higher and better quantity of products. They are considered as a top innovative company in terms of machinery and quality. Moreover, Coca Cola has used a strong marketing strategy with the help of social media. So, they can directly connect with consumers through digital ads. Recently, Coca Cola launched the ‘’name campaign’’ which results in an increase in its sales and profits. People love to take their photos with names on the bottles which increases the popularity of Coca Cola. This kind of marketing campaign can give a major boost to this company.

PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

Legal Factors:

Coca Cola has designed a patent that protects its past and future products. Moreover, they also hold all rights connected to their working. Well, there are very few legal factors of Coca Cola but due to the global brand, they should follow the rules and regulations of each country for smooth and easy distribution of their products.

PESTLE Analysis Coca Cola | Coca Cola PESTLE

Environmental Factors:

Coca Cola is facing major challenges due to water accessibility. Water is an important item for these drinks, but climate change has threatened the company’s sustainability. There are some other companies like Pepsi that are also facing similar problems. Basically, Coca Cola is a soft drink company, so water accessibility can create issues in the future and they will experience huge losses. Also, Coca Cola follows all the environmental laws in the manufacturing of their products. In case of any mistake, they will face severe consequences. Additionally, Coca Cola is trying to target humid regions to sell its drinks because in these regions the demand for these drinks is very huge. In short, Coca Cola is giving tough competition to its competitors in terms of sales and reach.

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