HR Management Plan in the Refinery

by Shamsul
Performance management
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HR Management & Planning Process and Recruitment Plan

The HR planning process involves initially planning of the positions that will be required for managing and performing various functions in the refinery. This includes analyzing the different departments in the refinery, followed by the job positions that will fill these departments. The major departments in the refinery include

  • Department of Projects
  • Department of Support Services
  • Finance and Administration Department and
  • Department of Planning and Marketing

HR Management

Strategic HR Planning In Short Will Involve Four Steps (HR Management)

  • Assessing the HR current capacity in the refinery, this process will involve assessing the required knowledge, abilities and skills of the staff currently present needed for the refinery, through the process of creating skill inventory for every employee.
  • Forecasting the refineries HR requirements, this will include Hr needs for the refinery in the future based on the goals of the refinery. Forecasting in real sense will involve estimating demand and supply of human resources for the refinery.
  • Analyzing the gap, this refers to identifying where your organization wants to be in the distant future and where it is standing presently. This process calls for an analysis of the staff’s skills, abilities, and education requirements needed in the future compared to the current situation.
  • Developing HR-related strategies that support the strategies of the refinery, here based on the future requirement of the refinery, strategies in particular with the HR requirements are devised based on future needs.


The recruitment plan for the refinery will include recruiting of new staff members with the abilities and skills that will be required by the refinery today and tomorrow. In this phase, available options that are found to strategically promote the opening of jobs and encouraging a suitable candidate to apply will also be looked into.


Selection and Placement Plan (HR Management)

The selection and placement plan of the refinery will follow the below-stated steps.


  • Identify the position and evaluate the needs associated with the position. Since new positions are being created for the refinery, it is important to understand the strategic goals of the refinery and analyze any expected or upcoming change in the role in the future. Based on the job analysis performed in the previous section, gaps can be found, if any, and further recruiting steps can be taken.
  • The nest core step is to develop a position description which will be further used to develop questions, evaluations, and reference check questions for the interview.
  • Identification of responsibilities and duties is also a major step in the selection and placement plan stating the general information, position purpose, essential functions, minimum requirements, and preferred qualifications.
  • Developing a recruitment plan that is approved by the organizational unit. This should be carefully structured and should map out a strategy capable of attracting and of hiring qualified candidates from a group of the qualified applicant pool that involves members from the underrepresented groups and women.
  • Select a search committee who will interview the applicants and select them according to qualification, skills, and abilities that match the job position. The committee usually consists of 6 members or less.
  • Post the position (placement) through placing ads in newspapers, networking channels, and social media and through job agencies.
  • Review the potential candidates and shortlist, interview, select, hire and finalize.


HR Management

Training and Employee Development Plan (HR Management)

The training and employee development program in the refinery targeted towards a successful employee learning experience. It facilitates employees abilities to better serve the refinery and his position. The plan in this regard is as follows

  • Conducting regular self-assessments. This process is using various different assessment tools. Through this, the employee assesses their abilities, skills, values, weaknesses, and strengths. Companies are using for comparing these set of skills with the ones defined in the job description.
  • Identification of development activities by assessing the best methods and resources that carry out for employee development.
  • Implement the plan and regularly evaluate the progress and make any changes that may be needed. Some cost-effective ways of development and training include on job experience through involving with committees, forums and conferences, critical incident notes, job aids, field trips, job expanding, job rotation, job shadowing, learning alerts, stretch assignments, peer-assisted learning, and special projects. Other methods of training and development include methods that are based on relationship and feedback, such as mentoring, coaching, networking and performance appraisal. Workshops, seminars, courses are also other off job methods to the development of an employee.


HR Management Plan

Performance Management Plan and Scheme (HR Management)

Performance management in the refinery centers on encouraging maintenance of organizational culture and development that continuously promotes a positive and productive work environment. The basic plan and objectives of the performance management scheme in the refinery are as follows

  • Ensure clarity in the goals and requirements of an employee regarding the annual goals of the position.
  • Linking individual performance and development planning with the priorities and goals of the department or organization ion a broad manner.
  • Providing regular feedback to the staff member and the supervisor on a regular basis throughout the review cycle on an annual basis.
  • Determining the appropriate training for a position for career development purposes.
  • Annual review of achievement of assigned goals and regular performance feedback based on self-assessment and discussion with the supervisor or the department head.
  • Provide evaluative judgmental proof to base incremental progression on.
  • Planning of staff development training and performance goals for the next cycle (annual).
  • Ensuring that the workload is at all-time easily manageable and consistent with the safety and health of the staff member.



HR Management

Compensation and Benefits Scheme and Plan (HR Management)

The refinery follows compensation and benefits plan both in the form of intrinsic and extrinsic benefits. The refinery’s compensation and benefits scheme is as follows


  • Health benefits – Almost 75% of healthcare expenses born by the refinery for all its employees. It is covering hospital bed charges, vaccines, medications, and drugs on prescription, professional physician services. It may require treatment out of the country. The dental treatments that do not require hospitalization, vision care expenses limited to a specialist only. Professional services expenses of medical experts such as physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc. The detailed medical plan covers each aspect of the health benefit offered by the refinery to its employee.
  • On job benefits – such as special house rent benefits and furniture increments every three years, transportation expenses included in monthly payments and other such provisions.
  • Retirement plans – These apply to employees that serve the refinery for over 20 years. The refinery considers their services valuable to its success and based upon the job position and years of service a lump sum amount is applicable to the candidate on retirement. Furthermore, the candidates can also opt for the retirement savings plan with the refinery which will deduct a certain agreed amount from the pay every month and discharge the savings amount at the termination of the job or at retirement as applicable.
  • Other Benefits – Certainly, there are other indirect benefit perspectives that the refinery provides. It includes the option pooling in days off that they use at some special occasion. (It depends on the discussion with the supervisor prior to deciding upon). Furthermore, offering yearly off days without any pay cut, etc.

HR management

Health and Safety Plan (HR Management)

Any organization needs to focus and develop a health and safety plan, which is also the case with the refinery as well, though being a more important concern depending on the nature of the work. Our health and safety plan is as follows


Safety (HR Management)

  • You must design the facility and maintain in a manner that provides training and conducts operations in ways that safeguard both people and property.
  • An instant and effective response to any kind of accident or emergency that may occur owing to the operations at the refinery cooperating with concerned government agencies and industry organizations. Also, apply authorized regulations at places where laws do not exist.
  • Work in collaboration with government agencies to extend knowledge on safety. It secure environment for the people and property of the refinery.
  • Stress ever contractor, employee and all others working in the refinery to be responsible. They are accountable for safe performance on the job while ensuring safe behavior at work at all times.
  • Most noteworthy, undertake regular appropriate reviews and operations evaluations. For the reason to measure progress and ensure compliance with the standard policy.


Health (HR Management)

  • Identify and regularly evaluate health-related risks related while in operations of the refinery.
  • Implementation of appropriate protective measures and programs in order to control risks. Monitoring of potentially affected employees.
  • Acquiring more knowledge related to health risks associated with the refinery.
  • Determine initially at the time of appointment and later during the job. The fitness of the employee, ensuring that no undue risk is present to the employee’s health.
  • Also, offer all necessary medical services. If the employee suffers from any job-related illness. It includes injury and or any medical emergencies.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


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