Wiselancer Privacy Policy

by Shamsul
Privacy Policy Wiselancer

Wiselancer Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy tells you about how Wiselancer (that’s us) gathers, uses, and shares your information. It’s important when you visit our websites, use our online stuff, talk to our customer service, chat with us on social media, or do anything else with us.

Sometimes, we might make changes to this Privacy Policy. If we do, we’ll let you know by updating the date at the top of our website. Sometimes, we might also give you extra notice, like adding a message to our website or sending you a notification. It’s a good idea to check this Privacy Policy frequently to see what’s new and to understand your choices.

Gathering Information | Privacy Policy

Information You Share with Us

We get information from you when you give it to us. This happens when you make an account, fill in a form, send us things through our Services, buy a membership, talk to us on other websites, ask for help, or just talk to us in any way.

The kinds of personal information we might gather include things like your name, username, email, stuff about your business, things you share like pictures and articles, and anything else you decide to tell us.

Sometimes, we might get information about other people from you, like when you login on our website. We’ll only use this info to do what you asked, and we won’t message your friends or contacts unless they say it’s okay or they interact with us on their own.

We don’t take your payment details on our site. Instead, we use other companies to handle payments for our Services. If you need to share payment info with them, their own privacy rules apply. It’s a good idea to check their privacy policy before giving them any information.


Information We Get Automatically When You Use Our Website

Sometimes, we gather certain information all by itself:

  • Activity Info

We keep track of what you do on our site, like what you read, who you follow, and what you like.

  • Transactional Info

When you login on our website, we note down details about your login, like when you did it.

  • Device and Usage Info

We keep track of how you use our website, like what kind of device you’re using, your internet connection, and some technical details. We also know when you visit, which pages you look at, and how you got here from another website.

  • Info Gathered Using Cookies and Similar Tracking Tools

The website use some special tools like cookies and web beacons to gather info about you. Cookies are tiny files that sit on your computer and help us make our website better. They show us what parts of our site people like and count how many visits we get. Web beacons are little pictures we use on our site and in emails to do similar things, like helping with cookies and counting visits.

We partner with other companies who use cookies and similar tools to learn about how you use our website and other websites. They can see things like what web browser you use, which pages you visit, and what you click on.

Wiselancer and others might use this information to do things like figuring out which stuff is popular, showing you things you might like, and understanding how you use the internet. If you want to know more about cookies and how to turn them off, check out “Your Choices” below.


Information We Get from Other Sources

We get some info about you from other companies. This could be from social media, accounting services, or data analysis companies. If you use a different website like Apple, Facebook, Google, or Twitter to make or sign in to your Wiselancer account, we might see some of your info from that website, like your name, who your friends with, your birthday, and your profile picture. This happens because you give permission to that website.


Information We Figure Out

We might guess or make educated guesses about you by looking at the info we have. For instance, we might guess where you are by checking your IP address or figure out what you like to read by looking at what you have read before.


How We Use Information

We gather information to make our services better. This includes showing user-created stuff, making posts you like, and running our paid content system. We also use the info for:

  • Create and keep your Wiselancer account.
  • Handle transactions and send you stuff like confirmations, receipts, and surveys about your experience.
  • Email you important technical updates, security warnings, and messages for help or admin purposes.
  • Answer your comments and questions and help you with any customer service needs.
  • Talk to you about new things like articles, items, services, and features from Wiselancer. We’ll also share other interesting news and info with you. You can choose not to get these messages anytime (check “Your Choices” for details on how to do that).
  • Keep an eye on and study patterns, how people use our services, and what they do while using them.
  • Find, look into, and stop bad stuff like hacking or scams. We do this to protect Wiselancer and other people’s rights and things.
  • Fix mistakes and problems in our services by figuring out what’s wrong.
  • Follow the laws and financial obligations.
  • Do anything else we told you we’d do when we got your information.

Sharing Information | Privacy Policy

We tell you when we share your personal information, and it happens in these situations:

  • We let other people using our services see some of your personal details. For instance, if you make posts, leave comments, or send private messages, they might see things like your name, photo, a short description about you, and what you’ve been doing on our website, like reactions, recent posts, who follows you and who you follow, and comments.
  • We give some of your personal information to companies we work with, like those who help us with website stuff, payments, data analysis, marketing, customer service, and security. They need this info to do their job for us.
  • We might share your personal information if we think we have to by law or if the government asks for it to meet safety or legal rules. If we have to give your personal information because of a legal request, we’ll tell you, unless it’s against the law or could harm others or lead to illegal actions. We’ll also challenge legal requests if we think they’re not right.
  • We might tell others about your personal information if we think you’re not following our rules, breaking the law, or if we need to keep Wiselancer, the public, our users, or anyone else safe.
  • We give your personal information to our lawyers and other expert advisors when we need their help to get advice or take care of our website.
  • We might share your personal info when we’re talking about or working on things like combining with another company, selling parts of our business, getting money, or being bought by another firm.
  • We exchange personal information with Wiselancer, its current and future parent companies, related companies, and other companies that we control or own.
  • We only share your personal information when you say it’s okay or tell us to do so.
  • We also share information that’s mixed together or changed so it can’t be used to figure out who you are.

Third-Party Embeds | Privacy Policy

Wiselancer doesn’t store some of the stuff you see on our website. People who use our website can share things that are actually kept by another company, but we show them on our pages. When you click on these things, they can tell the other company that you interacted with them, just like if you went to the other company’s website yourself.

Let’s say you open a Wiselancer article that has a YouTube video inside it, and you start watching the video. YouTube gets to know some things about what you’re doing, like your IP address and how much of the video you’re watching. Wiselancer doesn’t have control over what YouTube or other companies gather from these embedded things or what they do with that information.

This Privacy Policy doesn’t cover the info collected by Embeds. The rules about privacy from the company that puts the Embed on our website apply to any data the Embed gatherss. We suggest you check their privacy policy before using the Embed.


YOUR CHOICES | Privacy Policy

Account Information

You can change, fix, remove, or get a copy of your account details whenever you want by logging into the Services. However, remember that if you decide to delete your account, we might still keep some of your information because we have to follow the law or for our valid business reasons.


Many web browsers automatically accept cookies. But if you want, you can change your browser settings to delete or say no to cookies. Keep in mind that doing this might make our Services not work as well or even not work at all.

Communication Preferences

You can choose not to get some messages from us, like newsletters and updates, by doing what the messages say or by going to your account’s page. But if you do this, we might still send you important emails, like ones about your account or our business stuff.

Mobile Notifications

If you say it’s okay, we might send you pop-up messages on your phone. But you can turn these off whenever you want by changing your phone’s notification settings.

Wiselancer doesn’t sell your private information.

You have some rights regarding your personal information. Everyone can ask us to:

  1. Tell you what kinds of personal info we collect, use, and share about you.
  2. Ask us to delete your personal info.
  3. Choose not to let us sell your personal info if we ever do.
  4. We won’t treat you unfairly if you use these rights.

You can do this by sending us an email or contacting us.

If someone else, like a friend or family member, asks for your info on your behalf, we might need proof that they’re allowed to do this. They might need to show they have your permission or the right legal papers. We might also need to make sure it’s really them. If you’re someone who’s asking for info for someone else, get in touch with us.


Why We Can Use Your Information Legally | Privacy Policy

When we use your personal information, we’ll have a good reason for doing it, and here are the reasons why:

  • To do the things we promised in our agreement with you, like giving you the stuff you asked for.
  • When we have a good reason to use your personal information for our business, like making our products better, keeping our services running, studying data, or talking to you.
  • To follow the laws and rules we have to, like keeping a record of what you agreed to and knowing who doesn’t want to get non-important messages from us.
  • When you say it’s okay, we can use your info, like when you agree to get messages from us. If we use your info because you said yes, you can change your mind and say no anytime you want.

Data Retention

We keep your info linked to your account while your account is open. If you decide to close your account, we’ll remove your info in about two weeks. We hold onto other personal info for as long as we need it for the reasons, we first collected it and for our business needs, like following the law.


Data Subject Requests | Privacy Policy

You can ask to see the info we have about you and get it in a way you can use it. You can also ask us to fix or delete your info, or to stop using it in some cases. If you want to do these things:

  • If you join Wiselancer, you can ask for a copy of your personal info anytime. You can do this from your Settings page or by going to Settings and choosing Account on our website.
  • You can fix your account details by going to the Settings page or selecting Account. If you want to change your interests, you can do that on the Customize Your Interests page.
  • If you want to take back your permission, you can delete your account anytime. Just go to the Settings page or choose Account. But, keep in mind that sometimes the law might stop us from deleting your info.
  • You can say no anytime to us using your personal info by getting in touch with us.

Queries or Complaints

Privacy Policy of Wiselancer, If you’re worried about how we use your personal info and we can’t fix it, you can tell the Data Protection Authority in your area about it.