10 Latest Technologies to Revolutionize Working from Home

Working Frome Home in Future

by Shamsul
10 Latest Technologies
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10 Latest Technologies Set to Revolutionize Working from Home


The future of remote working has been obvious now, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend is increasing day by day. According to research, over 40 percent of Americans prefer working from home. Remote working has fully changed the working habit of people. In such a socially active world, this immediate change has impacted the lives of people. It has created several issues such as boredom and loneliness.

The overall efficiency of workers has been reduced because of mental problems. The reason for the mental problem is remote working. However, remote working comes with its own pros and cons. 

Today, we will discuss 10 new technologies that will transform working from home. So, let’s get started!


New Technologies Set to Revolutionize WFH

Nowadays, tech companies are continuously introducing new and useful technologies and ideas to make working from home more compelling and easier. You will never miss the social interaction that you used to have in the past. The aim is to develop new technologies that can transform working from home and make it more enjoyable. Below, we are going to talk about the ten latest tech ideas that will create a big impact on remote working. These technologies will boost efficiency and productivity.


1- Holographic Meetings:

After the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research, over 40 percent of Americans prefer working from home. Remote working has fully changed the working habit of people.

If you are a member of a remote team, you have to attend numerous zoom meetings in a day. There are so many apps, such as Skype for this purpose. Setting up a small working corner is difficult for you, especially if you have a small house. With an odd wall background or kitchen wall, this kind of setup is not good for remote meetings. You have to readjust everything before attending a meeting on Zoom or Skype.

Have you heard of holographic technology? Inverse has established a real-time holographic technology, particularly for office meetings. It is a new technology and getting the attention of both small and large firms. But, it is slightly expensive because you need a specialized camera setup as well as other equipment.

But, no need to worry about these things when you have the support of Inverse. They have made everything easy for you and allow you to achieve a quality holographic depiction with a simple camera, even with your smartphone’s camera. It is far better than attending a meeting on Zoom or Skype.


02- Take Your Office on the Road:

There are a lot of distractions in a home. It looks boring to work in the same place, mainly if you are working from home. If this idea does not inspire you anymore, Nissan unearthed the latest concept vehicle with office-built features. Take the vehicle to anywhere, turn on your computer, and you are ready to do work. This vehicle has a comfortable office chair at the back with a working desk, a coffee machine, and a pretty interior. In short, it has everything you want to work online.

You can even open the back of the vehicle to make it more appealing for working. So, you can change location every day and get to work without feeling boredom. Trust us; this technology will undoubtedly boost your productivity.

After working a few hours, you can easily unwind and relax. This vehicle also has a sunshade and built-in lounger. What else do you need? This is truly an excellent idea and you can work from anywhere. But, the concept is in its initial phases and there is no particular date from Nissan about launching this vehicle.


03- Virtual Reality Meetings:

There is a new app in the market named Arthur. This app allows the entire staff to host virtual meetings entirely. This app has also defeated Oculus Quest headsets. So, organizations and teams can interact and meet virtually. Finally, this app is in the market after so much hard work from developers and funding.

At this moment, the developers have not developed the skill to mimic facial expressions; however, they are working hard. This concept has some limitations, but it will be huge in a few years. This thing can create a big difference in remote working spaces.

The developers are also adding a virtual cocktail bar where everyone can go and have some cocktails virtually.

Right now, using this app is quite costly and it would cost 1000 dollars with headsets. Moreover, Facebook has been releasing Oculus Quest 2 at an affordable cost. In a few years, Arthur will become cheaper and everyone can afford it and can spice up their remote meetings.


04- Futuristic Working Pods:

It is a huge challenge for every remote worker to find a specific place for working remotely. Working from home is bringing so many difficulties for people. If you don’t have indoor space, then using a pod could be better. Jupe recently unveiled futuristic working pods for remote workers. With this pod, you can take your remote working one step ahead.

Here, we want to tell you that these pods are highly advanced. This pod is made of aluminum and consists of 11 square feet. It is really easy to assemble a pod. Moreover, you can create a wonderful interior inside according to your requirements.

On their site, the company has also added a queen-sized bed in a pod in their concept. It means you can live in if required. This pod also encompasses WiFi, a porch, and a working desk. So, you can create a scenic view of your choice.

If you live in a sunny area, then it is best for you to buy a pod now. The pods are fully solar and have a full battery system. It means you don’t need to spend money on electricity. Just find a land of your choice and set up your pod.


05- On-the-Move Office:

In 2018, Toyota announced a modern vehicle concept called e-Pallet. It is a spacious container with full-length windows. Basically, it is a vehicle container designed specifically for remote workers. This project is in its last stage, and we will help Toyota launch it in the upcoming years. It is worth mentioning that it is designed for a team of remote workers as it can accumulate 20 people. In short, it is like an on-the-move office.

It was designed or escort athletes in the 2020 Olympics, but it gained popularity, so the company decided to make it commercial.

If you are searching for a large remote setup, this is the best. You can call remote meetings at any time without spending too much.


06- Driverless Deliveries:

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are one of the most anticipated technologies of this decade. This technology has the potential to provide so many facilities to people, including remote workers. Many companies are testing driverless vehicles, such as Tesla and Google. Some companies are delivering or shipping products through driverless vehicles. This technology has the high potential to revolutionize the world with the best.

Nuro is also working to develop R2. The purpose of designing R2 is to transport goods. Doesn’t it sound good? It means you no longer need to step out of your house to buy groceries or goods. But, you have to wait slightly because they are ready to enter the market. In a nutshell, it is such a great initiative.


07- Hologram:

Lifelike holograms credit The Washington Post

When it comes to another most anticipated technology, Hologram is one of them. Unfortunately, this technology has not reached any commercial level or apprehension. A company named The Looking Glass Factory has made a glass box containing 3D holograms. They are working to develop a setup of 3D holographic video calls. The ability to analyze and hold a 3D image is crucial for artists and creators. It can help them to create things in real.

Having each Hologram on your desk is a fantastic idea for every remote worker. It enables you to host 3D video calls. It can also add a feel of realism that is achievable through AR or VR.


08- Speedy Broadband:

Internet is needed in almost every industry, company, and home. You need many crucial things when you work remotely, but a powerful internet connection is a must. Slow internet speed can be annoying. According to some experts, fiber optic internet speed is also slow sometimes, especially if you are working on a tech project.

Working from different locations is impossible when you don’t have a reliable internet connection and speed. Starlink, a venture of Elon Musk to develop one of the most advanced broadband. The purpose is to achieve the highest internet speed. It will allow remote workers to work from anywhere in the world. The good thing is that this idea is going to be a reality soon. They have already sent so many satellites up for this purpose.


09- Facebook’s Virtual Office:

Facebook is also taking grave initiative for remote workers. They have already launched Oculus Quest headsets. However, they are continuously expanding this technology so everyone can set up a virtual office. The idea of Facebook is to take things further in a virtual world.

For this reason, they are collaborating with other tech giants to improve the headset. They are launching their own browser with the Oculus so that you can do everything online, from responding to emails to searching the internet.

If you have a charge and data connection on the headset, you will be able to work remotely. In short, this thing will totally revolutionize the remote working space. Moreover, it is also great for travelers and wanderers.


10- AI DJs:

Artificial intelligence is going to be another game-changer in the remote working space. The common examples of AI are Alexa and Siri. These tools know our preferences and provide information as quickly as possible. If you want to get access to your own artificial intelligence-driven DJ, then you will get it from Sensorium and Mubert in the future. JAI:N is the DJ they have developed, which changes and creates music (in real-time) on the basis of your mood. Background music can boost your efficiency if you are working from home. So, this technology can be solely for remote workers.

They can listen to the music of their choice with the help of this technology. The purpose of the developers is to create a variety of unique music with virtual artists. The company of this app has already created history in the remote concerts sector. It will reduce your boredom as well as loneliness, especially in this isolated world.


Bottom Line | Working from Home

These days, everyone is working from home. The trend of remote working is getting bigger and bigger. The purpose of developing these technologies is to revolutionize remote working to make it more enjoyable and feasible. You can easily interact with your colleagues in a more creative and valuable way.


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