Why Every Business Owner Should Write a Book

by Shamsul
Write a book
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Why Every Business Owner Should Write a Book


Every business owner should write a book. It is not only good for themselves but also good for their business. They can inspire people with their stories. You must know how to write your autobiography if you are a business owner. If you don’t know how to do it the right way, this article can help. You can publish your own book within a few months because this post holds all the necessary information.


Advantages of Writing Your Own Book

We respect authors because they are nation builders in our society. Writers hold a prominent place in our community and are often regarded as a “sacred” place. A writer can revolutionize people with the hidden philosophies of the world. Some writers such as Plato, Robbins, Rowling, and Hemingway have changed the world with their books and writing skills. Let’s discuss some significant advantages of writing your own book.

Greater Visibility:

As we are discussing about business owners specifically, the biggest advantage of writing your own book is that it gives amazing visibility to your personality and your business. It allows you to reach new markets and people. You can further promote yourself and your business by writing your own book.

Instant Credibility:

If you write your business book, it increases your credibility instantly. You will be introduced as “Author and Business Owner,” which sounds really satisfying. It gives a more powerful punch or introduction to you and your company. Due to this instant credibility, people can easily find you on social media platforms and LinkedIn. It will give a bigger boost to your social media profile. People will love to listen to what you speak as a published author.

Increased Rates:

You will be able to increase your rates, especially if you are running a service business. This is one of the major advantages of a published author and business owner. People will take you seriously and become more vigilant than your competitors. You can boost your business by writing your own book, particularly if you are in professional coaching and consulting. In short, you can change your rates overnight.

Organized Framework:

When you write your own business book, it will enhance your thinking power. You can organize your business operations by using new techniques, thoughts, and ideas. This is one of the biggest perks of writing your own business book.

There are uncountable benefits of writing your own book. You can find out new ideas to get more clients. As a result, you can briefly add each section of your business operation in different chapters.


A Step by Step Guide to Writing Your Own Business Book

Well, it feels really overwhelming to write a book at first. But, you can make this process very effortless by splitting up your ideas into a step by step process. You will come across the fact that writing a book is not as difficult as it seems.

Presently, there are over 1.67 million self-published books in the US. Since 2008, this percentage has increased. So, it is the right time to become a part of this movement.

Below, we are going to break down the process of writing a book into a step by step process. With these baby processes, you can write your own business book and publish it. So, let’s begin!


1-Select the Topic:

If you have decided to write your own business book, you must first select the right topic. We know you already have numerous ideas in your mind, but you should choose the title with the help of your best friend or family members. After some time, you will be able to select a catchy topic that might inspire people. The following are some areas that can help you pick a suitable topic for your book,


What is your expertise in business? Carefully analyze your life experiences and resume. It will be easier for you to write a book when you know about the topic you are going to write about. In this situation, the flow of words will emit from your mind automatically that you can transfer on your screen through your fingers and keyboard.

Business Relationship:

Sometimes, a business book is just a tool to grow your business for some business owners. It is necessary to make a correlation between your business and your book. For instance, if you are from an advertising company, your topic must revolve around it. Try to make your book related to advertising.


If you are planning to write a philosophy book, then it is a wrong idea because you are not a Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle. This kind of genre is not profitable. It is a full-time job to write philosophical books. Your business book should be helpful and practical. You can tell people how to run a specific business or how to cope with a particular issue in your company.


2- Break it down into Small Topics:

Once you find an attractive topic for your book, it’s time to split the concept into small parts. In order to make it easier, you can break down your topic into five or ten small steps. You can then convert each section into a chapter. The next step is to break down each topic into headings and subheadings.

Do not start writing your book without a proper outline. Writing your own business book without an outline could be a disaster. You should define your method and ending point.


3- Write at least 500 Words a Day:

If you have an excellent topic for your business book but can’t write, you can get the services of a professional ghostwriter. It is a common practice, and many professional writers do this. Hiring a ghostwriter is not the best option for you if you are a small business owner. It can cost thousands of dollars to get a primary manuscript.

It is essential to convey your idea or thought to your ghostwriter so that he can write it accordingly. Hire a professional ghostwriter who can pull out ideas from your mind by interviewing you.

But, it is recommended to write your book on your own. In this way, you can easily convey your purpose or message. If you are writing a book on your own, you should make a solid plan first. Dedicate an hour or two for writing purposes and write at least 500 words a day. With this speed, you can develop a 30000-word manuscript in just two months.

On average, a self-published book contains 300 pages, which means you can write 100 pages in two months. Is that really difficult?


4- Send it to a Copy Editor:

After completing your manuscript, it’s time to send it to a copy editor. Moreover, you can also seek help or hire a copy editor. If you think a copy editor is a proofreader, then you are wrong because he is more than that. The main purpose of a copy editor is to read your manuscript and make changes and suggestions accordingly to boost its flow and clarity. They can help you remove unnecessary parts and add valuable ideas. In short, they make your book better in terms of reading.

Collaborating with a copy editor is crucial because they are vital for the success of your business book. But, this process can be frustrating. In the whole scenario, you have to kill your ego and make changes when asked. After finishing your work with a copy editor, send your manuscript to a proofreader in order to identify grammar and spelling mistakes. This process shouldn’t be more than three to four weeks.


5- Select a Catchy Title:

Always select the title of your book at the end. If you choose the title from the start, then there is a chance that it didn’t go well with your topic. Finish your writing process first, and then select a catchy title. Your title must reflect what’s inside the book.

Your title should increase the curiosity of people. Your title can force them to read your book. You have the freedom to add a subtitle in order to make your title clear. While thinking about your book’s title, you can guess from the perspective of your target readers. What do they want to read? What are they looking for? Is your book provides solutions to their problems?


6- Design the Cover:

Now, the fun part is to design the cover of your book. It is vital because your book’s aesthetic appeal depends on this factor. Your book cover should be clear and imaginative. There are countless factors to think about when selecting a design for your book cover, but the following points will help you in this matter,

  • Keep the title large, clear, and straightforward.
  • In order to make your cover eye-catching, use different contrasts and colors.
  • If you are adding subtitles, keep its font smaller than the title.
  • For exposure, feature your name on the cover. Bottom-center of the cover is ideal for featuring your name.

If you have a limited budget, you can take the help of Canva to design your cover page. If you have an appropriate budget, then you can hire a professional cover designer for your book.


7- Print and Publish:

Now, your business book is ready to print and publish. It is important to find a high-quality book printing company. You can easily find a printing company based on reviews and recommendations. Many book printing companies provide maximum customer service to their clients.

After printing, you need to publish your book in the market. Make sure your book is available on offline and online platforms like book stores, Amazon, Shopify, etc.

Leveraging Your Status as a Published Author

It is such a difficult process to write a book. But, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you can make this overwhelming process incredibly effortless. With the help of your business book, you can achieve a prominent status in your industry. You can multiply your sales, visibility, credibility, and character. Being a published author, you can leverage your position in the following ways,

LinkedIn Profile

You can change your status on LinkedIn from “Business Owner” to “Author and Business Owner.” You can share your quotes, the cover of your book, and the 3D version of your book on your profile. It will definitely make a big hype in your industry.


Your business book will work you as a magnet. It will attract new audiences without any trouble. You can post a digital copy of your book on your business website, and people can get it by creating an account on your site. Isn’t it profitable?

Facebook Ads

Facebook provides a “free + shipping” marketing strategy to clients. Readers can pay the processing fee and can get your book. It will give you a massive boost for you as well as your company. It is an effective and tech-savvy method to gain maximum exposure.

Email Signature

Save some areas in your email signature and add a thumbnail of your business book. You can also include a hyperlink, the title, or your web link from where they can buy your book.


You can change your appearance on local websites, newspapers, conferences, and events. You will be invited as an author and business owner instead of just a business owner. 

It is such a respectable title in our society. So, it is a great chance to change your introduction by writing your own business book.

Zoom Background

As a business owner, you must attend numerous Zoom meetings daily. You can change the wall of your office to make it a Zoom background by adding a title to your page. You can also set up some copies of your book on your office table. This way, you can easily change your office’s look and promote your book. With these tactics, you will become a best-selling author.

Your wall will show your credibility and increase your exposure whenever you are on a Zoom meeting with your clients and other stakeholders.



It is not easy for business owners to write a book because they also have to pay attention to other areas of their business. Many tools and factors can aid you in writing, from ghostwriters to copy editors, proofreaders, and publishers. But after reading the steps mentioned above, what’s stopping you from writing your business book?

Just clear one thing, you can write your own book with good intentions. It all starts with a great topic or idea. Once you have an idea, exploit all your resources to convert your idea into a book. And once your book is published, put all your efforts into promoting the book.


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