What is Google Trends? How to Effectively Utilize Google Trends

Utilize Google Trends

by Shamsul
Google Trends
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What is Google Trends? How to Effectively Utilize Google Trends

Google Trends is a valuable search trends tool that displays the frequency with which a specific search term is entered into Google in relation to the overall search volume of the site over a particular period of time. It can be utilized for comparative keyword analysis and identifying event-generated surges in keyword search capacity.

In other words, Google Trends offers keyword-based information such as geographic data and volume index pertaining to search engine operators.


How to Effectively Utilize Google Trends

What is the functioning mechanism of Google Trends? By accessing the tool, one can easily start exploring Google Trends from a broader perspective and observe the latest trending searches. Further investigation into a topic can provide more detailed insights. For instance, Google Trends recently released data on trending Hurricane Irma-related searches, including the most relevant search terms across the United States and top “how to” related search queries.

In order to get more detailed data, modify the tool’s location, time period, type of search (YouTube, web, shopping or news), industry or category. In addition, you can also input a search term into the search box to see how its search volume has fluctuated over time and in different locations.

Marketers can benefit greatly from Google search trends data. For example, suppose you run a seasonal business like a home and gardening supply store. In that case, it is advisable to increase your marketing activities when search terms related to your business are gaining popularity. It is crucial to note that during periods of high search volume, the cost/click in Google ads may rise, so it is important to allocate more budget towards your marketing campaigns when your services or products are trending.


The information available on Google Trends can serve different marketing objectives:

  • In Paid Search

Google Trends data can help in the planning of seasonal marketing campaigns by offering insights into inventory stocking and cost management. Moreover, it can be used to uncover irrelevant trending terms that should be set as damaging keywords to prevent a surge in search volume from significantly impacting your expenses.

  • For Content Marketing and SEO

By exploiting Google Trends, you can gain helpful knowledge about the topics that your target audience is looking for. Creating content on trending subjects can be helpful in attracting visitors to your website.

  • To Motivate Your Ad Creative

You can explore Google Trends to identify the subjects currently catching the public’s interest. Incorporating a trending topic like a dance or famous music genre into your campaigns (such as radio spots, Facebook ads, or email blasts) can enhance engagement with your ads.

  • Monitor Your Competitors

In order to evaluate the performance of your brand against your rival brands, revisit the Google Trends compare tool. For instance, let’s consider Hulu and Netflix. It is suitable to collect previous data to judge both platforms’ performance comprehensively.

On the basis of analysis, it is obvious that competition between the two streaming services has remained consistent over the past 5 years, with Netflix maintaining a remarkable lead.

Now, let’s analyze the performance of HBO Max against Hulu. HBO Max, a new streaming platform, was launched in May 2020. There were slight rises in traffic in 2019, likely due to rumors before its official launch. Following its launch, HBO Max experienced a significant surge in traffic. It even surpassed Hulu at certain points.

If you are employed by one of these companies, it will be beneficial to identify the shows your competitor aired during their traffic confounds. This will help you redo their accomplishment or revamp your marketing strategy consequently.

In order to monitor the trends of your competitors effectively, you should conduct effective market research with the help of a tool such as Market Explorer. You can easily compare your company’s trends and performance by considering Netflix as the main domain and HBO Max and Hulu as rivals.


The Bottom Line

Google Trends offers access to an extensive unedited collection of real search queries completed on Google. This data is completely anonymous, meaning no one can be identified personally. It is also categorized, which assists in determining the subject matter of a search query, and aggregated, which allows for grouping together similar searches. This allows us to showcase the level of interest in a specific topic worldwide or even at city-level geography. However, Google Trends can be beneficial for marketers and content creators.


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