10 Most Popular Actresses in their 50s

Famous Actresses in their 50s

by Shamsul
Popular Actresses in their 50s
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10 Most Popular Actresses in their 50s


Age is just a number, and some most famous actresses have proved it. This article is about some popular actresses who are still attractive in their 50s. These ageless beauties are really captivating because of their facial features, fashion sense, and liveliness. They have successfully managed their beauty over the years. They are not only famous in the film industry but also managed to secure a place in the hearts of fans. So, we decided to honor these ladies by compiling this list. Here is the list of the 10 most famous actresses in their 50s who are still nailing it.


1- Jennifer Aniston | Most Popular Actresses

We all are huge fans of FRIENDS and Rachel Green. Jennifer Aniston is one of the leading Hollywood actresses who look still attractive in her 50s. She is an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur. Jennifer Aniston is the wealthiest actress, and her net worth is in the billions of dollars. Many Hollywood stars have a crush on the actress and are true admirers of her beauty and natural looks. She looks attractive and adorable even at the age of 52.

Jennifer Aniston


02- Kylie Minogue | Most Popular Actresses

She looks pretty even at 53. She is one of the stunning Hollywood actresses and gained fame from the serial Neighbours. Kylie Minogue is an Australian actress and singer. She is one of the most celebrated Australian singers. Her hot figure and beautiful looks are to die for! She has sold over 80 million albums worldwide.

Kylie Minogue




03- Judy Reyes | Most Popular Actresses

She is a Dominican-American actress, producer, and model. Judy Reyes is really versatile and looks stunning in her 50s. She kicked start her career in TV in the 90s. She was invited as a star on several shows like The Sopranos, Law & Order, and NYPD Blue. If you are a true admirer of natural beauty, you will definitely love her.

Judy Reyes


04-Julia Roberts | Most Popular Actresses

She is a 54-year-old beautiful lady who is a film producer and successful actress. The net worth of Julia Roberts is approximately 250 million dollars. She has made a huge fan circle just because of her amazing performances in various movies. If you like to see her acting skills, you must watch Notting Hill, Mona Lisa Smile, and Pretty Woman. She is a winner of several accolades and awards, such as Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Academy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards.


5- Salma Hayek | Most Popular Actresses

She is 55 years old Mexican actress that is still young and attractive. You can see her remarkable role in the film Frida, released in 2002. She was nominated for Oscars just because of this role. She is one of the sexist actresses from South America. On the other hand, she is a director, producer, and social activist too.

Salma Hayek


6- Nicole Kidman | Most Popular Actresses

When it comes to the most popular Hollywood female stars, Nicole Kidman comes first. She has secured Emmys and Oscars over her brilliant performances in several Hollywood movies. She has done every type of film, including action, thriller, romance, horror, and so on. Recently, she appeared in the blockbuster movie Aquaman.

Nicole Kidman


7- Elizabeth Hurley | Most Popular Actresses

She is a British model, actress, and producer. Elizabeth Hurley started her career in modeling and later moved to the big screen. She is really gorgeous and looks stunning in her 50s. Her facial expressions and perfect body figure are enough to captivate you. She is currently modeling beachwear and other fashion brands.

Elizabeth Hurley

8- Viola Davis | Most Popular Actresses

Viola Davis is an excellent performer. She is an African-American actress and a winner of the Academy Award for her role in the movie “Fences”. She is among those stars that look pretty and captivating in their 50s. Viola Davis got nomination 4 times for the Academy Award. This is enough to prove that she is a remarkable actress.

Viola Davis


9- Jami Gertz | Most Popular Actresses

You won’t believe that she is 56 year old actress who still looks young and lovely. Her net worth is nearly 2 billion dollars. She has appeared in several movies like The Lost Boys in the 1980s, Sixteen Candles, Square Pegs, and Family Ties. Currently, she is working as a perfume designer in France.

Jami Gertz


10- Monica Bellucci | Most Popular Actresses

She is the most stunning and attractive Italian actress. Her age is 57 years but looks sexy and elegant. Her amazing body features and killing looks are enough to make you a diehard fan of her. She has played different influential characters in several films like Melana, Under Suspicion, and How much do you love me?

Monica Bellucci


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