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by Shamsul
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YouTube Platform Information May 2024


 Established on: February 2005 in San Bruno, CA

Started by: 3 former PayPal employees: 1- Steve Chen, 2- Chad Hurley, and 3- Jawed Karim

 CEO: Susan Wojcicki

 Employees: 2000+

Active Monthly YouTube Users: 2.7 billion May 2024

Active daily YouTube Users: 122 million, May 2024

YouTube Subscribers: 264 million, May 2024

YouTube TV Paid Subscribers: 300,000

Videos Shared to Date: 5+ billion

Users Content Shared to Date: 50 million+

Average YouTube Viewing Session: 40 minutes, continuously up 50% year-over-year

YouTube Videos Watched daily: 5 billion (source)

Mobile users are on the increase and present views per day: 1 billion+

YouTube platform is the safest video platform in the world. The fame of YouTube is because of its ease. It is so easy to create content and share with a great number of viewers on YouTube. There are a lot of options to choose content from YouTube. You can easily find makeup videos, product analysis, and the videos you want to watch on YouTube. From millions of channels on YouTube, you can find the videos you are interested in. we can say that YouTube has everything for everyone.

On April 23rd, 2005, the first video uploaded on the YouTube platform. The title of the video was “Me at the zoo”. It goes from zero to one billion spectators in the last 10 years. YouTube platform isn’t just for games. This platform helps you raise your commerce industry in 2020.

YouTube Numerical and Facts as on 2nd June 2024

First YouTube video on 23rd April 2005

Users of YouTube – 2.70 Billion (As of May 2024)

500 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube every minute!

5 billion YouTube videos are viewed on each single day

122 million people visit per day

Currently, 261 YouTube videos have 1 Billion+ Views.

Views on mobile per day are over 1,000,000,000

The avg. mobile viewership session persists above 40 minutes. However, it continuously up over the years.

Male users stand 60% and females are 38%.

YouTube navigation is available in 76 different languages that are capturing 95% of the current Internet population.

Local versions of YouTube are available in more than 88 countries.

Around 9% of U.S small businesses use YouTube Channel.

An interesting fact is that approximately 20% of the visitors who start to see the video will leave after the first 10 seconds. So, it is important that you create an attractive intro.

YouTube Platform by the Numbers

Approximately YouTube has two billion users globally. It is the most well-liked public networking website as of April 2019. Facebook is the only public networking site that has additional monthly active users than YouTube.

These two billion users are people who sign in to the website at least formerly in a month. There are a large number of people who don’t have any Google account are using YouTube for watching videos. This can be a vast impact on investors in 2020. It is sure that it is a big stage for your digital advertising efforts as a large segment of YouTube users watch the public network every day.

 2nd Most Famous Social Media Website

In the world, 79% of people say they contain a YouTube account. These statistics will definitely catch your interest.

YouTube was established in 2005 by three ex-workers of PayPal. The growth of YouTube has developed over time. Google purchased YouTube in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars, and now YouTube works as one of Google’s subsidiary. YouTube offers a quick and simple way to users and the capability to share videos regularly. YouTube is a constantly rising social media stand, but there are a lot of reasons that have contributed to its achievement. Due to its accessibility, the YouTube platform manages to seize its leading place in the world. It is so easy to share your content with a great number of viewers. The main characteristic of YouTube is its simplicity which attracts a large number of content makers globally.

YouTube Platform Stats

YouTube is a large video sharing platform and very admired among marketers. Nearly 8 out of 10 marketers think about it to be the most useful platform for video advertising. 58.5% of marketers believe that Facebook is the king of socializing and video marketing platform.

In another perspective, YouTube obtains more consideration from the audience than television.  Marketers are running ads on YouTube and spend more than one part of the expenses on video ads. Most of the marketers are scheduling on growing their video marketing finance for YouTube video ads.

These signs are pointing to rising expenses on the YouTube platform. In 2020, the net marketing revenues of 4.34 billion are estimated. This further extends to 5.21 billion in 2021 and break the 6 billion mark in 2022.

YouTube Handling by Age Group

90% of US internet users aged 18 to 44 years visit YouTube. The most used social website in the USA and UK is YouTube. This statistic shows the liking of video content between new types. Even aged people over the age of 75 are using the internet are also viewing videos on YouTube.

This generation can assist marketers to recognize if their aim market is there on YouTube or not. YouTube ads might be a great tool for the social media industry.

Videos For Everyone

You can watch videos on YouTube on a daily basis. In the estimate, daily people stream one billion hours of videos and create billion of views. If every person watches at least 8.4 minutes of video daily on YouTube, that’s an amazing number. People watch videos to study something and rely on video content. This shows how YouTube growing 70% every year.

There are many ways to create content and upload it on YouTube. For this, you need to form a YouTube channel where you can upload your content with your viewers. For example, if you are sharing online product videos on the YouTube platform, you can still insert a link to your YouTube account on your online store. Make sure that when you are uploading something, your audience is vigorous and more probable to watch your videos.

Earning with YouTube

Almost 62% of businesses exercise YouTube as a channel to share video content. The demand for video content becomes increasing regularly. YouTube is the next mainly well-liked channel for businesses, with Facebook securing the first number.

YouTube is an important tool for businesses as it gets a lot of fame as an individual platform for watching videos. You can talk with your accessible clients and use it to enlarge your marketing pains.

Sharing videos on the YouTube platform is so easy. You can easily share the news with your viewers or develop your product visibility. Anyone can be in touch with their viewers and get a response from them using YouTube channels. You can do it with the YouTube comments section.

Making videos for undersized businesses will be difficult, but there are several reserve video sites and software that are free of charge. You can create videos with your Smartphone. They are able of shooting suitably high-class videos that specialized cameras are no more required.

People use Mobile for Watching Videos on YouTube Platform

Nowadays people spend more time on mobiles. Almost 70% of YouTube watch time comes as of Smartphone devices. That is why mobile is preferred over the desktop. You can’t disregard the perspective of mobile for business. Mobile devices are much quicker than desktop. People easily watch videos on their mobiles. You can easily up to date your content for your viewers. You just need to keep an eye on YouTube platform stats to update your content. YouTube content is specified for mobile by default, the main thing to appreciate is how you can progress the mobile skill for your viewers.

Find out Latest Products

Video content is an influential marketing strategy. According to research, 90% of people declare they see the latest products on YouTube. Viewers depend on video content to find out something new. This type of information is really important for marketers.

You can make popular your product on YouTube. You can create a video of any product by showing its profit. As video content becoming rising on daily basis, the key to consider is originality. The more artistic you are, the higher the probability that you will get the maximum audience.  Your video should have the ability to allow people to take action. You can share your ideas regarding your product and answering viewers and their concerns.

500 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube every minute Globally

According to research, 720,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube daily. Every hour 30,000 hours of video uploaded. On average, to watch the number of videos shared on YouTube platform per hour. You need 84 years to view one hour of uploaded videos on YouTube. It’s quite difficult to watch all the videos on the YouTube platform.

This shows that the reputation of YouTube increasing globally and every video on YouTube give a huge watch time. With this fact, you can’t ignore YouTube for business. You can get benefit from this information by raising a society and communicate with their consumers. This gives a great platform to show your product.

Well-Liked Channel Between US Digital Video Audiences

In America, the use of digital content is very high. YouTube platform is the biggest digital channel among any other digital audience. In comparison with Facebook, 60% of US digital viewers use Facebook. Instagram is at 35% and Twitter at 21%.

The most famous news media for digital video use, CNN, is viewed by 17% of US viewers. YouTube is the best opportunity for digital video activity. People love to watch videos on the YouTube platform and share it with their friends. Marketers can’t ignore this fact and improve their products for businesses.


YouTube platform has a lot of potentials to entertain people through their content. Every marketer should be conscious of the importance of digital video platforms. These 10 statistics have helped marketers to invest in the YouTube platform and you know how to make sure you are building use of their assets cleverly.

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