Yoga – A Guide to Information Resources (Part 1)

by Shamsul
yoga practices
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Yoga – A Guide to Information Resources



For those interested in yoga practices, this information resource guide covers complete information about yoga and its related applications. The guide is very useful for yoga instructors, students, training centers, and all those who are a part of this tradition. The resource guide includes books, journals, web sources, videos, events and workshops, and several other sources where you can find useful information about the subject. All resources are UK-based, making the guide very useful for those who live in the UK and have a passion for yoga.



Yoga can be explained as a theistic Hindu philosophy that facilitates a series of exercises to attain mental and bodily control, balance, and well-being. Both men and women are coming more towards yoga because of several reasons like exercising, relieving stress, spirituality, flexibility and more. There are different paths to yoga, including hatha, karma, Jnana, bhakti, kundalini, mantra, and raja yoga. These types of yoga cater to the human body’s different physical and mental aspects.

The desire to absorb every piece of information can be very confusing and can result in information overload. A good approach can be to start from resources that are easily accessible and which provide useful information. The resources included in the guide follow a procedure so that it becomes easy to access information. The procedure includes annotated descriptions of books, journals, databases, and websites.

The users of this guide will differ from one another. Some users may have some prior knowledge about Yoga, whereas others may use information resources as their guide toward the initial understanding of the topic. For example, those who are new to the arena will find this guide very helpful as they will have the right to access a wide range of network resources from where they can gain more information about yoga. Every resource included in the guide follows with a brief description, which further allows easily identifying and understanding the resources effectively and quickly. The resources are very useful for conducting successful research. In addition to this, descriptions of website-based resources will be presented with a hyperlink as well so as to allow faster access to reading material.



1- Yoga– Philosophy for Everyone: Bending Mind and Body Liz Stillwaggon, (2011), ISBN: 978-0-470-65880-2, 248 pages 

In this book, you can access a wide range of perspectives of people who have changed their lives through yoga. The book covers several divergent paths, such as the spiritual and religious aspects, body posture images for both men and women, and issues related to personal growth, ethics, and yoga teachings. The book includes a wealth of knowledge, including contributions from philosophers, non-philosophers, and professional instructors.

2- Yoga Beyond Belief 

Ganga White, (2006), ISBN 9781583943359, Page Count: 256

This book presents a unique vision of contemporary yoga by integrating scientific and practical yoga approaches that complement all styles and levels of students. The book is a great collection of valuable insights assembled from the practice, study, exploration, and teaching of the leading teachers of these techniques in America.

3- Insight Yoga 

Sarah Powers, (2008), ISBN 1590305981, Edition Language English, 288 pages 

By introducing the Yin and Yang poses, Sarah explains in the book a series of different sequences of yoga that are very beneficial for muscles, tendons, joints, and organs – along with the human mind. The book also explains the traditional Chinese medicine theory and instructions for mindfulness meditation./ the book is an excellent guide for strengthening physical and mental guidance along with having emotional clarity.

4- The Four Desires 

Rod Stryker, (2011), ISBN 9780553803983, Published by Delacorte Press, 352 Pages

The book is based on the ancient Yogic tradition, which includes four desires which pave a path for living your life in the best possible way. Living the best life is explained as a life that is rich in means and meaning and which emanates happiness. For those who practice yoga to create a perfect physical and mental balance in their life, this book will really appeal to you.

5- Emotional Yoga

Bija Bennett, (2011), ISBN 9780743234061, 240 pages

The Book takes complete advantage of a body and mind connection which positively affects individuals’ emotional well-being. The book serves as an excellent guide in understanding the dynamic interplay of yogic movements, meditations, breathing exercises, gestures, rituals, healing sounds and lifestyle skills. The best thing about the book is that every program is presented in such a manner that every reader can adapt to their specific requirements.

6- Mudras for Healing and Transformation 

Joseph and Lilian Le Page, (2013), ASIN B00I11P6VS

Suppose you are looking for a book with a complete presentation of the ancient science of yogic mudras, balancing the mind and awakening of the spirit, along with understanding the different yogic hand gestures that are beneficial for the physical healing process of the human body. In that case, this book serves as a great assistant. The source is very important for understanding ancient yoga practices and techniques.

7- Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy 

Gregor Maehle, (2007), New World Library, ISBN 1577316061, Edition Language English 

This book is a complete guide to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and its eight limbs. The book includes the history and lineage of yogic practices. This edition will make the traditional elements of Yoga accessible to modern practitioners as it amalgamates the philosophy and practices of yoga.

8- Power Yoga: The Total Strength and Flexibility Workout

Beryl Bender Birch, (1995), ISBN 0020583516, Edition Language English, 288 pages, The Official Yoga Program of the New York Road Runners Club 
This book presents a choreographed sequence of postures that flow with one another, which is very useful in unwinding tight joints, strength development, and loosening muscles. With clear instructions and pictures, this book is a perfect guide to an effective yoga routine.

10- Dynamic Yoga: The Ultimate Workout that Chills Your Mind as it Changes Your Body

Godfrey Devereux, (1998), ISBN 0722536577, Edition Language English, 256 pages 

This book is an excellent combination of fitness training and relieving stress through a dynamic yogic workout. All flowing sequences are carried out with a dynamic breathing series through which the human body will develop strength, flexibility, concentration, stamina, and alertness. This is a perfect guide for those looking for a book that provides information on yoga relaxation aspects.

11- Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living 

Donna Farhi, (2005), ISBN 0060750464, 250 pages

This book is a complete philosophical and practical guide to Yoga practices. The explanations are expanded to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which is the core of yoga traditions. The book is great for both beginners and professionals and can be very helpful for those seeking spiritual guidance through yoga.

Journals and other publications

1- OmYoga and Lifestyle 

This UK-based journal talks about new yogic practices so that people become more active and enjoy a rewarding life. The ancient practice is modernized very effectively, and every issue of the journal aims to nourish the human body, spirit, and mind. Both online and published editions are available.

2- Yoga Journal

This is the world’s top yoga magazine and offers yoga instructions from the best yoga teachers across the world. In addition, the magazine will help transform your physical, spiritual, and mental health and is excellent to become the person you always wanted to be. Subscriptions for accessing digital editions are available.

3- Yoga Magazine

This is the no.1 health and fitness brand in the USA and UK. Every edition includes celebrity interviews, tips for natural and organic beauty, healthy food, travel, fashion and the best from yoga and fitness. Editions are available on subscription along with digital versions that are easily accessible.


4- Whole Living

This magazine has its main focus on Yoga and its related topics. This Martha Stewart edition is full of ways through which an individual can live a healthy lifestyle. Available in print and digital form, Whole Living is an excellent source to live healthily through yoga.

5- Integral Yoga Magazine

The journal includes philosophies and practices of yoga from different perspectives. Moreover, you can also find yoga tips for both on and off the mat. The website consists of sample articles, and the content is also limited. Printed editions are available as well.

6- Clarity Magazine

Being a part of the Ananda Sangha movement that is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. The magazine is a good source to spiritualize daily life and how yoga can help. The magazine is based on yogic traditions and is purely dedicated to yoga practices and philosophies. The extensive archives of the journal can be browsed online as well.

7- Dailygreatness Yoga Journal

The magazine is designed to fit modern female yogi requirements. It combines all aspects of mind, body, and spirit and perfectly maintains daily yoga and meditation practices. It is available in the print version and available free of cost for free in the UK.


8- Shape Magazine

Available in both printed and online versions, this magazine incorporates information that can be very useful for those who have just entered the yogic world. It explains the different types of yoga styles and practices and which style is best for all.

Please read part 2 ………………….. Yoga – A Guide to Information Resources Blogs, Articles and Other Teaching Resources


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