15 Best Wines You Should Add To Your Parties

15 Best Wines

by Shamsul
15 best wines
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15 Best Wines You Should Add To Your Christmas Party

Best Wines:

A good collection of wine is essential for you to make your summer evening exciting and enjoyable. It can transport you to your favorite place, and you will feel fresh. Mostly, people love to serve wine with dishes. It makes your gathering and events much more special. There is no doubt that a good wine completely captivates you. Needless to say, it is really great to invest in the best quality wines. Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret because we have covered everything for you. We have reviewed a variety of best wines that add some crispness and charm to your quality time. In this post, you will find the best wines that you want to share with your gang. These wines make your special events memorable and delightful. So what are you looking for? Scroll down to check the list of best wines.

Bodega Catena Zapata Adriana Vineyard:

It is fresh, full-bodied, layered, and dense wine with a flavorful touch. It contains the aroma of pine needles and roses with a slight touch of tobacco and spice. You will surely enjoy its structured and bold notes.

It is one of the best wines in our collection right now. This 2016 Malbec is a winner and great for special moments and occasions. This wine is incredibly touched with character and depth. It is one of the most rated wines and everyone’s favorite. This wine makes your dinner time much more delicious and appealing. It is fresh, full-bodied, layered, and dense wine with a flavorful touch. It contains the aroma of pine needles and roses with a slight touch of tobacco and spice. You will surely enjoy its structured and bold notes.

Sine Qua Non:

Best Wines

Here’s another high-rated wine on this list. This finest wine is manufactured in California, and its price tag definitely fits the bill. It is a blend of 97 percent Syrah and 3 percent Viognier. It is a great red wine that is intense and bold at the same time. It also contains the basic aromas of layered flavors and velvety tannins. It is a great amalgamation of Asian spices, the hint of chocolate, blackberries, and blueberry pie. It was enclosed in barrels for 32 months and then transferred into the bottles. You will feel captivating and fresh from start to finish.

Grgich Hills Estate:

This wine is balanced and fresh and one of the best wines at a reasonable price point. It is a medium-bodied and creamy wine with intense fruity notes like peach, pineapple, pear, honey, and apple. It provides crisp acidity and is great to share with your family and friends. It was stored in steel barrels for various months and then shifted into bottles. It gives the perfect feeling of tropical touch with every sip that makes this wine a little special. This classic or vintage wine is a must-have for your wine cellar.

Screaming Eagle:

It is a wine that you want to purchase again and again. When we talk about high-quality wines, they always stood first. This luxury red wine is totally a stunner and gives the feeling of the bouquet. The company manufactures this wine on a limited basis in order to balance the quality of this wine. It’s ultimately a worthy wine to invest in. It holds rich, deep, and firm flavors such as licorice, kirsch, graphite, and crème de cassis. It was kept in barrels for nearly two years and then presented to the market for selling. In short, you can’t go wrong with the fantastic wine.

Heitz Cellar:

This wine is best known for its exclusive microclimate and is one of the most excellent wines that money can buy. It contains the aromas of dark chocolate, anise, bay leaf, and mint. Aged for three years in barrels and then released for consumers. It also includes different flavors such as warm vanilla, fresh red plum, and sweet black fruit. In short, it is a classic and smooth red wine, and you will feel pleasure while drinking this wine. Experience a complete feel of pleasure and crispness by purchasing this red wine.


Want to know about the best wine? Consider this wine, and you will never regret it. It is expressive, sumptuous, and dark wine for wine lovers. This red wine combines special ingredients like black cherry, sweet tobacco, spice, dark fruits, and silky tannins. It is an intense wine and great for you and your friends. It comes in a wide range of flavors. This wine is enclosed in oak barrels which gives it a vibrant and bright acidity.


This light to medium-bodied is another delicious wine with the exotic touch of Asian spices and fruity flavors like red cherries, peach, and raspberry. You will have the stimulating hint of cinnamon and pomegranate on a second sip. If you keep this wine in your wine cellar for a long time, it becomes spicier with time. So, what’s stopping you from buying this wine? We recommend you invest in this wine and purchase it in bulk because it is manufactured on a limited basis.


It is a favorite wine of many wine lovers because of its aromas and dancing flavors. It holds powerful and elegant notes of flowers, spices, and buttery hints. Its statement-making texture perfectly captivates you because of acidity. This creamy wine with a savory hint makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful Chardonnay.

Cloudy Bay:

It is one of the most budget-friendly wines for users but doesn’t feel dubious about its quality. This fruity white wine is a mixture of fresh herbs, guava, gooseberry, and tropical fruits. This strong and vibrant wine is great for special occasions because of its aromatic and sumptuous touch. If you are in love with wine and are a true wine lover, then it is an essential wine for you.

Terlato Family Vineyards:

This tangy white wine is a medium-bodied wine with a slight hint of honeysuckle and stone fruit. In terms of quality, it feels really luxurious, and you will love to drink this wine again and again. Its expressive character and affordable price make it your daily evening partner. Combine it with chicken or seafood to obtain the best results.

Robert Weil:

This wine comes from Germany and is considered the most popular wine in the world. It is famous due to its strong floral aroma, and you feel refreshing touch on every sip. It also offers a rich, creamy Riesling touch and other fruity vibes such as mango, papaya, and mandarin orange flavor. All these components create a classic feel. It may be a little expensive for some people but it totally worth it. In addition, don’t ignore its sweetness because it is another important thing to consider in this wine. This special wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and offered remarkable acidity with lasting intensity and clean flavors.


If you are eyeing a classy wine, then you can’t go wrong with this wine. It is best identified due to its dry palate, earthy flavors, and boldness. It’s just not a bottle of wine; it is a class. This red wine has tannins in bulk and a great blend of 95 % Shiraz and 5 % Cabernet Sauvignon. This full-bodied wine is amazingly powerful and also includes a variety of flavors and black fruit notes. This thing ensures that it gives a deeper and satisfying feel on every sip. Its long finish and powerful flavor definitely attract you. Plus, you can also gift this wine to your friends and loved ones at special moments. Consider it for special parties and events and make your celebrations unforgettable.


It is really great to invest your money in this wine because it is a powerhouse of different flavors and ingredients. If you are in search of a wine that truly defines your class, then this wine never disappoints you. It is incredibly deep and contains a bunch of elements such as a dry finish, jammy flavors, and dark notes. We recommend you combine this wine with strong-tasting dishes in order to get the real taste of this wine. It also gives an herbal and earthy touch that is enough to refresh you. It is the best example of class and character and best suited for every occasion. This dynamic wine is perfect for enjoying your weekend, and you will feel relaxed while sipping this extraordinary wine.

Chateau Latour:

This wine is my favorite in this roundup because of its increasing value and worth. It is a popular wine, and your party is incomplete if you don’t have it in your stock. It is also costly but deserves it. This deep, dark red wine is formulated from 77 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 16 % Merlot, 4 % Cabernet Franc, and 3% Petit Verdot. This unique, savory, and broad wine have complex tannins and finesse. It deserves a nice place in your collection and is best for celebrations and memorable moments. Whether celebrating your success or arranging a party at your home, this wine is a must-have item for you and your guests. What more could you demand? Moreover, it surely satisfies your taste buds and forces you to purchase it again and again. If you save it for a long time, then it becomes more spicy and appealing.

Chateau d’Yquem:

This golden color wine is awesome with the notes of saffron, orange blossoms, honeycomb, and fresh acidity. Its subtle aroma and concentrated smell of apricot, dried citrus, earthy notes, marzipan, and honey give it a classic touch, making it the best wine for you. Its color is enough to catch the interest of wine lovers. This bottle is for everyone, and everyone should try it at least one time. If you hunt for the perfect drink in 2021, only this wine can fulfill your wish.



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