How to Make Steamed Cake At Home

by Shamsul
Homemade Steamed Cake
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Steamed Cake | Steamed Cake Recipe

I never expected that the cake could be “steamed”! My teacher teaches cooking the steamed cake in the kitchen.

I also posted a lot of recipes for cakes, such as the “Sponge Cake” and “Rice Cooker Making Cakes”. All recipes are having a high following rate. Baking recipes have always been popular, who can’t love sweet and soft desserts! But I also often get fan comments asking me if I can make cakes without an oven? The answer is, of course, yes we can. In addition to teaching you how to use a rice cooker to make cakes, today I will teach you a new way to “steam” the cake!

Baked foods require less oil and more water. If you eat more oily food, they are not good for your health. Making cakes with “steaming” is relatively healthier. The texture is soft and delicate, sweet and delicious. It can be used as breakfast or afternoon tea. It is delicious and healthy with yogurt, juice and other drinks!

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Homemade Steamed Cake

5 Eggs

100 g caster sugar

Low gluten flour 100g

5-6 drops of white vinegar

Corn Oil 25g

Steamed Cake Recipe

Many people are still anxious that we can steam cake. I also never expected that the cake could be “steamed”! However, the making process of steamed cake is here.

Separate the egg whites and yolks and place them in separate bowls for later use. (The bowl containing the egg whites must be water-free and oil-free.

The method of steaming cake

Step 1

Pour corn yolks and milk into the yolk bowl.

Step 2

Stir with egg and stir well.

Step 3

Sift the flour into a bowl.

Step 4

Stir with a spatula to form a dry powder-free batter

Step 5

Sift the batter into a bowl and make smooth and smooth.

Steamed Cake (Homemade)

Step 6

Add a little white vinegar or lemon juice to the egg white to remove the smell. Pour the sugar 3 times into egg white, pour 1/3 sugar first, and use an electric egg beater to mix at low speed and continue until start getting to a thick bubble

Step 7

Then add 1/3 of the sugar and turn it at high speed until the protein volume becomes white and lines appear.

Step 8

Pour in the remaining 1/3 of the sugar, and continue to mix at high speed until the meringue is formed. (Lift the electric eggbeater and bring out the small protein hook. The protein in the eggbeater will not drip.)

Step 9

Add meringue into egg yolk batter in portions.

Step 10

Stir and smooth. (Note: Do not stir randomly, it is necessary to use the “flipping” method because it is not easy to deform.)

Step 11

Pour into an 8-inch round mold.

Step 12

Vigorously shake out air bubbles and cover with heat-resistant plastic wrap.

Step 13

Pour an appropriate amount of water into the steamer, put the mold in it after boiling, and cover. Leave it on medium-low heat for about 40 minutes. (Be careful to keep the medium-low heat.)

Step 14

Turn off the heat, remove the mold, and take off the plastic wrap.

Step 15

After letting it cool down, take out from the mold. (Put it on the grill to prevent the bottom of the steam from condensing and affecting the taste.)

Step 16

The method of steaming cake is completed.

Step 17

Steamed Cake is ready, enjoy with a cup of hot milk. It is a fresh and nutritious breakfast and a favorite for health-conscious people!





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