28 Ways To Use Olive Oil At Home

by Shamsul
Use of Olive Oil
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28 Ways To Use Olive Oil At Home

Although we are all using olive oil in cooking. However, you should know that this is far from being its only use. We invite you to discover the many ways to use this natural ingredient with fascinating properties, whether for your health, for your home, etc.

1- To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Olive oil is a recommended product for health, it is because it contains high-quality essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. So, if it helps season the dishes you prepare, it also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. You should know that according to several studies, such as that of Predimed, which was carried out in Spain on 7,500 people, olive oil is good for the heart.

Here are some facts underlying this conclusion:

2- Olive Oil Allows For Better Food Processing

It is rich in omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acids, which promote “good” cholesterol and, at the same time, reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

It contains polyphenols, or natural antioxidants, that help protect the heart and slow cellular aging.

As you will have understood, this natural source of energy for the body helps fight against many health problems. To benefit from its benefits, you can include it in your diet or drink the equivalent of a teaspoon on an empty stomach. But as you will see, many other uses are possible!

3- Your Ally For Festive Meals

Before a festive meal, if you are worried about overeating or digesting poorly, here are two solutions to try:

Take a tablespoon of olive oil before sitting down to eat. By lining the walls of your stomach, olive oil will slow down the absorption of alcohol into it. However, this doesn’t mean you should forget about drinking in moderation. Furthermore, after swallowing your spoonful of olive oil, you will be less tempted to reach for the appetizer biscuits.

In anticipation of a hearty meal and to facilitate digestion, you can also prepare a homemade “cocktail” with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of olive oil, then drink it before eating. Go to the table.

4- Boost Your Green Plants:

If the elements contained in olive oil are good for our bodies, they are suitable for plants also. In fact, gently misting the oil diluted in water on your plants will protect them from parasites and provide them with vitamins E and K.

5- Extend the Life of a Bouquet

Olive oil is also very useful to allow you to enjoy your bouquet of flowers as long as possible. Add a few drops of this oil to the water in the vase before placing your bouquet there.

6- Feed the Earth

To nourish your plants, you can add a few drops of olive oil to the surface of the soil before mixing a little.

7- Polish Metals

Over time, it is common for metal objects to become dull. Here is how to proceed to restore their shine.

Prepare a mixture with a quarter cup of olive oil and 1 tsp of baking soda.

Apply this mixture to the entire surface to be cleaned.

After about ten minutes, remove the excess product with a damp cloth.

Finally, dry the surface thoroughly.

8- Cleaning Wooden Furniture

You can clean and disinfect your wooden furniture with olive oil and lemon juice. To do this:

Mix 1/4 cup of the oil with juice of half a lemon.

Then, rub this mixture onto the wooden furniture with a clean, soft cloth. This will eliminate dust, traces of water, and all traces of dirt.

9- Clean the Leather

Olive oil will allow you to restore all its natural shine to the leather of your shoes, clothes, accessories, or furniture. To do this:

Prepare a mixture with 3 teaspoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar.

Apply it to the leather with a microfiber to obtain an impeccable result.

10- Undoing a Zipper

Whether on a jacket, jeans, etc., it happens that the zipper gets stuck after a while. It is possible to remedy this problem and save your garment:

Soak a cotton swab in a bit of olive oil

Run this cotton swab over the teeth of the zipper where it is stuck. The olive oil then acts as a lubricant, and your zipper should quickly be unstuck.

11- Restore Shine to Glass

A simple teaspoon of olive oil is enough to restore the shine to your glass objects and your windows. Simply apply it directly to the glass surface to be cleaned and rub it with a ball of newspaper.

12- Degrease Your Kitchen Utensils

It may seem strange to mention oil for degreasing. However, rather than using expensive degreasing products whose composition is not always very respectful of the environment or your health, know that olive oil combined with white vinegar offers impeccable results. Here’s how:

Mix 6 teaspoons of white vinegar in a container with ¼ cup of olive oil.

With a sponge soaked in this mixture, scrub the pan or any other utensil to be cleaned.

Leave the product to act for several minutes.

Then rinse with plenty of water.

Reviving a stainless-steel sink

A stainless-steel sink is often challenging to clean. Thanks to olive oil, you can restore its shine. To do this, apply a thin film of the oil by rubbing it with a clean, soft cloth. Your sink will then be like new.

13- Restore the Shine of The Brass

Applied with a soft cloth, olive oil is also a genuine beauty product for brass utensils. After application, gently buff the surface for a brilliant result. Not only will you eliminate any traces, but you will also prevent the tarnishing of your brass objects.

14- Getting Rid of Rust Stains

Olive oil is characterized by an oily composition that is very useful for household purposes and allows, among other things, to get rid of rust stains. Here’s how:

In a container, prepare a mixture with 2 tsp of olive oil with one tsp of lemon juice.

Now, soak a sponge with this mixture and rub the area where the rust is.

Leave to act for around twenty minutes.

Finally, remove the excess using a soft cloth.

15- Removing Chewing Gum from Hair

If you’ve ever found yourself faced with the problem of chewing gum in your hair, you know how difficult it can be to overcome it. Put away your scissors and instead try generously applying olive oil where the gum is. Wait for ten minutes, then gradually remove the chewing gum.

16- Clean Sticky Surfaces

It is expected to end up with a sticky surface of grease deposits, which can be unpleasant and challenging to clean. This may be the case on the extractor hood, on kitchen utensils, etc. Here is how to fix it:

Place 6 drops of olive oil and a teaspoon of white vinegar on your sponge.

Rub the surface with this mixture.

Wait at least 5 minutes to let the product act.

Then, rinse the surface.

17- Remove Traces of Paint

Whether on the skin or hair, removing traces of paint with olive oil is possible. To do this :

Moisten a cotton pad with oil.

Rub the stains with your cotton swab.

The advantage of this natural solution is that it can also be used for children, for example, after artistic work. In addition, the skin will be hydrated.

18- Replace the Masking Tape

Do you want to start painting but don’t have masking tape to mark off the area to be painted? Apply a sliver of olive oil: this will prevent the paint from drying on the area not to be painted. So, if you go over, the surface will be protected. However, you have to be careful, but it is a solution that can help.

19- Overcoming Squeaky Doors

Does the door or handle tend to squeak every time you use it? This annoying noise can be eliminated: by lubricating the squeaking area with a few drops of olive oil.

20- Prevent Wax Drippings from Sticking

If you like to light candles in your home, wax drippings can damage the surface on which the candle is placed. To avoid this inconvenience, you can apply a thin layer of olive oil where you place your candle. If the wax falls, it will not stick to the surface or stain it. All you have to do is let the wax harden before removing it without difficulty.

21- Remove A Stuck Ring

Have you wanted to try on a ring that no longer fits you, or your fingers have swollen? Summary of the races: you can no longer remove the ring. Then, rub your finger with a bit of olive oil. Once the skin is thus lubricated, the ring should be able to be removed more easily.

22- Remove A Sticker

Ah, the eternal problem of labels affixed to what we have just bought and which we cannot completely remove! Labels can be removed by dabbing olive oil onto the surface. After that, wait for a few minutes to give the label time to soak in before removing it.

23- Improvise A Candle

If you fill a small, non-flammable container with olive oil and insert a candle wick, you have a homemade candle that all you have to do is light it.

24-Lubricate Your Tools

A few drops of olive oil are enough to grease stubborn pliers or any other tool.

25- For Your Beauty Treatments

A real beauty asset, organic olive oil can be used in different cases:

It helps fight acne. Indeed, it is a purifying product that can be used on pimples. It can then be combined with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

You can also use it on your hair as a simple and effective mask. To do this:

Apply olive oil to your damp hair before going to bed. Be sure to protect your pillow well.

The next morning, wash your hair.

It can also be used to rehydrate the skin of the hands and feet.

26- For Shaving

When it comes to shaving or hair removal, olive oil can be a real ally for men and women. Before shaving, it is possible to apply olive oil to replace shaving gel. After shaving or waxing, an application of the oil will soothe skin irritations.

27- For Makeup Removal

In makeup remover lotions, what removes makeup is the fatty substance. You can, therefore, use olive oil, known to nourish the skin without damaging it, for completely natural makeup removal, as long as you can tolerate its smell.

28- For Cats

Olive oil can also be used for your 4-legged friends. Every time they groom themselves, cats ingest hairs and it is important that they are able to eliminate them. To help your cat, you can add a few drops of olive oil to its meals.


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