Laugh or Laughter is the Path to Happiness

by Shamsul
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Laugh, or Laughter is the Path to Happiness

Laughter is a true path of happiness. Laughter is a mechanism that makes us see life in a more positive way. It has various benefits for physical and mental health. Why do we laugh? In what ways does laughing do us good? Should we laugh even when we are sad? Here are all the answers to your questions.


Where Does Laughter Come From?

For science, laughter is considered an animal. It is a primitive mechanism shared by certain mammals, including rats and monkeys. Biologist Elise Wattendorf defines laughter as “a vocalization produced in a positive context, a playful situation”. This sound would be produced in response to a situation that creates worry then relaxation. The breath is held, then released. This creates laughter that signals to others that everything is okay and consolidates group cohesion. As laughter also has the merit of being communicative, it promotes social rapprochement.


Laughter, the Best Path of Happiness for Human Beings

Still according to the biologist, humor and solitary laughter, unlike social laughter, are typically human. Humor has in fact been grafted onto laughter. Laughter is a way of expressing humor. Let’s not use this tool in the same way as primates. The monkey also has it in his possession, but he does not make the same use of it.


Does Everyone Have A Sense of Humor?

For Darwin, humor was like “the tickle of the mind.” Not everyone is capable of detecting a humorous situation, generally characterized by a surprise or an incompatibility between two ideas. To be able to laugh, you have to be able to decode the funny message. To do this, the person must be equipped with specific social skills, such as taking the point of view of others.

The Benefits of Laughter

Reduction of Blood Pressure

When we laugh, blood circulation and oxygenation of the heart are improved. The risk of clots and blood pressure decrease after a good laugh. If you suffer from high blood pressure, treat yourself to a daily laughter session. The Federation of Cardiology explains that “laughter stabilizes the heart rate and reduces blood pressure, the opposite of the effects of stress” and that it “increases the quantity of air ventilated, cleans our lungs, improves the oxygenation of the blood “.


Strengthening the Immune System

Laughing increases the number of antibodies present in our body, especially in the nose and respiratory tract. This allows you to better resist cardiovascular diseases, cancers, depression, migraines and insomnia. To be in good health, eat healthily, exercise and laugh without moderation.


Pain Reduction

Hospitals often use clowns to make their patients laugh. Indeed, it has been proven that humor helps alleviate pain. When we laugh, endorphins, known as happy hormones, are produced. They act like morphine and increase the threshold of suffering.


Improved Sleep

Laughter increases the level of melatonin, a hormone secreted by the brain, which improves the quality of sleep. A laugh before going to bed helps you fall asleep more quickly, it’s an excellent remedy for insomnia!


Stress Reduction

Laughter is also a powerful antidepressant. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. How ? When we laugh, our muscles relax and our brain is more oxygenated, which helps us relax.


Increased Self-Confidence

Laughing helps you stay positive every day, which boosts self-confidence. Laughter creates connections with those around you; it is easier to form friendships when you exude confident energy. Those who have a greater sense of humor are more attractive and self-deprecation would allow us to accept our mistakes more easily.

Laugh Even When Things Aren’t Going Well

Studies show that forcing ourselves to laugh or smile, mechanically, improves our state of mind. When we face an unpleasant situation, seeing it in a positive light helps us feel better, whether in the short or long term. It is interesting to note that people with facial muscle paralysis experience fewer positive emotions.

A good way to laugh on command is to practice laughter therapy. Also called “rigology”, this method can be defined as “a set of psycho-corporeal emotional education techniques intended to stimulate joy of living, optimism and creativity”. The goal is to use the virtues of laughter to stimulate your joy of living. Practitioners are guided and use simple exercises in groups. There is also laughter yoga, a concept invented by an Indian doctor, Dr Madan Kataria. The breathing muscles are used to elicit the positive physical reactions of natural laughter through forced laughter. The body does not know the difference between spontaneous laughter and simulated laughter!

To be healthy, laugh! Surround yourself with positive people who have a sense of humor and everything will be better. A good way to laugh with family or friends and discover each person’s personality in depth is to get the What is happiness for you? You can play card game. It also contains practical tools to integrate into your daily life to amplify your happiness.


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