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Yoga Guide
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Integrate Yoga Into Your Lifestyle


My desire to integrate Yoga into my lifestyle has existed for a while. Although, initially, I learned a lot about yogic practices, by accessing different resource guides and organizations, I gained a lot of information that will help me understand all types of yogic practices and styles that are very beneficial for my health and wellness. The reason for creating this guide is to help those who want to understand Yoga, its different types and practices that include both physical and mental techniques, and how it can impact the health and well-being of an individual.

The guide is divided into different sections (Read part 1), including guidance resources. You can get read a wide range of books, articles, blogs, associations, foundations and non-profit organizations, ayurvedic treatment, institutes dedicated to offering yogic therapies, and sources to access the power of healing yogic music. The resources cover a wide range of aspects like yoga practices and styles for beginners and pros, where you can find experts and teachers, how yogic practices help in maintaining a mind and body balance, along with how you can integrate yoga into your kid’s lifestyle along with its practices for parents as well. 

Writing this guide gave me great pleasure in sharing information with other people interested in Yoga; however, the most challenging part I encountered was determining which resource to include and which to leave because of the large volume of valuable information available. Several resources offered similar services, and selecting one resource that perfectly fits this resource guide was quite a difficult task for me. Another significant problem I encountered in preparing this guide is analyzing and summarizing every resource so that it not only presents information about the resource but even explains how it can help the target audience. My point was to present resources in such a manner so that those who are interested in Yoga can easily understand why the given resource is helpful for them.

Moreover, I wanted to present the resources covering every aspect of Yoga, whether practicing on your own through tutorials or becoming a member of different associations and organizations. Another area I could have done better in preparing the resource guide was that many resources targeted a specific region or area, which I consider narrowing the field. I intend to include resources that provide helpful information for people worldwide, not for a particular site.

The time duration involved in preparing the resource guide was longer than expected because of the huge amount of information available. Selecting and filtering resources from a widely available database has been challenging; however, it opened new venues for me to increase my yogic knowledge.

Creating this guide was an exciting task for me as it took me back to my old days when I was looking for resources and guides to understand more about Yoga. I have included as many resources as possible covering nearly all elements of yogic practices and techniques so that the reader finds it a complete guide. Every moment I spent preparing the guide was worthwhile as I have developed a feeling of providing helpful information to people who want it. In this way, I intend to help them understand how they can balance their physical and mental health and live their daily lives more brilliantly. My creation will serve as an excellent guide for your requirements. I have included links to every resource so you do not have to do much work searching these resources online. Click on the link, and you are there to seek information.

Blogs, Articles, and Other Teaching Resources On Yoga

1- It’s All Yoga, Baby

Roseanne Harvey’s podcast includes a whole of information about it and its related aspects. The content on the blog investigates the relationship between practice and the human body and popular culture. The blog aims to shed some light on yoga culture along with celebrating the community, creativity, service, and its independent spirit of fun.

2- SF Yoga Magazine 

A community in San Francisco operates the platform with a vibrant and amazing yoga community. The underlying concept of the platform is very simple, promoting these studios, workshops, studios, teachers, and events in San Francisco, especially in Bay Area. 

3- Love Yoga Anatomy

If you are willing to seek expert advice from anatomy teachers and yoga experts, this resource is a perfect guide where there are hundreds of articles, interviews, videos, and more.

4- The Yoga of Parenting

Partly Yoga, partly parent support this blog is dedicated to parents who want some relief time from their stressed schedule. The parenting program has been designed to help integrate some of the best mindful practices. The best thing about the resource is that the program keeps in view the approaches of the latest mind science, which will change the way of parenting.


The resources are great and amazing. No matter which type of yogic practice you want to know about, the Yin Yoga community has all the information you want to know.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced instructor, this blog is my ultimate selection.

7- Teachasana

This is an online educational resource alongside a community that yoga teachers have created for students. If you are an instructor and want to learn more, Teachasana is the best place to find information, education, and advice on it and its practices.

8- Yoga Dork

This is like a forum for yogis where all practitioners’ whether teachers or students come, converse and convene about Yoga and related aspects. You will find very smart as well as un comments from people in the yogic world.

9- Yoga Journal 

This source is excellent for understanding virtually everything related to Yoga. There is also a Journal magazine also issued in this respect.

10- Yoga International

This is a transformation of the popular Yoga International magazine. The website fits all relevant information, including classes, meditation, guided relaxation, and many others.

11- Yogi Times

This place is basically a forum where yogis can interact with each other and express their enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge.

12- Yoga U

 If you are looking for the best in online education, this is the ultimate place to visit. The site is operated by a group of people who are passionate about spreading the healing benefits of Yoga more widely to people.

13- Yoga Teacher Central

This place is a very organized storehouse where you can access various tools and information that has been collected from teachers and experts. Teachers can personalize their classes. Teachers can also explain their classes’ style, inspiration, and planning. 

14- Yoga Teacher Resource

There is a lot of information from yoga books, resources, and classes as well as the personal experiences of experts. This site is great for those who want to polish their skills.


If you want to keep track of all yoga-related activities like events, workshops, retreats, or about your favorite teacher, this website is an excellent option to consider.

Yoga Associations Worldwide

1- The International Association of Yoga Therapists 

International Association of Yoga Therapists, PO Box 251563, Little Rock, AR 72225

The association serves as a professional organization for all therapists and teachers across the world. The association aims to establish as a recognized and respected healing therapy. If you want to be a part of this association, this place is the best stop.

2- Association for Yoga Studies

25 Castle Street Penistone, Sheffield South Yorkshire, S36 6AP

The Association for Yoga Studies is a community of teachers and students of every level. Members of the association have a common interest in Viniyoga. Membership is offered to become a member of this association. 

3- The British Wheel Of Yoga

British Wheel of Yoga, 25 Jermyn Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7RU

It is the largest yogic membership organization and is committed to promoting a greater understanding of its practices. Being a member of the association will offer access to several other aspects, including different courses or becoming a instructor.

4- Independent Yoga Network


This place is an organization of yoga teachers and training schools. Individual and school membership programs are available. Upon becoming a member of the association, members will be represented in different forums linked with creating or increasing awareness about it and its practices.

Web-Based Yoga Associations 

1- Integral Yoga Teachers Association

This is a membership association that is open to every integral teacher. The association aims to offer mutual support and spiritual fellowship for sharing information, guidance, and ongoing training.

2- Yoga Alliance

This is a perfect resource where you can find thousands of yogic studios, schools, teachers, and continuing education providers.

3- National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers 

If you are looking for a certification body that offers certified courses, this non-profit association is an excellent place to stop. No matter which type of Yoga you are an expert in, this association caters to all.

4- International Yoga Teachers Association

The association upholds the highest ethical standards of teaching. If you want to get an insight into the teachers and experts worldwide who will share their love and knowledge, this association is an excellent one to join.

5- British Council for Yoga Therapy 

A professional forum in the UK comprises professional therapy training and professional organizations that are also members of therapists. Membership will allow access to affiliated training and professional


6- Yoga for Health and Education Trust

The association is dedicated to spreading yogic practices amongst all, whether fit or unfit. Different residential courses are available for those who are interested in yogic practices. Membership will get available yogic course options.

7- Friends of Yoga Society International

An association of qualified teachers and yogic instructors, this place has its aims to teach the next generation the ethics and values of yogic practices; however, this can be achieved through junior memberships only. 

8- Grampian Yoga Association

The association is dedicated to promoting in and around Grampian City. Experienced tutors and eminent Swamis attend this association’s seminars to encourage the practices and how they can change the body and soul. Memberships are available from its official website.

Yoga Events and Workshops                                 

1- Oriental Dance Classes with

Tianyi Kiy

If you are looking for a healthy and fun-packed aerobic workout in rhythms and exotic music, Oriental Dance Classes with Tianyi is the most enjoyable way to connect with your body and soul. These classes work on posture, weight loss, and toned muscles.

2- BWY Foundation Course with

An excellent opportunity by the BWY Foundation Course will cover different aspects of programs. An interesting event for those who want to have a deeper understanding of Yogic philosophies and practices. Limited spaces are available for application through BWY’s official website.

3- Yoga Teacher Training

A new instructor’s course explores yogic themes like posture, chakras, consciousness, breath, energy, and philosophy. Enrolling in the course will help in understanding yogic practices in detail.

4- Secrets to Inner Peace & Personal Transformation

Master of meditation David Ji and Yog Sundari have arranged a workshop to guide you throughout personal transformation through yogic practices. This two-day course will give you the tools to feel refreshed and develop the ability to make better choices that will take your life to the next level.

5- Yoga Bodhi, Bath

Held at: Studio 1, Somerset

This event is a must-visit if you want time to relax from the stressed daily routine. Relaxation and refreshing are the two main focuses of the program, and you will feel completely relaxed from tight breathing patterns.

Yoga Product Suppliers

Ruth White Yoga Products Shop

Ruth White Yoga Products are amongst the supplier of the top product across the UK. These products can be ordered either through their outlet or through their webshop. From apparel to mats, all the way to pillows and everything in between, you can get them all here. 

BWY Shop

The Mad Group (HQ) Ltd, 430 Enterprise Way, Vale Park, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1AD

The official online yoga shop of the British Wheel of Yoga offers a comprehensive range of equipment and products, including mats, belts, blocks, and bricks, along with a wide selection of CDs, books, and videos to enhance your practices.

Foundations and Other Inspiring Places You May Want To Visit

1- Give Back Yoga

The foundation believes in passing over the yogic gift, one individual at a time, thereby building communities, empowering individuals, and helping people become part of this excellent healing therapy.

2- Eat Breath Thrive

This non-profit organization aims to prevent and help individuals to recover from their negative image arising from eating disorders. They present evidence-based programs that integrate Yoga, mindfulness, and community support.

3- Mind Body Solution

The mission of this non-profit organization is to transform loss, trauma, and disability into potential and hope by awakening the connection between the human body and mind. The institute is very popular for integrating yogic practices for those who have any disability.

4- Yoga for Classrooms

A simple, low-cost, sustainable, and effective school program that integrates mind and body practices and works on every child’s psychological and physical well-being.

5- Yoga Health Foundation

The program promotes awareness about the proven health benefits associated with yogic practices. You can also access a wide range of actionable guidance and tools for enhancing your well-being.

6- Yoga in Schools

For all those who want to make it a part of their kids’ life, this organization makes programs available in all schools so that teachers and students can develop body and mind awareness and nurture their own well-being. 


1- Yoga Practice Videos

This video is excellent for beginners and demonstrates different poses and exercises that will leave you fully recharged and refreshed.

2- eFit30

The video presents a 30-minute yogic routine with Iyengar Yoga with David McLaughlan that can be easily done at home and with minimum equipment.

3- AerialYogaUK

This is a video showcasing a new concept – aerial Yoga. The video demonstrates different poses and techniques used in this type of yogic practice.

4- Gaiam

This video includes a 6-min abs workout with yogic movements. Gaiam is a leading company for toga wellness and fitness products and content and is dedicated to making yogic practices accessible easily.

5- BeFit

With this video, you do not have to go to a studio to learn the basics. This is an excellent source for understanding the basics. Different poses and postures have been included with detailed explanations, which will help understand yogic practices.

6- BrettLarkin Yoga

Great for beginners. No prior experience is required. Includes different poses, and the benefits of every pose are explained. Perfect for morning yogic practices.


1– Spirit Voyage Music

This is the best place to visit if you are looking for online Yogic-inspiring music.

2– 8 Tracks

A hand-crafted internet radio station with playlists that are great inspirations for yogis. 

3- Yogi Tunes

A non-profit organization arranging the healing music of Yoga for the masses.

Yoga Therapy

1- Inner Peace Yoga Therapy

Looking for a comprehensive and modular therapy certification program? IPYT is a complete professional training program that starts with a 300-hour program. Excellent faculty here.

2- Integrative Yoga Therapy

This is a pioneer and a leader in teaching professional yogic therapies. The experts bring ancient insights into Yoga within the modern techniques of well-being.

3- Yoga for Special Child

The program includes yogic techniques designed to meet the developmental requirements of children with special needs.

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