Relationship Steps to Hold the Man from Withdrawing

Wise Relationship Steps

by Shamsul
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What to Do If He Withdraws? Positive Methods to Respond

You think a connection is doing well, but you are upset and now confused. You have no idea if insecurities are happening or if he is really withdrawing. This is a tough time for women. What to do when men pull away? Is there any power move? Is there any way to respond and recover? Experts say “Yes” when they answer. However, they constantly stress about finding out the reasons behind the decision to withdraw. Here is a simple guide for girls to be stronger and wiser to save a relationship.

Table of Contents:

  • Why do guys pull away?
  • How to react when he pulls away? How to deal with the main issues?
  • Discover someone trustworthy and compatible and develop a meaningful relationship.

Why Do Guys Pull Away From A Relationship? 

Understanding the psychology of men is very important. The indications are quite prominent: your relationship feels like it is not moving ahead, your man seems to be upset, and he doesn’t plan for dates and anything that feels strange. It seems weird if he always makes excuses or doesn’t want to be around. This is a clue that he is withdrawing. However, experts believe that there are three ground reasons why he backs off. The reasons can be different such as insecurities, anxieties, fears, and desperation.

1- He fears his freedom

Experts say that a relationship should move forward gradually. If a relationship moves quicker than expected, it may cause some issues. Most men feel they are not fit to have a family early on. They don’t want to sacrifice their freedom. Men always love adventure and thrill, so they find new bonds attractive. Fear of a serious and long-term relationship always remains in their minds. This feeling may encourage them to stay away or pull back, especially when they see compromising freedom.

2- Stress or problems in various life areas

Girls always become obsessive if their men don’t give them proper time and attention. They start considering it a withdrawal. In some cases, it may not be true. Girls should realize other possibilities such as tensions and issues in other areas of life. It could be studies, work or finance. There could be some personal or domestic issues such as health, family and friends. Sometimes, withdrawing indicates a type of defense mechanism. Past experiences (breakups, cheating or others) may force him to stay away from developing a new connection. He is likely to pull back and try to understand new possibilities. He is struggling hard to deal with his values and desires. Men hesitate to share things. They usually do this to avoid tension so they start making distance.

3- He might not be interested

It is hard but true. Men who come close quickly and then they act strangely without any prominent reasons are not trustworthy. Most men don’t like to share their problems as if they don’t prefer to hurt you. On the other hand, some men don’t share feelings because they don’t want to. It is a sign that he might not be the person for you. It is necessary to accept the harsh reality and move forward.

How to React When He Pulls Away? How to Deal With Main Issues?

So, what to do when someone pulls away? Finding the tactics to stop someone from doing this takes time and effort. It depends on the reasons (we already discussed above). Sometimes, it is easy to find solutions, but they may be useless in different situations. Find out why he is pulling back, which will help you devise a strategy. Here are some easy steps to deal with this type of situation.

1- Resist the excitement to inquire what went wrong in the Relationship

All you have to do is stay calm. Create some space. Distance is the best option to find out the reasons. It lets you think well than in other situations. It is difficult to resist the urge to contact but it is important and can act like magic. Moreover, it allows him to see you as a different person and he will surely get you. Please don’t start a social inquiry about him (asking his family or friends about him) because it may result in lowering your position.

Tip: Don’t be needy. Stay calm and don’t follow him. Let him spend a few days in the distance to reevaluate things.

Be positive and control your emotions – Never freak out. This relationship is not ending. He probably only requires some space. Ghosting away or pulling back doesn’t always show that he is not interested. Be a positive and practical person. Give him the time he needs and Don’t plead or beg for something. Trying to impose themself emotionally may hurt his feelings.

Tip: Don’t show bitterness or anger.

Be wise if he needs help – We told you that stress or any other issue in his personal life might be one of the reasons he is pulling back. Men struggle with education, health, family and work. These things may demand some time to refresh the mind. Men usually face these circumstances differently. They always try to deal with the issues without asking for support.

Tip: It is the moment to be wise and sympathetic. Contact him and offer your support whenever he needs it.

Discuss his insecurities – Men also have insecurities, just like girls do. The level of security or insecurity defines the strength of a loving relationship. Is he insecure about your past or current lifestyle? Does he feel insecure due to his own past? You can help him. Try to understand his emotions and reassure him. Appreciate him but never criticize him in this situation.

Tip: Take steps that make him feel well. Love him and trust him. Be supportive to encourage him to start a new life.

Focus on yourself – Wondering how to keep him in your life? There are so many ways and we are discussing the most practical one. You have to focus on yourself. Are you doing something that hurts him? Offer him support and space. Make sure that you don’t overthink about the previous encounters and arguments. Don’t let your self-esteem and ego jump in. It can damage the relationship. Change your focus. Buy some distraction. Don’t disturb daily routines and lifestyle. There is no need to feel guilty, especially if you have done nothing wrong.

Tip: Utilize this period to reevaluate what you like and love about your life. Engage in social and family circles. Start some new hobbies to find a distraction.  

Don’t be paranoid – There is no need to respond with fear. Girls often ask for ways to deal with a man who often withdraws and then comes back. In this case, girls should communicate their emotions and feelings right away. Never be paranoid or speak with fear. You are not weaker than anyone. Be courageous and strong. Give him a week to think about life. Wait for the response and plan a conversation. Don’t accuse or blame him if he comes to talk. It is good if he is receptive. Move on if he doesn’t respond while having all communication resources.

Tip: Frequent withdrawal and return strongly indicate that a man dislikes having a long-term relationship. You must conclude the matter and move on.

Be ready to accept the reality – The outcomes may not be what you expect. Showing little indifference can lure a guy. It is attractive. Please don’t make him the center of your life. He is your partner and should be treated like a good companion. Don’t fear losing him just because he is not interested. Keeping such relationships is a waste of time because these will break eventually. You need to be ready to cope with results no matter what.

Tip: Walk away Relationship is not going right or if it doesn’t seem to work.

Take your time – You should be the first to start feeling stressed. Men with a habit of pulling back usually show the symptoms mentioned above. You have done everything to save the relationship. You have invested everything, especially effort and time, to keep him close. It is time to say “Goodbye” if he still pulls back. Don’t feel suffocated. It is not your fault. It is good to think about the future.

Tip: Realize not all relationships are meant for the long term. Retrace your steps.

Discover someone trustworthy and compatible and develop a meaningful relationship:

Not all guys refuse to discuss or pull back completely. They are likely to open up when you offer them adequate time, space and love. Are you more compassionate and loving? This is a plus point. However, it can be useless when the relationships reach a point where these can’t be fixed. Forget the doomed relationships. This life is very short and you don’t have time to mourn. Are you looking for new plans? Try Wiselancer because it provides practical guides and tips to deal with various areas of life. Find a compatible match, sit back and start a new date. 



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