7 Habits of a Quality Writer

Quality Writing

by Shamsul
Quality Writers
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7 Habits of a Quality Writer


Have you ever searched “writing or quotes” on Google? If so, you must be aware of the reason why people choose to write. Consider the famous saying by Hemingway, “There is nothing to write. The writers have to sit down and think about the feelings.” Or Robert Frost: “If there are no tears in writing, then there are no tears in the readers. No revelation in a writer, no revelation in the reading.” Or Thomas Mann: “A quality writer is a person who writes something more technical than the other people.”

Writing is complicated: it’s physically and mentally taxing. It is time-consuming and demanding as well as heavy on failure. It is a perfect style to feel something that you can’t find in the world. Despite these reasons, many people select a profession in writing. We also wish to see our kids and students mastering this technique as well.

I am not going to claim that these findings will change your writing style, but these might be good to bring a significant improvement (personal writing and teaching it to students) in highly concentrated writing. With these points in mind, I read many interviews which were done earlier (local and international) to help me search for the best habits present in all the good writers. Here is the conclusion of what I learned from them about being a quality writer.

Andrew Pudewa:

Great Quality Writer

He is the director at the institute for excellence in writing. He believes that quality writers are collectors. This is something observed by Louis L’Amour. “A writer has a brain that works like a magician’s hat. You have put something in it in order to get something out of it.” Too often, people imagine that good writers produce legendary tales from nothing, unique and something genuine, something that has never been imagined before. The contrary is often true. It is true that I am not a huge fan of Stephen King, who had wild imaginations and all of these productions belong to someone’s dreams, reading, memories, and experiences.

Quality writers remain updated about the experiences as well as about phrases, words, and facts of speech. They research stimulants, challenges, and techniques and gather all these things in quality production. A good writer always observes things closely and remembers them. They translate the experiences and things they see in order to create a comprehensive abstract with a blend of creativity. Quality Writers always appreciate finding and learning new things like a professional. They become dreamers, alchemists, critics, and kids in order to convert the feelings into impactful words.

Collect poignant and beautiful ideas, concepts, opinions, and languages. Find these things and store them in your memory. After doing this, you can sit down in a peaceful corner and turn these memories into valuable words. This is becoming a collector.


Adam Andrews:

Quality Writers

He is the Director of Center for Lit. He told me that a good writer has precision in writing. A quality writer always uses the cardinal virtue to produce something original rather than using synonyms. He doesn’t leave a point to think that there might be another way to write a thing in a better style. He uses the words and phrases according to his experiences. Adam Andrews considers the process of editing and typing while writing comprehensive but strong points. He doesn’t believe in removing the words from other articles. He creates a mantra that gains quick recognition in the world. It may be hard to understand a writer but a good writer can never be misunderstood.

George Grant, Teacher, Pastor, and Author | About Quality Writer

Quality Writer

I imagine a perfect writer will essentially impose a certain feeling upon himself while maintaining the disciplines carefully. He maintains the schedule and consistency with the help of persistent writing. But, when his students ask about the good habits of a quality writer, he always comes up with some basic points. First of all, read. According to Lyman Abbott, “Love for books means love for life.” Second, read deeply. This is what Richard Steele believes. “Reading is good for the mind as a workout is good for the body.” Third, read on schedule.

William Hazlitt wisely said, “I don’t like new books.” Modern writers have two categories – one’s supporters or one’s critics. Most of the readers like to have the first category because they like to see the positive things, but there are some who like both because of the actual review of a work.” Fourth, read classically. So do you have something classic?

According to Italo Calvino, “A classic writing work or book is something that never ends the topic with a fixed concept.” Fifth, read more than your level. Jane Austen has a classic opinion about it, “You may acknowledge that it is best to become part of someone’s life (who has so many books) so you can read all these books for the rest of life.” Sixth, enjoy the beauty of writing style because the medium is also very important.

Focusing on language is necessary, but a quality writer should ensure that writing style and medium are interesting. Winston Churchill has a strong opinion about it. “If you don’t have time to read the books present on the shelf then you should try to find time and if you fail, then fondle them.” This is a delightful reading experience and it is necessary for a lovely life.

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David Hicks:

Quality Writer

He authors Norms and Nobility. He believes that a writer is a person who writes. In general, only a fantasist or a liar would claim to be a grower without crops. A quality writer wakes up every morning with new ideas and motivations to write. In simple cases, he follows a routine or a schedule to continue working without any problem. He starts the writing like an investigator and solves the puzzles one by one in order to engage the readers. And then, he surprisingly finds the meaning of life to entertain the readers. A writer is just like a silent magician who doesn’t speak anything but his acts make the voice clear.

Andrew Kern | About Quality Writer

Quality Writer

He is President at CiRCE Institute. A good person reads books and observes the things happening around. He plays with the memories and turns them into beautiful words for readers. This creates an interesting structure with lots of new findings. The main goal of a good writer is to produce something that penetrates the heart. He may use some special words, emotional lines, wild impressions, and more for this purpose. He will modify the same things again and again until there is a valuable product to see.

Everything that is present in the mind of a writer must come with a sort of understanding that is not only easy but also attractive for the general audience. A writer always reviews the work after finalizing it with a typewriter. He has to find mistakes, errors, and certain points that can hurt someone. When he is done with these procedures, he visits a publisher to submit the work. There, with the editor, he will work again on the entire manuscript. The editor will also read the initial draft and suggest certain changes. A quality writer knows how to deal with these revision systems.

Wes Callihan:

Quality Writer

Wes is the founder of Schola Classical Tutorials and he has a special opinion about the features of a quality writer. He recommends that a writer should never write or publish something in the heat of an amateur’s enthusiasm. A person should never start or take a project until or unless he studies all the relevant materials about this topic. It is not necessary to spend months or years reading because publishers don’t have time. A good writer reads things frequently and swiftly with his own perspective. He has to find the special themes and insights in any writing. This is what he will be going to write for a new project. Second, a writer must finish the writing projects before the deadlines. He should never wait for the finish lines. This helps him to edit or improve the contents with the help of expert revision.

Sarah Ruden | About Quality Writer

Quality Writer

Sarah is a popular author and she wrote numerous books such as “The face of water: A translator on beauty & meaning in the bible. She is also a translator of the Aeneid. “I usually write about the new things when I have complete peace of mind. She never prefers to have certain facilities in order to start a writing project. I start writing whenever there is incoming. She doesn’t think about things such as failure, hurdles, and anything else. I always concentrate on my work and try to refine it again and again.

This is why most of my work becomes a perfect piece for readers. A good quality writer should not discuss the merits and demerits of an upcoming book. He doesn’t deal with the marketing and promotion aspects. This is the publisher’s job so let him do it. The main responsibility of a quality writer is to focus on social media (for entertainment), online chats (to learn about the latest happenings around), and friend’s parties (to enjoy life). 



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