How Men Can Manage Negative Emotions

Manage Negative Emotions

by Shamsul
How Men Can Manage Negative Emotions
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How Men Can Manage Negative Emotions


There are many stereotypical opinions about how men handle their negative emotions in our society. A man can behave strangely when he is in deep negative emotions. Some men consume alcohol and drugs to control their negative emotions. Some become violent to avoid solving the problem. How can men healthily manage gloomy emotions? Well, none of these techniques are helpful or healthy.

When compared to women, men are more susceptible to emotional problems, anxiety, and depression. It is hard for men to show themselves as weak in front of someone. Controlling your negative emotions by shutting your feelings down is a healthy way to deal with your negative emotions.


The Risks of Curbed Emotions for Men

Curbing your anxiety, depression, or sadness can affect men in multiple ways. It causes various mental disorders. Controlling your anger can change your behavior, disrupt your relationships, and much more. The following risks are associated when a man suppresses his emotions.

Digestive Issues



High blood pressure

Heart problems

Hiding negative emotions can also lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol in men. However, so many treatments are available that men can adopt to eliminate any type of addiction. The most disturbing thing here is that men usually think it is better to suffer without telling anyone than it is to share with someone to get help. Seeking help from wellness centers is the best idea.


Share Your Feelings

Whether it is an office problem, family issue, or money-related tension, you should talk about it with someone instead of experiencing it in silence. It can be your best friend, brother, sister, or parents. You can also consider a therapist to offload some of your burdens. A licensed or professional therapist can help you out in this matter in a proper way. According to our personal experiences, men can perform better when they share their worries with their loved ones or therapists. They can help you to deal with your negative emotions healthily.


Give Yourself a New Dimension

Some men try to deal with their negative emotions by taking alcohol and drugs in excess. This is one of the unhealthiest ways to cope with their gloomy emotions. You mentally and physically kill yourself when you take drugs to keep a lid on your negative behaviors. Give yourself a new chance by finding a healthy hobby or activity. It will not only improve your focus but also give you a new dimension. As a result, you can tactfully deal with your emotions instead of relying on substances. You can start playing games like football, golf, or something of your interest. You can exercise daily to keep negative emotions at bay. Read good novels and listen to good music. You can start any activity such as gardening or cooking as well. These things will bring positivity and discourage negative emotions. It will undoubtedly positively impact your life.


Develop Gentle Attention

You can develop gentle attention by doing meditation. Try mindfulness techniques because they are proven methods to deal with negative emotions. They help to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. This method prepares you to accept your faults without any shame or judgment. As a result, you start finding ways to eradicate your -ve emotions. You will realize that there is no need to suffer. It also helps to create a great difference between you and your negative emotions. You will automatically learn how to deal with negative emotions.


Learn from Your Mistakes

During the process of dealing with your negative emotions, you have to keep one thing in your mind how these things damage your life and your loved ones’ lives. You need to learn from your mistakes so that you can never make these mistakes again ever. At this point, journaling is the best method to identify these patterns. You can write short, long, or any type of journal to remember your past. In this way, you can easily understand how to handle negative emotions healthily.



In this chaotic world, everyone (whether men or women) is suffering from mental problems, negative emotions, and other disorders. But, men tend to suppress their negative emotions and feelings. That’s why tackling these issues in men is more complex than in women. Thanks to several helpful studies, now you can cope with your negative emotions with a more positive approach. There are so many treatments to deal with depression, stress, anxiety, and anger. These healthy practices will help you to face your problems instead of suffering them in silence. Try to stay away from harmful things like drugs, substances, physical altercations, and abuse. These are not good for your mental health.



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