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SUGA - Min Yoon-gi

by Shamsul
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Biography of Min Yoon-gi

Min Yoon-gi aka SUGA is a famous Korean songwriter, rapper and producer. He is a leading member of the K-pop band “BTS”. He has also released various solo raps and songs as well. Min Yoon-gi was an underground rapper in South Korea before becoming an official member of the BTS. He started composing songs in his childhood. He has composed more than 60 songs and is still counting. After joining the K-pop band BTS, Min Yoon-gi has become an important member of the band. He is a versatile rapper who can rap, write, mix, and compose music. He is active on social media and has a huge fan following.


Childhood and Early Life – Min Yoon-gi

Min Yoon-gi was born on 9 March 1993 in Daegu, South Korea. His family wasn’t rich, so he went to Taejeon Elementary School. He completed his major from the Global Cyber University in Broadcasting and Performing Art. In his childhood, he was a big fan of hip-hop artist Stony Skunk. Hip-hop music was in his blood. At the young age of 13, he started composing music with a local recording company. He started a job at the age of 17 in a recording studio. He learned so much from this studio such as mixing, arranging, and composing music. In his early rapping days, his family was not supportive. But, they gave permission after seeing his talent and passion for rap music.

Min Yoon-gi aka SUGA is a famous Korean songwriter, rapper and producer. He is a leading member of the K-pop band “BTS”.

Professional Career – Min Yoon-gi

He began his rapping journey as an underground rapper. He was associated with a local hip-hop group called “D-Town”. Sugalaunched his solo song “518-062” during this period. Min Yoon-gi was also featured in Jo Kwon’s video song “I’m The One” as a dancer. Min Yoon-gi debuted with “Bangtan Boys” in 2013, now called “BTS”. Big Hit Entertainment created this band, so he selected his stage name SUGA. In his school days, he was very passionate about basketball. He debuted with BTS with the song “No More Dream”. To date, he has composed a lot of songs for BTS.

His composed songs for BTS gained immense popularity and made the brand famous globally. BTS launched several albums such as “Dark & Wild” and “Wake Up” in 2014. He gave many hit songs with his immense contribution. That’s why BTS is a global K-pop band right now. They have performed at several mega events such as the “Billboard Music Awards” and “Mnet Asian Music Awards”.

Min Yoon-gi adopted a solo career in 2016 and launched his debut mixtape on SoundCloud. In short, he has won the hearts of millions of people across the world.


Personal Life

There is no particular dating history of Min Yoon-gi. He is still single and trying to focus on his profession. He supports the LGBTQ+ community and other groups as well. Min Yoon-gi is also famous for his philanthropic activities in South Korea.


Min Yoon-gi Followers on Social Media

  • Facebook (1.2M)
  • Instagram (44.2M)
  • YouTube (1.76M subscribers)


  • Min Yoon-gi combats stress and depression by writing, singing and composing songs. He made “Like It” in 40 minutes, his popular song. He can make rhymes about any situation. He is a very laid-back person and talented as well.
  • He is not a social person. He likes solitude, less-crowded places, and sleep. Due to his nature, his band members often pull his leg by calling him “Grandpa”.
  • He does not like dancing. He loves to read comics and play games. He can speak Korean fluently, but his English and Japanese could be more fluent.


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