12 Tips for Cleaning The House With Toothpaste

by Shamsul
Toothpaste for Cleaning
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12 Tips for Cleaning The House With Toothpaste

I can well imagine your surprise: “What do you mean, cleaning with toothpaste? “. Think for a minute, you use toothpaste to clean, whiten, protect your teeth. Why couldn’t it be used for something else? We give you the answer in this article to convince you that toothpaste can be very useful throughout the house.

The Benefits of Toothpaste for Cleaning Around the House

Yes, this faithful ally of your teeth hides many advantages that you can exploit in certain household tasks. Remember that for the health of your teeth and mouth, toothpaste is rich in antimicrobial, abrasive and whitening agents, and has a protective action. All these properties mean that it is of interest beyond that of oral health and that, at home, it will be of great help to disinfect, clean, whiten and shine.

To do this, all you need to do is use an old toothbrush or a soft cloth, and preferably white toothpaste. We offer you some examples below.

Clean Dirty Tile Joints

Benefits of Toothpaste

Tile joints, but also those of your appliances, such as the refrigerator, tend to become dirty over time. Thanks to its whitening and antimicrobial properties, toothpaste can help you clean, disinfect and restore their whiteness. To do this, simply put a little toothpaste on a toothbrush reserved for this purpose and scrub. If the joints are very dirty:

Apply toothpaste.

Leave it on for about 1 hour before rubbing.

Finally, rinse the surface and dry it.


Make The Taps Shine

Because it contains abrasive agents, toothpaste is ideal for polishing chrome surfaces. To do this:

Apply a drop of toothpaste to a soft, previously moistened cloth or sponge.

Rub the surface to be cleaned.

Rinse immediately and dry to avoid the appearance of streaks.

To avoid waste, if you accidentally drop toothpaste in the sink, collect it and take the opportunity to clean the taps this way.


Clean the Toilets

Very useful for removing tartar and lime residue, you can use the toothpaste to clean and disinfect your sink and washbasin, as well as your toilet where it will be very effective in eliminating traces of urine or others. To do this, simply rub the surfaces with an abrasive sponge previously coated with toothpaste.


A Clear and Clean Shower Door

Benefits of Toothpaste

The door itself: subject to splashes, among other things, glass shower doors get dirty day after day. To clean it, simply apply toothpaste to a sponge, then scrub before rinsing and drying.

Door seals: whether the seals on your shower door are dirty or show traces of mold, simply proceed as explained for tile joints: apply toothpaste with an old toothbrush or a damp sponge, leave on for a few minutes before rubbing, then rinse with clean water.


Removing Scratches from Marble

Removing Scratches from Marble with Toothpaste

Marble is a fragile stone that must be maintained properly to remain beautiful. When you notice a fine scratch, you can rub it with a soft cloth previously soaked in toothpaste to make it disappear.


Erasing Pencil Lines on The Walls

What young child has never tried to decorate the walls themselves with pencils or pens? It may also happen that you accidentally mark your wall. In these cases, there is no need to consider completely repainting the wall, get out the toothpaste! The only condition is that the wall is covered with washable paint. Proceed as follows:

Apply some toothpaste to the wall.

Rub gently with a clean, damp cloth.


With any luck, your wall will have returned to its original state.


Clean the Soleplate of The Iron

What’s more unpleasant than ironing with an iron with a dirty soleplate? In fact, it no longer slides on the fabric and can even stain it. To avoid this, you can clean it with toothpaste. Here’s how to do it:

First make sure your iron is unplugged and cold.

Apply toothpaste to the entire sole, then rub gently.

Remove the toothpaste using a damp cloth.

Make sure the soleplate is free of any residue to avoid staining the first item of clothing you iron next.


Maintain Your Jewelry

Because it contains abrasive agents that are gentle enough to respect tooth enamel, toothpaste also allows you to clean silver objects gently. To do this, use a toothbrush with soft bristles which will allow you to access the most inaccessible places without scratching the surface or a soft cloth. Apply a small amount of product to the toothbrush and rub the affected object gently. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water before carefully drying your jewelry.

Clean Silverware With Toothpaste


Cleaning Your White Sneakers

Your white sneakers look gray, it is possible to restore their whiteness using toothpaste. To do this :

Brush the entire surface with a damp toothbrush to which you have applied a little toothpaste.

Rinse with a soft damp cloth.

Let dry.


Removing Ink Stains from Clothes

When a garment has been stained with ink, removing the stain can be difficult or even impossible. In any case, the quicker you act, the more likely you are to get rid of this type of stain. Here is a solution:

Spread a little paste on the stain and rub with your fingers to work it into the fibers of the fabric.

Wait a few minutes to give the paste time to dry.

Scrub to remove dry toothpaste.

If the stain has not disappeared, you can repeat the operation.

Finally, wash the garment as usual.


Cleaning a Lipstick Stain

As with ink, it is possible to use toothpaste to clean a lipstick stain from textiles. To do this, simply proceed in the same way as before.


Fade Scratches on Leather

Is your leather handbag or one of your leather shoes marked with a fine scratch? Remember that toothpaste contains abrasive agents that will allow you to fade it, as we saw with marble. To do this, simply apply a little bit of toothpaste to the scratch and then rub with a soft cloth.


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