Biography of Kim NamJoon – The Highest-Paid Rapper in South Korea

Kim Namjoon Rapper

by Shamsul
Kim Namjoon
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Biography of Kim NamJoon

Kim NamJoon is from the most popular K-pop band BTS, aka Rap Monster (RM). He is a multi-talented celebrity, a songwriter, rapper and producer. He is also known as “Rapmon” in South Korea. He has adopted a rapping career since his childhood. Now, he is a professional rapper. Before joining the most famous “BTS” band, he was an independent artist and performed many shows with different groups. He turned into a professional rapper and lyricist after joining the BTS. He has delivered so many sensational songs that are still popular on the internet. Right now, Kim NamJoon is one of the highest-paid rappers in South Korea and all over the world. He has been featured in different magazines and articles as the most successful South Korean rapper. He has a huge following on social media as well.


Childhood and Early Life:

South Korean Kim NamJoon was born on September 12, 1994. This 28 year old rapper was born in Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea. He spent a big part of his life with his family in Seoul. He got a degree in Broadcasting and Performing Art from Global Cyber University. He secured a top position in the national school exam, which was quite honorable. His IQ is remarkably exceptional when compared to others.

Kim NamJoon also speaks Japanese and his local language as well. He can also speak English and his most favorite sitcom is “Friends”. He also studied in New Zealand, that’s why his English is very fluent. Since his childhood, he has been writing and creating songs. Due to his passion for music, he achieved success. After seeing his love for music and success, his parents allowed him to adopt a rapping profession. According to him, his rapping helped him to cope with the pressure of study and life.


Professional Career

Kim NamJoon or RM began his professional career as an independent artist in 2008 with a stage name of “Runch Randa”. He used to sing with the Zico Group, which was a popular hip-hop group in the country around then. Kim also performed with another group called Daenamhyup. He linked with the popular band “BTS” in 2013. After joining it, he became famous as Rap Monster. He collaborated with the band and released “No More Dream”. He also composed different songs for BTS and became an essential member of the band.

His singles have gone viral and they are now web sensations. Fantastic Four soundtracks, Bucku and Please Don’t Lie are some of his most popular singles. On the other hand, he has also released various singles by collaborating with several specialists.


Personal Life

Kim NamJoon has no specific dating history, so he is still single. Right now, he has no plan to date anyone because he wants to focus on his career and rapping.


Achievements and Accolades

Kim NamJoon was awarded at the Melon Music and Golden Disk Awards in 2013. He also got recognition at the Seoul Music Awards and Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards again in the same year.


Followers on Social Media



  • Kim NamJoon’s dance teacher nicknamed him “Dance Prodigy” due to his exceptional dancing skills and steps. His fans also called him “God of Destruction”, “RapMon” and “Leader Mon”.
  • Korean Knife Noodles is his favorite food. Kim NamJoon favorite computer game is “Maple Story”.
  • He is an atheist and one of the biggest supporters of Gay rights.


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