What Are The Health Benefits of the Sea?

by Shamsul
Benefits of the Sea for health
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The Sea: A Natural Medicine with Scientifically Proven Effectiveness

Numerous scientific researches carried out in England, the United States, France and Sweden speak of the multiple health benefits of the sea. And this, both physically and emotionally. What are these virtues? Does living by the sea make you happier? Dive into blue health, where salt water has all the makings of a medicine.

Reducing Stress Is One of The Leading Health Benefits of The Sea:

The first research on the health benefits of water began to be published in 2018. All recognize that people who live within 5 km of a coastal shore have better mental health.

In fact, being exposed to a coastal area would reduce the effects of stress more than a green landscape. This is what underlies a study carried out in New Zealand among the inhabitants of Wellington. The latter reveals that people who have a view of the ocean or the sea are more peaceful than those who enjoy a panorama of greenery (forest or park).

This result is partly justified by the fact that blue landscapes are natural, while certain green spaces can integrate artificial elements (sports fields, playgrounds, etc.).

Cold Water Acts on Civilization’s Diseases:

According to the investigation carried out revealed that diseases such as type II diabetes or autoimmune disorders can be reduced, even prevented, and treated in water.

According to a research, she talks about her meeting with a young woman suffering from multiple sclerosis who, thanks to surfing, managed to improve her mobility and considerably reduce the pain linked to the disease.

Furthermore, cold water immersion, showers, and baths affect the body’s inflammatory processes (linked to stress). Indeed, British researchers, specialists in cold water immersion, attest that swimming regularly in water between 8 and 15°C reduces inflammation. Inflammation is also responsible for many degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, granulomatosis, etc.

Sea Air Helps You Breathe Better | Health Benefits of The Sea

The ocean produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe. The air there is naturally rich in negative ions released by the force of the waves and in trace elements such as iodine. The atmospheric pressure is high, and the air is filled with oxygen. In addition, the atmosphere on the shores is of better quality since the wind drives pollution and pollen inland.

Some researchers from the New England Journal of Medicine also discovered that inhaling concentrated saline solutions improves lung function.

Cold Water Swimming Is A Powerful Antidepressant:

Bathing mainly boosts happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Scientists have demonstrated that this practice acts directly on depressive states. Its effects are multiple and affect, in particular:

self-esteem by making the effort to go swimming to do yourself good;

social bonding (generally, people go swimming in groups);

the sympathetic nervous system (anxiety), which decreases;

the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation), which increases.

Surfers are the champions of relaxation. They cultivate a high adrenaline level when they have to choose whether or not to catch a wave, serotonin when they see one, and endorphins when they reach the beach after their session.

Water Activities Increase Self-Esteem

Paddle, body surf, sand yachting, kitesurfing, snorkeling, surfing, diving, coastal sailing, etc. Water activities reduce tension by relieving joints and relaxing muscles. But they also boost self-confidence. According to several studies, a natural environment, such as the sea, reduces the feeling of effort and increases motivation.

So there are health benefits of the sea and lot of advantage going to the sea more often! Whether it’s the Channel, Mediterranean, or Atlantic Ocean, put on your swimsuit and dip in the water (especially if it’s cool)!



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