Global Climate Change Warning – A simple Guide

Wolrd Climate Change

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Climate Change
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Global Climate Change – A simple Guide

Main Keyword: Climate Change

Global Climate Change – A simple Guide

The word “Climate Change” has been in the headlines for the last few years. It refers to changes in weather patterns. These changes may be artificial, natural, or everything in between. It is one of the biggest concerns these days, and human activities are the primary culprit in this regard. We are affecting our climate by burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal.

Greenhouse gases are continuously threatening our earth and these gases emit due to the burning of fossil fuels. These gases are catching the heat of the sun and rising temperatures. Methane and carbon dioxide are two major greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for climate change. Industries, agricultural lands, landfills, and transport are some of the main emitters of these gases.

There are numerous causes of environmental changes, occurring differently. The eruption of huge volcanoes is one of the main environmental problems that release small particles into the air that blocks sunlight, resulting in a change of environment. That’s why we have been experiencing severe warm and cold seasons for the last ten years. This climate shift shows climate change and hurting our earth. The cutting of lands and forests is another big contributor to climate change. It is known as desertification and results in drylands and unfertile soil.

Ozone Layer Depletion:

Radiations like UVA and UVB that emit from the sun directly reach the earth’s surface due to the depletion of the ozone layer. Consequently, the temperature of the planet is getting higher and higher. On the other hand, these rays pose many risks for the environment and human health. These rays are really harmful to your skin, hair, and eyes. Also, these rays damage plants such as their development and growth process. In short, ozone layer depletion is one of the biggest reasons for climate change.

Human Activities Impacting the Environment:

As we know, there are a number of factors that lead to global warming and climate change. Here we are going to discuss some human activities that impact the climate:

Generating Electricity: 

Generating heat and power by burning coal, gasoline, and oil is one of the most significant sources of global emissions. We produce electricity from these sources, even though we have better and more eco-friendly resources such as solar and wind.

1- Manufacturing Products:

Industries that manufacture goods like cement, electronics, clothes, steel, iron, and so on are also emitting gases. These industries are causing a huge chunk of emissions globally.

2- Destroying Forests:

We are cutting down trees and forests just for housing, farms, and pasture purposes. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and help to balance the atmosphere of the earth. When you cut trees, they also release CO2 that they have been keeping.

3- Transportation:

Cars and other road vehicles are contributing a higher amount of greenhouse gases. Our transportation runs on fuel, such as cars, planes, ships, and other options. So, transportation is also the most significant contributor to gases.

4- Commercial Power Consumption:

Whether residential or commercial, buildings consume electricity generated from fossil fuels. As a result, an enormous increase in the number of buildings also increases electricity consumption, so it affects the atmosphere as they release gases.

What is Global Warming?

Due to the industrial revolution, the world’s temperature has increased by 1 degree Celsius (or about 2 degrees Fahrenheit). Global warming is all about rising sea levels, expanding deserts, melting of polar ice caps, ocean acidification, and extinction of plant and animal species. Since the 1880s, this temperature is gradually increasing. According to climate scientists, these statistics have become doubled since 1980. As a result, our planet has become hotter. The effects of global warming are really devastating, such as wildfires, tropical storms, droughts, and more that we refer to generally as climate change.

Causes of Global Warming:

When CO2 and other hazardous gases mix in the air, then the phenomenon of global warming occurs. These gases absorb and reflect sunlight. As a result, these gases go into the solar space and directly increase the earth’s temperature. Gases like nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane are known as greenhouse gases, and their impact is referred to as the greenhouse effect. Transportation, the burning of fossil fuels, and several human activities are some of the main causes of global warming. Companies are trying to cut their emissions by following climate agreements and policies. They are trying to shift their fossil fuel usage to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

We need to cut carbon emissions by 40 % by 2030 to protect our earth. 

What is Climate Action?

Climate is continuously changing due to several impacts, and we are seeing warming, rising sea levels, droughts, and other environmental issues. United Nations Environment Program plays a significant role in sustainability by taking appropriate climate actions. They have created a climate action plan which is named as Goal 13.

Here is a brief description of Goal 13.

  • 13.1: In order to tackle natural disasters and environment-related hazards, it is necessary to strengthen resilience & adaptive capacity in all regions or countries of the world.
  • 13.2: Add climate change policies and measures to national planning, strategies, and policies.
  • 13.3: Increase awareness about climate change on different levels. It should involve impact reduction, warnings, mitigation, and adaptation.
  • In regard to climate change, the United Kingdom organized the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, also known as cop26. The key purpose of this conference is to bring parties together to pace up climate actions according to the UN framework and Paris Agreement. Countries who signed UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) were part of this event.

According to a study, climate change affects Gulf Stream change. It is because of Arctic sea ice and the Greenland Sea ice melting. As a result, it is accelerating the process of river runoff and precipitation. The world’s weather is getting hotter day by day due to the increasing greenhouse gas emissions. The change in the sea level, temperature, and other environmental problems shows the impact of climate change.

How Simple Choices do We Make On A Daily Basis Can Impact The Climate?

This is our world, and we should make some effort to save it from environmental change causing global warming and climate change. You can do these things individually or collectively to save the climate.

1- Raise Your Voice:

Everyone should feel the responsibility to raise their voice in front of those who are in power currently. They may be members of Parliaments, mayors, or local councilors that you think can do something for the climate. Take simple steps to decrease carbon emissions. Demand for energy-efficient homes, proper recycling infrastructure, green spaces, waste, and air quality is required. These are some helpful ways to create a beautiful environment.

2- Eat Less:

If you really want to protect the climate, you must eat less. By reducing the use of meat and dairy products, you can positively impact the planet. Only eat plant-based food because it is better for your health and earth, too, win-win.

3- Reduce Flying:

Cutting back on flying can also help to reduce carbon emissions. You can do this via video conferencing if you are traveling for work. Choose short trips using an electric vehicle.

4- Walk or Cycling:

Instead of using the car to reach the office, try cycling or walking. It is good for your physical and mental health and the environment. For long distances, you can use public transport. This small step will contribute heavily to the reduction of carbon emissions. Cars lead to major greenhouse gas emissions because they run on fossil fuels. Moreover, it also leads to poor air quality and asthma attacks.

5- Reduce Power Consumption:

By saving electricity, you can save your monthly bill and also carbon emission. The electricity we use in our houses and buildings generates from fossil fuels. The only way to cut your carbon footprint is by reducing your electricity consumption. Immediately replace your bulbs with LEDs. In short, make your home energy efficient.

6- Grow more Green Spaces:

Protect and grow new green spaces because they absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. Green areas like parks, gardens, and grounds also bring some physical activities and help balance out the world’s environment.

4- Cut Waste and Recycle Properly:

Instead of using plastic shopping bags, use paper bags. Everything we employ has a significant impact on the environment in the form of a carbon footprint. Buy sustainable clothes and goods. Try to reduce waste and recycle everything properly. You can use discarded items for different purposes by repairing them. Avoid wasting food and other goods.

Global Climate Change:

The world is experiencing the worst climate change in the form of deadly heat, record floods, raging storms, and many more. These things are affecting the life of every human being. Geologists and scientists predict the long-term change in weather by analyzing the changing conditions of lakes, oceans, mountains, forests, etc. Various factors impact climate change, but we can reduce our carbon footprint by using energy-efficient items and sustainable products. Climate change affects the whole earth by polluting the water we drink, breathe, and our habitat. In short, it is affecting everyone at different levels. We are witnessing severe health risks, extreme weather, dirty air, rising seas, and acidic oceans just because of climate change.

Title: Global Climate Change

Main Keyword: Climate Change

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