13 Reliable Techniques to Use Online World for Making Money

Make Money Online

by Shamsul
Make Money Online
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13 Reliable Techniques to Use Online World for Making Money


The online world offers a lot of approaches to making Money. What you need to have is stimulating ideas as well as quality time to invest. Definitely, things are not that simple. Still, there are multiple opportunities to mark your existence. 

People say that making online Money is not kids’ play. It is accurate as everyone is not lucky enough to meet his goals. If everyone were fortunate enough to sit on the couch in pajamas and make Money with some clicks, then no one would care to go office early in the morning. 

Making Money is difficult, but it is not impossible. Nevertheless, a significant number of people are using online platforms to earn. If you are determined, come up with a good idea and have the willpower to invest your time.

Initiate your business with free of cost Medium professional blog. Unlike other businesses, it is not necessary to spare a significant amount to start. Just give your time, share your innovative ideas, and show patience, as nothing can make you rich within 24 hours. 

Wait! If you are thinking of resigning from your job to give more time to your online business, I advise you not to cut your wings. Continue your career till your newly established business gets successful. 


Safest & Confirmed Ways to Make Money Online

Here are some of the secure and deep-rooted ways to make an online business profitable:

1- Blogging on a Regular Basis

Blogging demands writing articles constantly. Side by side, use your blog platform to write as well as analyze different companies and products. Affiliate links and ads are the sources of receiving Money. 

Begin your task with blog creation and upgrade it with new articles. Once the blog is prepared, put on ads and update the blog with quality content. You are working, and giving time to blog increases the number of page views. When more and more traffic is attracted to your blog, it adds dollars to your account. Contrarily, less traffic on your page gives no result. Bloggers must wait for a few months or several years to achieve a successful outcome. 

2- Vlogging is Best if you Prefer Videos

These days, Vlogging is the best job. Vloggers develop videos and upload them to YouTube and relevant channels. It is a secure and fast way to recognize your blog and start earning some money.

It is encouraging, and Vlogging is free of cost. Develop a YouTube channel to initiate the business. Give the necessary information, make a logo and cover photo and keep uploading your videos to grab the viewers’ attention. As soon as your channel hits 1000 subscribers and videos of 4000 hours are watched, you are given the privilege to view and get ads on videos.

For making Money, a service named Google AdSense is available to run ads and content. Bloggers prefer this service as it helps get more and more profit from blogs.

Compared to writing articles, creating a video is a speedy and effortless task, whereas videos have a greater chance of developing a trend. If one (out of 100 videos) has appeared as a trend, enjoy a skyrocketing rise in your income. 

3- Begin Podcasting

Podcasting has become a trend in many countries. It supports to development and publishes radio episodes for a short duration. You must use this channel to chat with other podcasters, tell stories or describe the latest technology in each episode. It is an effective way to make people familiar through your talk. 

Definitely, podcasting gives a chance to earn money, though you require several companies and a lot of listeners in your episodes. For professional work, use Audacity for improving podcasts and audio. Start your job as an Anchor (Spotify service), and record and check over the episodes through the Anchor app.

It is possible to upload the podcasts to YouTube and boost the income through two different channels. 

4- Affiliate Marketing For Earning

As the name signifies, Affiliate Marketing is the practice of paying an affiliate to endorse and sell your services or products. You can do affiliate marketing with the support of a group or even a company.

There are three basic aspects of successful Affiliate Marketing:

  • The Merchant

The brand or seller offers the services to affiliates for promotion.

  • The Affiliate

Publisher or an affiliate selects the preferred product from merchants and supports it online to earn more.

  • The Customer

Customers purchase the products that are highlighted by an affiliate. 

Side by side, affiliate services and products are promoted through blogs, Vloggers, and even podcast episodes. Whatever social network you like, use it to sponsor the products. 

5- Handle the Influencing

Do you know Influencing? Let’s begin with the role of an influencer, having an exclusive way to endorse himself on different social networks. Notably, many brands show interest in an influencer’s number of followers. A significant number of followers and influential work compel brands to hire you to promote their services and products.

Podcasters and Vloggers are also influencers. In addition, bloggers who introduce themselves instead of their blogs come in the range of influencers. Have you seen models on Instagram? These are the influencers highlighting the specific brands and products. 

Another benefit of becoming a successful influencer is to enjoy a discount on various products. For instance, you are an influencer and traveler. 

Whenever you book a hotel to stay in or a restaurant to enjoy dinner, companies offer you a low-cost but luxurious hotel and free dining experience just to promote their services. Furthermore, airlines propose a reduction in fares or fly for a free opportunity as you have an impressive number of followers to promote services. 

Apart from plus points, the disadvantage of influencer marketing is its complicated and hard-to-win nature. Many influencers invest from time to time, making their job effective and profitable. Before beginning this job, create accounts on familiar social networks covering VSCO, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Keep on uploading videos and photos as much as possible to get more followers.

6- Write & Advertise your e-books

If you have the skills and passion for writing, but blogging is not your cup of tea, I suggest writing your own e-book and selling online. Google Docs, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, Caliber, Adobe InDesign, Scrivener and iBooks Author are some channels for writing an e-book. Canva is another application for swiftly designing e-books without paying a single penny. 

Here are some websites for advertising e-books:

  • Amazon
  • Fiverr
  • Selz.com
  • Payhip.com
  • Feiyr.com
  • Google Play 

Use blogging for advertising these books. Keep on writing short articles to introduce your e-books and the nature of the topics to your audience. Furthermore, develop your website for selling the e-books directly to your customers.

7- Establishing an Online Store

It does not matter what type of your product is. You are given the freedom to sell it online. Every seller can neither develop an online store nor be capable enough to pay the web developing charges. To help out these sellers, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress services are available. 

The promotion of e-shops is genuinely convoluted. It is terrible to promote a website to such a level that people become familiar with it and start buying products through it. Promotion is the only way to obtain the target. Social media and Google Adwords are the two ways of website promotion. Even billboards and electronic media are used for promotion, but everything depends on the available budget. 

8- Use Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr & 99designs for Your Services

Online business requires a selection of skills you are qualified or love to do. Whether you write content for websites, design new websites, command in a few languages, use Freelancer, Upwork, 99designs, and Fiverr to offer your services. 

First of all, make an account and develop an online store in it. There are millions of monthly users; thus, do not take much panic to promote every product. Just provide reliable services, instant communication, and fast delivery. To cope with a worldwide audience, you know how to speak English. 

The websites mentioned above prefer the users to have the best reviews. In short, your task on these sites is not different from a freelancer. 

9- Email Marketing

Have you ever noticed how email marketing has gained the dominant position? Millions of brands use email marketing to keep in touch with their customers. It is an active service and provides a great source of income. Email marketers have a great number of subscribers to send newsletters off and on. 

To initiate an email marketing service, choose a platform to gather around all the subscribers and send newsletter campaigns. MailPoet, GetResponse, AWeber, SendinBlue, Drip, MailerLite, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and Constant Contact are some of the outstanding newsletter services. These services allow subscriptions and free-of-cost packages, whereas others do not allow free packages. Check all these services and select the one that meets your needs. Keep on collecting a maximum number of emails. At this stage, blogging helps a lot to get subscribers. In addition, use social networks to publish regular newsletters.

When you select email marketing to earn online Money, gather maximum subscribers to communicate and promote various products through newsletters. 

10- Etsy or eBay to Sell Products

Everyone has an idea of how eBay works. It provides a channel to put up for sale whatever you like. This can be anything from technology, beauty products, or even hosiery. It is better to say that eBay is the platform for selling items that are no more in use in your home or office. Even you can promote homemade things. Comparatively, Etsy is a website to sell just handmade items.

  • Online Seminars

If you are a teacher or love to teach others about something you are an expert in, build up online seminars. It needs to pay the amount for attending a seminar. The better option is to create a website, preferably WordPress, to make websites, e-shops, blogs, etc.

  • Advertise Your Photos

Advertising inspiring photos is the most acceptable way to get Money online. If you have the latest camera and skills to shoot photos, then make your hobby a way to increase your income. 

It is possible to design a website and place your photos for sale. Obviously, website creation demands some investment. In addition, you are bound to promote the website to get more traffic, so more people view these photos and buy from your platform. If you are short on Money, the better option is to use another website for advertising your snapshots. At present, Photodune, TourPhotos, PhotoShelter, 500px, Alamy, Snapped4u, Fotomoto, Shutterstock, and AdobeStock are the highly recommended services to publicize your photographs.

To make the worldwide audience familiar with your services, upload some photos to Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash and allow downloading these photos free of cost. Viewers who visit the profile find your website link where the best images are available. 

  • Streaming

These days, online streaming is admired all over the world. A significant number of streamers come out live to play games. Their followers can either donate to the streamers or subscribe to the channel.

Streaming is not effortless. It requires you to sponsor yourself through YouTubeLive, Microsoft Mixer, and Twitch. Streamers have a great number of subscribers watching whenever you stream and can work for a range of brand promotions. 

These days, Twitch is a highly accepted platform for streaming. Microsoft Mixer is the 2nd most approaching site.

11- Business Coach for Better Guidance

If you have fantastic business ideas but are not familiar with the right way to implement them, you are suggested to hire a business coach at the beginning level. 

Bloggers, podcasters, and even Vloggers make innumerable mistakes at the initial stage. It happens with most businesses to fail at the first stage and get success in upcoming years. Instead of wasting valuable time, get proper guidelines and utilize your time and efforts in booming your business. 

You are entirely free to choose the method you love to do. Streaming, seminars, eBay, email marketing, online store, e-books, podcasting, Vlogging, blogging, affiliate marketing, and Influencing are some of the deep-rooted ways to make money fast. All these methods have an indirect payment system. Only affiliate marketing is the way to get instant Money. For this purpose, contact the loyal customers who purchase directly the products you are offering them.

As far as the use of a laptop or computer is concerned, a simple system is enough to do online tasks. Loggers and streamers must have better equipment for better effects. Blogging needs a small investment to buy a hosting package and domain name. 



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