10 Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

by Shamsul
Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)
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10 Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)


Turkish actors and actresses are very famous in the world due to their incredible talent and attractive looks. There is no shortage of Beautiful Actresses (Turkish) in the Turkish industry. 

Some actresses are heavenly gorgeous and have millions of fans and followers. These actresses are currently working in Turkish films and dramas. Today, we are going to uncover the 10 most beautiful Turkish actresses. Are you ready? Let’s start!

1- Beren Saat | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Beren Saat

After playing a remarkable role in the TV series Askimizda Olum Var, she rose to distinction. Her role in the series was very short, but she made her character immortal through her excellent acting skills. That’s why she earned immense respect and fan following. Moreover, she is really gorgeous because of her charm and stunning looks. She received several titles and awards, such as “sexiest Turkish actress”.


2- Hazal Kaya | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Hazal Kaya

When it comes to the most stunning Turkish actress, Hazal Kaya comes first. She is really gorgeous and blessed with amazing acting talent. She can speak various languages such as German, Turkish, Italian, and English. 

Hazal Kaya has appeared in a famous TV show Bizim Hikaye. Her notable work can be seen in Adini Feriha Koydum, A.S.K, and Forbidden Love.


3- Tugba Melis Turk | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Tugba Melis Turk

She is a beautiful combination of acting versatility and beautiful looks. Tugba Melis Turk is incredibly talented and has worked in several Turkish series, shows, and feature films. She gained the title of most beautiful Turkish model in 2011. Her prominent work is Kara Ekmek, Annem, Bitmesin, and Cehennem 3D.


4- Ezgi Asaroglu | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Ezgi Asaroglu

If you ask me, Ezgi Asaroglu is one of the prettiest Turkish actresses. Her cute smile, natural beauty, and elegance are everything. She debuts her acting career at the age of 17 in Bir Dilim Ask. 

The success of the show made her a superstar in Turkey. After this, she got many projects for the big screen. Currently, she is working on several big projects.


5- Tuba Buyukustun | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Tuba Buyukustun

Tuba is one of the highest-paid and top-rated Turkish actresses. She won numerous awards for her remarkable performances in series and TV shows. 

Her flawless facial expressions and beautiful body make her one of the most beautiful Turkish actresses. If you want to see her acting skills then you must watch 2o Dakika, Kara Para Ask, Cemberimde Gul Oya, and Ihlamurlar Altinda. You won’t believe that she is married and have kids.


6- Birce Akalay | Most Beautiful Actresses

Birce Akalay

There is no doubt about it that Birce Akalay is one of the most stunning Turkish actresses right now. Her charisma, charm, and cuteness everything is unbeatable. She has acted in many TV series, shows, and films. Bitter Sweet Life, Love is in the Air, Little Lord, Babil, and others are some of her successful projects.


7- Sinem Kobal | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Sinem Kobal

She is one of the highest-paid Turkish models and actresses. Sinem Kobal started her acting career in “Dadi as Dilara Giritli” TV sitcom. She worked in several films such as Nefes Nefese, Okul, Lise Defteri, and Ayakta Kal. On the other hand, she has modeled for various big brands and businesses. She also does TV commercials and endorsements.


8- Saadet Aksoy | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Saadet Aksoy

Her elegant smile, sun-kissed skin tone, and facial features are enough to steal your heart. Saadet Aksoy is such a blessed Turkish actress with so much acting and modeling talent. She has worked in a famous film “Twice”, directed by Italian director Sergio Castellitto. She worked with some of the biggest stars in this film, such as Emile Hirsch and Penelope Cruz. To be honest, she is very versatile and one of the most beautiful actresses in the Turkish film industry.


9- Seda Guven | Most Beautiful Actresses

Seda Guven

You will never want to take your eyes off from this elegant beauty. Seda Guven is a famous Turkish actress who has acted in several TV shows and films. She began her professional acting career in 2002, and now she is one of the established stars in the Turkish showbiz industry. In short, she is totally a diva. She has performed many iconic roles in several shows and films like Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne.


10- Berguzar Korel | Most Beautiful Actresses (Turkish)

Berguzar Korel

She first worked in Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak, which was a super-hit series. Berguzar Korel got actual attention after performing a prominent role in Binbir Gece. She has a beautiful smile, cuteness, and a tempting skin tone. Her glamorous look is enough to melt your heart. She has a great fan following on social media. That’s why we mentioned her in the list of most beautiful Turkish actresses right now. Magnificent Century, 1001 Nights, Bir Ask Iki Hayat, and many more are some of her notable TV shows, films, and drama series. She received various accolades and awards.



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