How to Take Care of Yourself? 9 Simple and Effective Ideas

by Shamsul
Care of Yourself
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How to Take Care of Yourself? 9 Simple and Effective Ideas

To take care of others, it is essential to take good care of yourself first. This is an act far from being selfish. We should all offer ourselves regularly to do good in ourselves and around us. Concretely, how do you take care of yourself? What daily activities can we efficiently implement to (re)find inner peace? Discover our nine ideas for Zen solo moments.

1- Involve Yourself in An Inspiring Podcast

Podcasts allow you to learn more about the world and be entertained while doing something else. In 2021, according to Havas Paris and the CSA Research Institute, one in three French people will listen to podcasts regularly. Whether cooking, driving, or bathing, more and more combine business with pleasure.

Furthermore, researchers from the Queensland University of Technology and Stanford University claim that listening to these broadcasts in audio format would benefit mental health since they meet basic psychological needs.

2- Listen to Music That Makes You Vibrate

Music accompanies us daily and helps us let go, boost morale, reduce stress, strengthen motivation, etc. It’s even scientifically proven that listening to a song you like activates the regions of the brain associated with pleasure. The rush of dopamine releases endorphins, and you feel good.

During his research, a Dutch doctor specializing in cognitive neuroscience defined a list of titles that feel good. His criteria? The tempo and positive lyrics conveys pleasant ideas. There, we find, among others, emblematic pieces like ” Good Vibrations ” by the Beach Boys or ” Don’t Stop Me Know ” by Queen.

3- Reconnect with Yourself in Nature

Shinrin yoku, or forest bathing, allows you to experience moments for yourself and recharge your batteries. Doctors even prescribe this Japanese therapeutic practice to fight depression. Nature sounds, colors, and brightness all have a calming effect.

Forest therapy, therefore, has very positive repercussions on well-being by satisfying the hormones of happiness. It is a natural generator of vitality, which also helps strengthen your immune system and reduce your heart rate, cortisol levels, etc.

4- Dance Like No One Is Watching

Dancing is a pleasant and relaxing distraction that helps the mind free itself from worries. Have you ever noticed that when you dance, you have a smile on your face?

Indeed, this activity reduces tension and stress and improves mood. One then experiences a sensation of well-being and joy.

5- Read A Good Book

Reading is a simple pleasure that temporarily allows you to escape from your daily life. This activity improves mood and calms the mind. Furthermore, reading before sleep is highly recommended, especially if your day has been full of emotions.

A study from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom showed that reading for 6 minutes a day before going to bed reduces stress levels. This calms mental agitations and places the reader in a bubble of well-being conducive to a good night’s sleep and sweet daydreams. In short, it is a soothing ritual to adopt!

6- Do A Meditation Session

Taking time for yourself can also involve practicing meditation. Indulging in it regularly (a few minutes a day is enough!) allows you to return to the present moment, better manage your stress, and distance yourself from others or certain life events.

Several experiments in which Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan monk and doctor in cellular genetics, was a guinea pig, have demonstrated that meditation on generous love provides the most positive emotions.

To help you establish this feel-good routine in your daily life, you can download one of the many available applications: Calm, Mind, Petit Bambou, Respiration Pranique, Envol, etc. All you have to do is find a quiet little corner.

7- Watch an Inspiring Documentary

After a busy day, relaxing in front of a good documentary can be a great idea to unwind in the evening or on the weekend.

Scientists from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom even conducted a study on documentary films that highlight nature and their impact on mood. They found that watching such films improved well-being. Indeed, looking at animals (incredibly colorful fish, corals, and turtles) or plants in their environment, even virtually, helps minimize negative emotions.

8- Coloring for Adults with Mandalas

Mandalas are used in meditation by religious people from Buddhist and Hindu traditions. A study by the famous psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung on his patients revealed the many powers of this anti-stress tool.

A mandala colored from the inside out symbolizes openness toward others and the world, while shading from the outside encourages a return to oneself. These complex circular shapes are also widely used in art therapy to help people let go and reduce stress levels.

Coloring isn’t just for children: grab a mandala book or a free template available on the Internet, some colored pencils or markers, and let’s get started!

9 – See or Call Your Friends

Researchers at the University of Oxford, England, conducted a study on the effect of loved ones on well-being. They discovered that spending time twice a week with friends positively impacts physical and emotional health.

It is, therefore, essential to take care of your friendships by spending pleasant moments of relaxation, conviviality, and authenticity in their company. Friends not only help reduce the stress we may feel but also help calm negative emotions. Don’t worry if seeing your loved ones is impossible; calling them works wonders.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish. Quite the contrary. It’s honoring yourself, focusing on yourself for a moment, and offering yourself a moment suspended in the tumult of daily life—an essential breath of fresh air to get back on a sound footing and better serve others.

And you, what activities do you like to do or rituals do you put in place when you decide to take some alone time?

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