12 Hidden Signs That He is Desperate to Marry

by Shamsul
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12 Hidden Signs Indicate That He is Desperate to Marry

Dating is not easy, especially if you are not serious about relationships. Nowadays, relationships have become more complicated and stressful due to several reasons. It is hard to find the right man that you can consider getting married to. Settling down with a man that is already into you could be the right idea. But, how to find out whether your man is ready to get married or not? Here, we will discuss 12 secret signs that show he is desperate to marry. Some men drop significant hints that show he wants to build a family. Keep reading to know more.


1- He Does Everything You Want | Desperate to Marry

Have you ever been in any relationship where your man was so friendly? If your answer is no, then they were not ideal for you. If you are dating a more agreeable guy who does everything for you, he is the boy who wants to marry you. From travel choices to dress, food, or restaurant choices, he is desperate to marry if he is agreeable. Go and grab him.

He will do everything you say. He just wants to show you that he is a good partner who can keep you happy. If he does not argue with you, this man is the perfect material husband. He will always support you whatever you say or do. This man can be your potential husband.


2- He Breaks Dating Rules for You:

If your man with whom you are dating is breaking the rules in dating, then it means he is seriously into you. He wants to achieve a particular milestone with you which means he is desperate to get hitched. It means he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. But, this feeling is mutual. You will want to break all the dating rules with the right guy. There is no place of natural pace in your dating.

Moreover, if your relationship with a man is on a fast track, it is a secret sign that he wants to live with you. There are some other hints such as he wants to meet your family, quitting his current job to find a new one near you or etc. In this kind of relationship, you will feel like you are already engaged with each other.


3- He Wants to Meet Your Family | Desperate to Marry

If your lover is eagerly waiting to meet your family, it could signal that he is desperate to marry. The ultimate idea behind this is that he wants to show your family that he is a good man who is perfect for you. He tries to engage with your family members and wants to become BFFs with them. Your BF likes to embrace every family member of yours. He knows the value of family. He can make a prominent place in your heart through your family.

In short, he is trying to impress you and your family as well. Moreover, it is another way of convincing you to marry him. If he is doing these activities, he truly loves you.


4- He Wants You to Wear Moderate Clothes:

If you are dating a guy and suddenly he says you to wear moderate clothes or dresses, he wants to marry you. It is a clear sign that he is “Wifezoning” you. He is making you an ideal wife in his imagination. It could have happened even in the early dating stages. He can also object to you wearing more revealing clothes. So, if your boyfriend is talking about your outfit or dressing style, then it is one of the most significant signs that he is desperate to marry.


5- All His Friends are married | Desperate to Marry

If a guy you love or are dating has married friends, he is desperate to marry and get mingled. It rings a bell in his mind when he meets his married friends. He does not want to attend any bachelor’s party anymore. If you see his friends’ circle mingled, you can consider him. Moreover, if he invites you on a date with his married friend couple, then it is a clear signal that he is trying to impress or convince you.


6- He Speaks about the Future:

During everyday conversations, if your lover is talking about his future life and sharing his private thoughts, then it means he wanna marry you. Some girls don’t get this point quickly. But, it is one of the significant signs. It shows that he includes you in his future life. He is the man you need if he talks about his kids, family, and backyard BBQ parties. He is clearing his future ideas and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Accept this kind of guy.


7- He Wants to be Good:

If your boyfriend is showing some heroic moves or trying to become more romantic, he is trying to become a good person in front of you. He is trying to trigger his inner-hero to get your attention or impress you. Such heroic instinct shows that your lover is desperate to marry. 

Men love harder, commit stronger, and make you feel better in such scenarios. Just forget about fictitious superheroes and focus on your real-life hero. It is a clear sign that he loves you and wants you.


8- He Forgives Quickly | Desperate to Marry

If a man is seriously into you, he forgives you quickly if you have indulged in a quarrel. He has no time to jump from one girl to another. He loves you and accepts your mistakes. The man really wants to build a family with you. Honestly speaking, it is not a secret sign and anybody can feel or understand it. Serious men prefer forgiving their partners. No matter what you speak to him, he will find a way to forgive you. It’s a serious thing and you must consider it carefully. A compromising guy is the perfect husband material.


9- He’s Discussing His Life with You:

Suppose a man plans his life around you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you and become a dad to your kids. It shows that he is adding you to his present and future life. Is it hard to understand, girls? Well, we can’t call it marriage desperation. If you tell your man you are going to another state or country for a job, then he will try to get a job in the same state or country. He will start giving preference to you in every matter. It is a simple but useful method to convince your partner.


10- He Doesn’t Care about Protection:

Most couples are very careful in bed or about getting pregnant. If your boyfriend is becoming careless in bed, he is serious about you or wants to marry you. If he is not using any protection while having sex, he truly loves you. Moreover, if you also don’t care about getting pregnant, you also like him. At this point, you can take your marriage decision.


11- He’s Been Engaged in the Past:

If you want to know whether your boyfriend is really hungry for marriage, you can check his dating or relationship history. If he has been engaged in the past, then it is a secret sign that he is broken and seriously wants to have a happy family. You can also guess his desperation by the duration or length of his current relationship. It shows that the wedding bells are ringing in his mind. He is looking for the right woman and the right woman is you.


12- He’s Assertive about Getting Answers from You:

It is pretty standard if your lover is asking questions during conversations. But, if he is waiting for your reply eagerly, he wants to know more about you. He is into you if he is asking about your future and looking for the answer assertively. Your BF is desperate to marry. He can also ask about your summer or winter vacation plans. In short, he wants to be with you. It could have happened in the early stages of dating.


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