BZFuture Reveals Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Retail CD Key

by Shamsul
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BZFuture Reveals Solutions after Confirmed Delay of Microsoft Windows 10 Security Updates


The Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic is a recent issue worldwide. While governments are trying to safeguard the people from this infectious disease, the world’s economy is trying to stabilize. Leading organizations are shutting down and most are recommending their officials to work from home. It is necessary to activate the Windows 10 Pro as soon as possible with the help of Microsoft windows 10 pro retail cd key. The keys are available at BZFuture. In this scenario, Microsoft has released a Press Statement confirming that users may experience a delay in Windows 10 updates amid COVID-19. “As most of our offices are hibernated worldwide, it is not sure how the new updates will come. Microsoft has advised workers to stay at home. However, the necessary staff is working from home and we are hopeful to develop the new updates.

What Updates will Get Delay?

According to the press statement by Microsoft, the delay of several updates is expected. “Our developers are trying hard to develop most of the essential updates. Dealing with Windows 10 pro is not an easy job as it is a recently released product. We are busy with several tasks at the same time. For example, compatibility issues are most important for us. No doubt, there is no report about the compatibility issue but we are still working to improve the Windows 10,” the press release stated.

Security Updates are Not Coming:

Another big point revealed in this press release was about the security updates. “Windows 10 Pro users are informed to wait for the next security updates. The delay was not expected but new updates will not come because of the COVID-19 outbreak in the USA. We are trying best to resume the updates as soon as possible. Microsoft is hoping to introduce the new security updates for Windows 10 before Easter this year,” they further explained while talking to media. Now, you can buy windows 10 cd retail key from BZFuture.

How to Find Security Updates?

“Security updates for the version 1709 will be launched soon with the help of our regular servicing channels. Users can also find these updates by seeing Windows Updates, Microsoft Update Catalogue, and Windows Server Update Services. There is no need to change the existing Update Management Workflow,” Microsoft said.

What About Activations?

Several experts took part in a discussion about the recent issues. They expressed that Microsoft is trying to deliver the necessary updates on time. “We also believe that Microsoft will introduce extensions for the current updates in order to continue the workflow. The new updates are expected soon but it is not confirmed,” experts said while talking at BZFuture.

Beena Amanath

“I recommend users to not panic. Windows 10 will work smoothly even without the upcoming updates. However, it is necessary to buy windows 10 cd retail key to replace the older windows. This cd key is available at BZFuture.”

Lee Mathews

“As a Cyber Security analyst, I believe that missing security updates are not necessary for the current Windows 10 pro setup. Users can easily continue if they have an activated antivirus and windows operating system. I got interesting deals for both essentials at and my computers are working fine.”

James Brewster

“There is no need to be worried about security updates in presence of BZFuture. This digital support platform contains multiple solutions for clients. For example, I downloaded the activation key with a windows 10 cd retail key from there. This was an awesome experience.”


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