Biggest Challenges to Achieve Sustainable Environmental Issues

Achieve Sustainable Environmental

by Shamsul
Climate Change
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Biggest Challenges to Achieve Sustainable Environmental Issues


The world faces several biggest Challenges like climate challenges, global warming challenges, sustainability challenges, and other related problems. You can find plenty of articles on sustainability. The real meaning of sustainability is to utilize natural resources to fulfill your needs without compromising the environment’s future. Sustainability requires both economic as well as social resources.

United Nations and countries are working to create a sustainable environment by focusing on renewable energy sources, planting trees, protecting the environment and ecosystems. Our responsibility is to provide a safe and green environment to future generations by reducing our carbon footprint. There are various challenges that we should address on a priority basis to save our beautiful world.

Sustainability is the only way to protect ecological health, the natural environment, and humans. We must bring innovation in our lifestyle from driving to living.

What are the Major Environmental Challenges?

We are witnessing that our environment is constantly changing. Due to the huge influx of weather, natural disasters, and other climate patterns, we should understand what environmental problems our world is facing. Currently, global warming is the major challenge affecting our environment. On the other hand, this is not the only issue. We are facing numerous problems in the current world every day. Some problems are minor, but some are very dangerous. Environmental problems are related to soil, water, air, etc. that are really important for the development of humans and the planet.

These environmental crises make us susceptible to tragedies and disasters. We should pay proper attention to these issues to address them.

Here are some major environmental problems our world is facing currently:


These are air, water, thermal, soil, light, noise, and radioactive. They are 7 types of pollution that our world is facing right now. Plastic, motor vehicle exhaust, heavy metals, and chemicals are some pollutants. The burning of fossil fuels is also creating pollution as they release greenhouse gases. These factors are hurting our environment in so many different ways.

1- Degradation of Soil:

The world is witnessing food scarcity due to the variation in weather conditions and soil degradation. Our soils cannot grow crops, and it is considerable tension. We damage our soil through overgrazing, exposure to pollutants, and land-use conversion.

2- Global Warming:

Climate changes such as global warming are the consequence of human activities in the form of greenhouse gas emissions. It is leading to the rising temperature of the earth and oceans. As a result, we are vulnerable to disasters like rising sea levels, flooding, melting of polar ice caps, drought, and excessive snow.

3- Increasing Population:

Right now, overpopulation is one of the biggest concerns because it has reached unsustainable levels. Due to the increasing population, natural resources like water, food, and oil have decreased. It leads to the scarcity of resources and is currently the central issue in environmental problems.

4- Depletion of Natural Resources:

The depletion of resources such as oil, food, and water is one of the main environmental issues. It is accelerating the issues such as air pollution, overpopulation, and industrialization. We should use alternative resources to decrease the consumption of natural resources for the future. Different countries are experiencing severe energy crises, and it is because of the depletion of natural resources, including fossil fuels. By focusing on renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, etc. we can reduce the impact of global warming and climate change.

5- Deforestation:

Plants and trees naturally absorb gases like CO2 and give fresh oxygen. Due to the deforestation for food, cloth, and shelter, we are losing our natural protection and polluting the environment. Instead of growing more trees, we are cutting green spaces for farms and housing. Governments and individuals are taking the initiative to grow plants.

6- Climate Change:

Climate change is another significant environmental issue that is increasing day by day. It is occurring because of the increasing global warming, rising temperature, and burning of fossil fuels. These factors affect humans and nature in the form of severe changes in weather patterns, floods, and droughts.

7- Water Pollution:

Clean water is necessary for life, and we are polluting our natural drinking water reservoirs by mixing pollutants. It is a big problem because these wastes pollute our drinking water and pose major threats to humans and their health.


Global Warming Challenges: What are the Bad Impacts On Earth?

Credit: Ecode

The slight temperature rise is enough for disastrous change. The overall weather of the world is increasing slightly because of the emission of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide. It is impacting our ecosystem, living thing, and us. Human influence is responsible for global warming, increasing pollution levels, and deforestation. The blanket of gases like CO2, soot, and methane around the earth is trapping the heat of the sun and increasing the earth’s temperature. Ozone layer depletion is another issue that allows the sun’s heat to reach the planet’s surface. As a result, its temperature rises. This warming is changing the earth’s weather pattern.

Severe Weather Conditions:

This change in weather pattern shows many challenges for the climate. Increasing temperature means the wet areas become more soaked and dry areas become drier. Higher temperatures worsen various disasters like droughts, heatwaves, droughts, floods, etc. When these disasters occur, they contaminate water, destroy properties, and generate multiple diseases. Currently, we are experiencing all the catastrophes mentioned above and jeopardizing our lives.

Increasing Death Rates:

Global warming and its effects possess a drastic impact on people’s health globally. It poses severe health threats for people as well as animals and plants. The threats could be direct or indirect, but they can create severe illness. These effects impact children and elders. In some particular regions of the world, people are not so much used to heat, so they can’t bear severe hot weather.

Wildlife Extinction:

As a human, we can face different weather patterns by utilizing electronics. But, wildlife is totally dependent on climate, and when the temperature raises it wildlife. As sea and land undergo severe changes, the animals are disappearing because they can’t bear harsh weather conditions.

Rising Sea Levels:

Due to the melting down of polar ice caps, the sea levels are rising, threatening coastal systems and islands. Our polar areas are also vulnerable to a rising temperature. There is no denying that climate change possesses a frightening future, and it is really difficult to cope with these issues. Reducing global emissions of gases is the only solution to protect the environment.


Economic and Social Sustainability Challenges:

Businesses and social lives are some of the main victims of sustainability challenges. Our economic and social life is really susceptible to global warming, climate change, and sustainability challenges. Companies need to redesign, redevelop, and rethink their working pattern to reduce carbon footprint and emission of gases. They need to adopt more sustainable ways in the form of renewable energy sources and proper waste management. Sustainable challenges are creating different problems for both developed and developing countries in regard to health, education, unemployment, poverty, and culture. Civil societies, governments, and individuals can play a big role in implementing sustainable practices. It also involves fair trading, energy consumption, transparency, and other standards to make businesses socially sustainable. Here are some economic and social sustainability challenges in the world right now:

Unemployment and Poverty:

By working on alternative energy sources and sustainable practices, companies can create more job opportunities for youth. Due to old-fashioned practices and economic culture, it is hard to create jobs for people. As a result, we are witnessing unemployment and poverty in both emerging and developing markets.

Climate Change and Proper Monitoring:

We are facing negative consequences in business due to climate change. We should monitor how companies are following sustainable development goals (SDGs). Proper monitoring is crucial to reduce GHG emissions and other factors that affect the climate. Monthly-based monitoring would be a great opportunity for gaining more insight into particular areas.

Factors Influencing Businesses:

Sustainability is not all about the green approach. It holds many factors such as reduction of carbon footprint, waste management, and recycling. Everyone should perform their duty to aware communities and people to practice environment-friendly activities to make our world a better place for humans and other living things. We need to educate our children so that we can provide them with a better world.


How can we Tackle Sustainability and Environmental Challenges?

We can cope with environmental and global challenges by using public transport, electric vehicles, cheap and renewable energy sources. It is necessary to recycle plastic and other hazardous things that can affect our climate. Make your homes and building energy-efficient by utilizing solar, wind, or geothermal energy sources. Industries and manufacturing corporations can adopt sustainable practices to make sustainable products. However, it is a complex process, but some companies and individuals are working hard on these goals. By practicing these sustainable goals, we can give a safe future to our kids.


Right now, the biggest problem our world facing is climate change. There are several challenges and hurdles in the way of sustainability like pollution (water and air), improper waste management, excessive use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of the ozone layer, and many more. Global warming is another crucial factor in this regard that is hurting our environment. Well, there are numerous solutions to reduce the impact of climate change but they require some serious adaptation, policies, and regulations. Finding renewable energy sources is important but they need huge investments. So, we should be ready for any kind of climate condition in the future.


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