WOOP Method | You can Achieve Success Despite Obstacles

WOOP Method

by Shamsul
WOOP Method to achieve success
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WOOP Method: Achieving Success Despite Obstacles

According to productivity gurus and teachers, you will definitely succeed if you focus on your goals. It is a basic principle that we have been listening to for decades. It is also a fact that optimism does not work for everyone. You can’t ignore problems and uncertainties every time. WOOP is a significant method in this matter as it highlights potential obstacles. If you want to know how the WOOP technique works, then you must read its definition and background given below,

How Does WOOP Technique help to Achieve Goals?

In life, every person has different goals and wishes, whether professional or personal. But, we don’t know how to achieve them. For example, if you want to lose weight, you must create a balance between diet and exercise. Every goal requires specific efforts to be completed. We usually lose hope after the first attempt or failure. Obstacles are part of this journey, and you must resolute them with adequate planning and decisions. If you don’t focus on your goals, then you can’t achieve them. 

You need to overcome your fears and save energy for achieving a goal.

When you start thinking about hurdles and problems, you start losing hope and interest. Several techniques help to keep your focus in the right way. Many motivational speakers and productivity gurus advised focusing on the goals intensely. These methods continuously motivate you but some people fail due to a lack of focus.

It doesn’t mean they are doing something wrong or don’t want to achieve the goals. Sometimes, a positive approach is not enough for gaining the desired outcomes. According to several scientific pieces of research, optimism can be counterproductive sometimes. It has a sedative effect that prevents you from accomplishing your goals. As a result, they don’t take action in real life.

On the contrary, if you know what’s stopping you from achieving your objectives, then you try to improve your skills to reduce the hindrance. You get hope that you can attain it somehow, and it is referred to as Mental Contrasting. This factor plays a major role in the WOOP method.

Prepare a plan and execute it professionally. It will increase the chances of success. If you know what you want and have it in written form, your chances of gaining success will become double.

WOOP Method:

This method contains a variety of insights based on scientific things. It is a step-by-step strategy that is easy to apply. It is a combination of if-then plans and mental contrasting. In a scientific context, it is referred to as MCII (Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions). The WOOP abbreviates Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan.

Benefits of the WOOP Method:

The WOOP is the ideal method for achieving goals by identifying the possible obstacles according to everyday suitability. As compared to other techniques, WOOP is easy to implement and learn. Plus, it can be used in different areas of life. Another bonus, it is scientifically proven. WOOP is ideal for the following things,

  • Setting primacies.
  • Boosting your willpower.
  • Overcoming problems.
  • Clarifying your goals or wishes.

It also helps to increase your productivity.

How to Apply the WOOP Method?

You should learn WOOP method if you want to implement it successfully. Relax your mind and keep a pen and paper to hand. Reduce all the distractions and focus on yourself as well as on your goals.


First of all, start thinking about your wish. We know it is hard but doable. Ask yourself what you exactly want. Free yourself from all distractions as well as expectations.


Once you make a wish, you should think about how to turn it into reality. Think about the possible outcomes. Create a clear sketch in your mind and focus on your goal. It is the key thing that how you imagine something in your mind.


Overcome your fears and obstacles. Find out the possible problems that you can face while achieving your goals. Keep these obstacles in your mind and regularly find solutions.


Now, you can reduce problems by creating an effective plan. Gather helpful thoughts and execute your plan efficiently. Know your strength and prepare yourself for every obstacle.

Who was the Developer of the WOOP Method?

Gabriele Oettingen was the developer of the WOOP method. She was a professor at New York University. She was a German psychologist and added all her findings in her book “Rethinking Positive Thinking”.

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