Why We Don’t Love Every Day the Same Way?

by Shamsul
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Why We Don’t Love Every Day the Same Way?

Love Every Day

Anyone who thinks that love follows the same rhythm, theory, and feelings every day is sorely mistaken. Some days, love is expressed through a suffocating hug; other days, it dwindles down to a simple handshake, desire giving way to a heavy silence.

There are moments when love takes the form of an intimate dinner for two, accompanied by enchanting music that makes our hearts beat. However, there are other days when love transforms into a simple snack of bread and cheese, without even the possibility of being accompanied by butter.

Love can persist intensely 24 hours a day, but in other circumstances, it can fade in less than 5 minutes. At times, love resembles a commitment to spend the rest of one’s life with the other, but there are also days when love translates into a silent cry of “Give me a break.”

This is how love does not manifest itself in the same way every day. Some days, it can be a powerful hurricane, while on other days, it reduces to a passing storm that gives way to calm, and we then seek shelter in each other’s arms.

Love can also take on a less attractive appearance, much like the smile of a child who has just received a toy. Although love is often perceived as something beautiful, there are days when it takes on a repulsive form, to the point that we prefer not to look at it or feel it.

There are days when love resonates like our favorite song, one that we never tire of listening to. On the other hand, at other times, it becomes a melody that we would like to avoid. Love can be sweet at times, but sometimes, it takes on a bitterness that characterizes it.

Here are five reasons why we don’t love every day the same way:

Human emotions are complex and influenced by many factors. Each day, we may be exposed to different experiences, which can cause emotional variability. Positive interactions can evoke joy, love, or enthusiasm, while negative events can generate sadness, anger, or stress.

Daily events, whether small or large, have an impact on our mood. A day that starts well with positive moments can create a more favorable perception, while negative events can color our day with a less pleasant hue.

External elements such as the weather can influence our state of mind. A sunny day can bring brightness and energy, while a rainy day can create a more melancholic atmosphere. Physical health, interpersonal relationships, and other external factors also contribute to our daily experience.

Levels of stress and responsibilities related to work, family, or other commitments can vary from day to day. A busy and stressful day can hinder our ability to fully appreciate the present moment, while a more relaxed day can promote a better appreciation of life.

Internal changes, such as personal growth, hormonal fluctuations, or other physiological processes, can affect our way of perceiving and experiencing each day. Positive internal changes can increase our emotional well-being, while more difficult changes can influence our daily emotional state.

Some days, love presents itself as the couch on which we lie down after an exhausting day. Other times, it transforms into the office chair on which we can no longer stand, causing back and foot pain and requiring a well-deserved rest.

Understanding that love is not constant every day leads us to realize that loving goes beyond mere feeling. It requires the ability to forgive those who have hurt us, even when fatigue overwhelms us at the end of the day. We must understand that the need for silence today does not signify a lack of love.

Love, although often beautiful and light, can turn into a storm on certain days, where the only thing that matters is to seek refuge in each other’s arms. It also encompasses surrender, the understanding that expressing harsh words will not contribute in any way and that sometimes, silence is the best response.

Even though our way of loving fluctuates from day to day, our ability to love constantly grows.



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