How to Find a Real Man For You

by Shamsul
A real man for you
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How to Find a Real Man For You

Wondering how to find a real man? If going by the traditional approach, what the culture, movies, music, etc. depicts, he who has muscle, money, and women is a real man. He acts like a powerful monster and will be seen as an attractive personality among others, especially among women.

This is the conservative definition of a real man. But time has changed and so is the perspectives. Let us redefine the concept in current times.

Are looking for a real man on dating apps? How to identify them is the tinkering question on your head? Don’t Worry! I will be discussing it in detail and will be clearing all your confusions.


It is not always easy to meet men with whom it sticks physically and intellectually.

Still, I’m going to spin you some tips for finding an interesting and quality man because, yes girls, it’s possible!

For that, it is necessary to review your habits and your mode of operation so as to aim just for entry and stop wasting time with losers!

It’s no secret that most men want only one thing, do they not?

Well, it turns out that not only is it wrong, but it may also be the cause of many relationships that do not work.

In fact, the only thing that obsesses men universally …

It’s a feeling they’ve been looking for all their life.

From the perspective of a woman in today’s world, all men are dogs and all the good ones are no more available. Let me tell you that such a judgemental approach makes you blindfolded and unable to recognize a real man.


Clues to Identify the Ideal Man of Your Life:

Nonetheless, many immature men exist in the world. The clues to identify the ideal man of your life are as follows:


Respects and Keeps People Happy:

A real man shows respect and keeps people happy in and around him. Even if he will be having his own perspectives about life, he will respect others’ views too. Whatever be the behavior of the other, he will always stay calm and respond with respect. This also shows his maturity in life.


Radiance of Positivity:

A genuine man always lives by his principles and will be free from immature/insecurities. The radiance of positiveness would be reflected in his every action.


Live and Let Live:

A real man would be “live and let live”. He will always be a highflier and progressive in nature through his action and approach toward life. Moreover, he will also help others to grow along with him. He will never hesitate to compliment others on their work.


Respect the Feeling of Others:

Folks, let me be frank with you. He will always try to respect the feeling of others, including women. A real man won’t treat people as his stepping stone to success.

He will never think of a woman as an object of possession to be owned of or to fulfill his wishes. For him, a relationship with a woman is a deliberate action, not a time pass.


Hard Worker with no Hesitation:

A real man would be a hard worker with no procrastination. He will never be lazy but intelligent and a go-getter. For him, work will be worship and would do justice to whatever assignment he takes up from his boss. Towards family, he will be 100% responsible for his duties and will always try to keep them happy.


Self-Discipline Trait:

Self-discipline is the signature trait of a real man. He needs no one to control his actions. He will be self-introspective and will never hesitate to rectify the mistakes made in the past.


Sensitiveness towards Family:

A relationship with a real man is the ultimate way to seek happiness. He will be always sensitive towards his lady love and family. A woman’s opinion would be taken seriously, and she will not be hesitant to accept her views.


Wisdom over Emotions:

A normal individual may easily be carried out by his emotions and feelings. But a real man will always keep his emotions away when it comes to wisdom. Decisions will be taken based on his wisdom rather than underlying emotions.


Strive For His Identity:

Real men always strive toward their identity, sense of worth and inner strength. He should have the courage to face any odds that come in his life, which is a sign of a real man. He will always try to stand up for his right even if the whole world is against him.


Never Jealous of Anybody:

One who is warm about others’ happiness and their win is the genuine one. He will assist in others’ success and celebrate with them once they win. He will be very confident about his capability and so will never be jealous of others’ success.

So, if you find a man with the traits mentioned above, don’t hesitate to say that you got a real man for yourself.


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