Broad Areas of Environment Sustainability

by Shamsul
Environmental Sustainability
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Broad Areas of Environment Sustainability


Environment Sustainability:

Environmental sustainability means the responsibility to protect the global ecosystem and conserve natural resources to support well-being and health, now & in the future.

Environment Sustainability is easy to achieve by keeping environmental regulations in mind. These regulations are based on the local ecological conditions. There are some standards for air, land, and water quality. If these standards are reached, it means the environment is excellent. Developed countries have rules to conserve the environment from pollution and other harmful substances. Environmental sustainability is related to the economy and many other factors. It dramatically affects other things.


Broad Areas of Sustainability:

There are three broad areas of sustainability and they are as follows.

1. Economic Sustainability

2. Social Sustainability

3. Environment Sustainability


Areas of Sustainability:

There are 3 main areas of sustainability and they are described here in detail.

Economic Sustainability:

The main aim of economic sustainability is to maintain capital intact. It tries to improve the living standards of people. It can also be referred to as wisely using assets for a company’s profit maintenance over time. Economic sustainability is the fundamental objective of sustainable development.


Social Sustainability:

It refers to preserving social capital by creating and investing in services that constitute society’s framework. It means holding the resources for generations in the future by keeping in mind that our actions can have a harmful effect on them. For sustainable development, the community should work with honesty, reciprocity, and cohesion.


Environment Sustainability:

It means the protection of capital (which is natural, like minerals, water, air, land etc.) for human welfare. Programs and initiatives are appropriately defined for sustainability and the protection of the environment.

These areas of environment sustainability tell about the problems which are hurdles in the way of stability. It tells us about the solutions, how to deal with problems, and what role we can play as a society.

The environment can be sustained by using recycled things. It will help in energy saving, and simultaneously one can solve the environmental issue. Several energy resources can be recycled, but no one pays heed to them. They keep on producing energy from non-renewable sources, which has terrible effects.

There is a particular branch of science that deals with the study of the environment and its components. This branch is called environmental science.


Environment Activism | Environment Sustainability

Environment activism means different organizations and individuals working in social, political, scientific, and conservational fields that address environmental concerns. There are unique movements for this purpose which is known as environment movements. Youth plays a vital role in environmental activism because they have fertile minds. They know how to deal with problems and make people understand things.

These organizations and movements are also seen in Canada. Canadian environment is comparatively better because they pay to heed to their environment.

Mainly developed countries have sustainable development goals. Sdg plays a vital role in sustainable development. The UN sustainable development goals are also set to make a friendly environment. There are laws and regulations for this purpose. There are so many eco-friendly products that should be used, like paper bags. Paper bags are eco-friendly as they are easily degradable and can be reused or recycled.


Sustainability | Environment Sustainability

Sustainability is key to success and social betterment. It means the use of resources to maintain their level.

Social Issues:

Many issues are a hurdle in the way of sustainability, which is given below.

The social issues are fair labor practice, work-life balance, healthy, safety, living conditions, community engagement, volunteerism, philanthropy, diversity, wellness, equity and so much more.

Poverty and youth unemployment is a big issue that stops sustainability.

On a global level, fixed resources should be recycled, but it is not happening.

Climate is changing faster all over the world because so many harmful and extra gasses in the air make the environment hot and global warming is increasing daily.

The government is not making proper laws and rules for the conservation and sustainability of the environment, and it is a major issue.


Urban Planning | Environment Sustainability

Urban planning is a technique or process by which land use, design, and development are focused. It is also known as city planning or town planning. Urban planning is crucial for the sustained environment because it allows a specific number of people to reside at a place. In urban areas, where there are more facilities, people tend to move there and thus, masses of people begin to live there. Urban planning is against crowding. It gives a proper design to a city. As a result of random urbanization, pollution levels rise, and resources become insufficient for people, leading to an un-sustained environment.

Air pollution, lack of water, lack of land etc. are the issues caused by random urbanization. That is why there should be urban planning according to the level of resources available in that area. Urban planning can help people to get rid of so many problems, especially health problems. The living of people in a place more than the place’s capacity leads to environmental health issues.


Regional Planning | Environment Sustainability

Regional planning is the idea or design for a specified region to make it livable. In regional planning, a specific region is chosen and then an idea is implemented for its usage for people. Regional planning can prove to be helpful because it is done on a particular level. It is easy to maintain in a region with specific environmental laws. Everything is possible with the laws and regulations, so there should be some agendas. For example, the 2030 agenda is an example in this case. This plan is for sustainability, and it is made for transforming the world. This plan is made to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Hope it will be helpful.


Environment | Environment Sustainability

The environment is a combination of living and non-living things that are inter-linked. The environment of every region can be different from one another because of other conditions. Different places are suffering from various problems, and thus different solutions are required. For this purpose, environmental consultants are present who are doing ecological jobs. They are also having an essential role in the conservation of resources.

When talking about the environment, it is hard to ignore Environmental Impact Assessment because it is a project proposed for the adverse and good impacts of social, economic, and human actions on the environment. It tries to find new ways to minimize the negative effects on the environment. Before making any decision, its impacts on the environment are checked.

Our environment is exposed to many problems and it is very important to deal with these problems on time. Otherwise, this planet will not be a better place to live. Till now, life is not possible on any other planet. So, it is vital to take care of the earth and its environment for the survival of life. And this is only possible by making the environment sustainable so that life can exist for a long time. Now, people are getting the importance of environmental sustainability, and they are trying to conserve it. Everyone should play his role in sustainability.


Environment Sustainability Initiative:

1. Sustainability of the environment is very important, and it can be done by taking some initiatives for the betterment of environment and society.

2. Eating less meat can help in sustaining the environment because animals will live more and we can get benefit from them in many ways.

3. People should start using reusable alternatives. Usage of those things which are not degradable or cannot be used again should be stopped. They should be alternated with something that can be recycled again and again.

4. Paper should be used less. Use the paper only for necessary documentation. Don’t waste paper or don’t use it if not required.

5. Usage of renewable energy sources should be made more common so that the energy can never go to an end.

6. Recycling and reusing things should be normal.

7. If something is new or unused, then instead of wasting it try to donate it.

8. Water usage should be kept minimum so that we can save water for our future generations. Water resources are decreasing daily due to global warming and water pollution, so water conservation is really important. Life is not possible without water.

9. Try to use public transport instead of private transport because it reduces air pollution by the emission of less toxic substances.



The environment is essential to our lives, and we should not degrade it. Everyone should play a part in the sustainability of the environment so that life can exist on earth for a long time. It can be done with the help of urban planning, regional planning, and by taking some sustainability initiatives. These initiatives can prove to be very helpful. By doing these things, we’ll be able to live a healthy life on this planet, and the environment will be clean and hygienic for all.


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