Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Developers?

by Shamsul
artificial intelligence replace a developer
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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Developers?

Can artificial Intelligence replace developers? The first instinct would be to say:

“Never in life, it’s much too complex as a job!
Impossible that a few algorithms manage to do that! »

And then you are confronted with the reality of artificial intelligence, and there you take a big slap, and you realize that, ultimately, it is not that impossible!

So to answer the question in the end.

Can artificial intelligence replace a developer? I would first like you to take this slap in the face and realize what artificial intelligence is.


The Slap of Artificial Intelligence

Already you have to know that artificial intelligence is not a concept of the future; no, it is the present. We are already surrounded by lots of things that work thanks to artificial intelligence.

If you browse Facebook and it makes you friend suggestions, it’s artificial intelligence.
When you’re on Netflix, and it suggests movies to watch, that too is artificial intelligence.
Or when you do a Google search and you have trouble formulating your search well and as if by magic you see a list with lots of questions related to what you searched for but well formulated, a bit like you you said but better, that too is the magic of artificial intelligence.

So yes, artificial intelligence is of the present, not the future.

But above all, it can go much further than a few suggestions.

There is a San Francisco startup called OpenAI, which was co-founded by Elon Musk, again him.

This startup created GPT-3, an extraordinary artificial intelligence that produces texts humans could have written.

Besides, I’m talking about GPT-3, but they even released the new GPT-4 version, which, as promised, is even crazier.

If you go to their website, you can see some examples of what GPT-3 can do, and it’s pretty amazing.

For example, she can convert complicated text into simple text that a child can easily understand.

But it can still do a lot of things.

And there are already quite a few companies that exploit this artificial intelligence.

For example, there is Copy.ai which allows you to create blog posts on any subject or descriptions for your Instagram posts.

There is also DALL-E 2, which allows you to create images based on texts.

So I don’t know about you, but when I saw all that, I was slapped in the face; I found it extraordinary.

But then what interests us today is that as developers, we are going to be replaced by artificial intelligence, and then what about code and artificial intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence and Code

GPT-3 gave birth to the Codex, which is the continuity of what we have seen but applied to the code. They trained it on billions of lines of code that they took directly from GitHub.

We see here that plenty of examples already work, thanks to Codex.

Unfortunately, to test them, you must have an invitation. But we are already seeing examples, and we can realize what it can do.

Create SQL queries from the text.
Quickly show what is written on the screen
Explanation of what a link snippet does
Quickly show what is written on the screen

In my research, I came across some other crazy examples.

In a tweet, he shows that by writing a text, he can directly create a small application, and it instantly generates the code made with React.

Or else, I saw this Headline site that allows you to generate landing pages from a bit of text.

And otherwise, I’ve been coding with an extension on Visual Code for 2 weeks already; it’s GitHub Copilot.

And I can tell you that it’s crazy how the pieces of code he offers are often the good ones. I find it really smart, and it makes my code faster.

Now that we have seen together all these applications of artificial intelligence on the code.

It’s finally time for me to tell you what I personally think about it.


Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Developers?

Will AI Replace Developers?

The quick answer is YES.

You’ve seen what GPT-3 is already capable of, and GPT-4 promises to be even more powerful.

So yes, artificial intelligence will replace developers! Sorry.

But I assure you it is not for now.

For how long exactly?

I do not know.

At first, it will help us be more efficient and make us go faster.

As a developer, what’s interesting is how the different elements connect to each other and whether an AI can help us go faster in simple and repetitive tasks, but it’s a big YES.

For example, for code searches, I find myself telling myself all the time, I am trying to remember where, but I know that I have already created a function that does this or that, for example, splits a URL or validates a form, whatever.

Well, imagine that you can write a function that cuts out the URL and that the AI will search through your entire project and find you exactly what you are looking for instead of trying to do a search by yourself which would risk not succeeding.

And also, for all that is the syntax or all the little “dumb” things no need to remember them, as I said in my classes because you find it very quickly on Google, but now it can go even faster since the AI gives you all of this directly in your code editor, no need to search on Google anymore.

And I experimented with it with GitHub Copilot, which saves you an incredible amount of time.

In the end, you are a supervisor. You supervise what the AI does for you.

So yes, it threatens the developer job as we know it today, especially for juniors.

And the first developers that AI is more likely to replace are the routine developers whose job requires little creativity or thought for the simplest tasks like making a landing page.

And in the longer term, AI will replace the developer job.

But one thing is sure, tell yourself that developers will be among the last to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

There are tons of jobs that will disappear before, lawyers, accountants and many others.

As Naval Ravikant puts it:

“The jobs that will be replaced are the most boring and repetitive.”

It is not a new phenomenon that specific jobs are being replaced by evolving technology.
And I assure you there will always be other more advanced, smarter jobs that will be created instead.

Farmers have been replaced by tractors, scribes, and the printing press has replaced those who wrote many documents by hand.

But in the end, if we take it into account, there are more jobs today than at the time as technology evolves, so don’t be afraid of technological evolution; it always creates plenty of opportunities.

We are simply gradually shifting towards new, smarter, and more interesting responsibilities.

Already have to tell you one thing: there must be humans to manage this AI or develop it.

So yes, AI is a threat to the job of the developer as we know it today, but if you have the right mindset, you adapt. It’s you who will learn to use AI in such a way as to do much better, and it is the job of the developer as we know it today that will evolve into something different and smarter.

So personally, it’s not bad that AI replaces the job of the developer as we know it today because, on the contrary, we will evolve positively.

If we free ourselves from repetitive and tedious tasks, we will free up space in our heads that was used on “dumb” tasks and we will be able to focus on smarter things and the brain is a muscle if you train him


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