Why Blogging is Important for a Website – Advantages

by Shamsul
Importance of Blogging
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Why Blogging is Important for a Website – Advantages


Blogging is more significant than ever for any online activity or business. It had changed from when only single persons had a blog and utilized them as a choice to explain the definite opinions. Nowadays, corporate brands utilize blogs to develop their stores, businesses, and companies with good reach. B2B marketers using blogs receive 67% more revenue than those who don’t. Not sure how they accomplish it? Let’s share the points.

What Does Blogging Do?

Drive Traffic:

Blogging is a marvelous technique to drive traffic to a website and enhance SEO. The more a blog, the more text the search engines have to index and crawl. This means that it is easy to get recognition and a website will utilize maximum resources to access the target customers. Plus, one can utilize a blog to develop content that the audience is motivated to share with other connections. Businesses and companies with blogs receive 97% more links for their websites. All these links come from natural online sources. When users get posts on their blogging site by different people they receive free content for the website.

Build Capability:

A blog with fruitful content explains to your target audience and buyers that you are a trustworthy source. Writing interesting posts about hot topics they will see are important and useful offers them that you are not selling products but looking to establish a strong connection with them. This is more than business. Customers love to choose a business, website or store offering care and love. More than 47% of buyers view at least 5 blogs or articles before contacting the salespersons. This shows that the right content is valuable, and it has an extreme role in increasing sales.

Start Direct Conversations:

Blogging as a merchandiser or corporate person is the best method to begin interaction directly with the audience. A simple feature on most blogs is the comment section. Utilize a blog to motivate people to give their thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. Don’t be afraid of negative comments and direct questions. The audience should feel free and easy in the discussion section. You never know when anybody may have a marvelous suggestion or idea for your product, service, or brand. Answering these questions in a positive and polite manner shows them that your business cares about their demands and humanizes the group.


Marketing Channels That Receive Blogging Benefits:

Social Media:

Have you ever struggled to discover something to post to your business’s social media account? Social media is a powerful tool to push a blog and its contents to target the audience, grow awareness about the brand, and more. When you post a blog, you find good content to post and find contents that bring the people back to your website. Additionally, you can repost a blog several times while making some changes, such as highlighting various aspects such as economic predictions each time.

Email Marketing:

Having a blogging website is in favor of your website. It also benefits email marketing strategies. First, if you have a business newsletter or if you use email promotion frequently, it becomes easy to utilize a blog as perfect additional content. Create a special section to show the featured blogs and latest blogs to encourage the readers. This strengthens trust in your business and status as a true leader. Second, a blog motivates new visitors to read and subscribe. You will regularly see requests to join the newsletter or sign-up alerts from people interested in such topics. This improves the email list and provides a sustainable marketing environment.

What Contents Are Suitable For Blogging?

Brand Voice:

As per the previous discussion, blogs support humanizing brands. We don’t use the leading stores and organizations all the time. In some cases, we end up with a small business store online. This is due to the strong brand voicing. If your business has a special brand view or voice, a blog is the best stage to showcase it. You have to show that real people have real stories and experiences.


Always discuss something that is of broad interest. If your company sells a product or service, you will surely discover options to create blogging posts around top strategies or how-to’s that are about a specific service or product. However, never keep the contents limited to a specific topic or thing. You have to find experiments that can target other readers. They may be looking for the service or product you are selling. For example, people searching for home appliances may also be interested in other home-related services such as cleaning, plumbing, security, etc. Discuss all these relevant or far-relevant topics to have a fun environment.

Images and Videos:

You have probably invested more time to develop attractive images and videos and online blogging is the best place to post these things. Images and videos engage the readers or visitors. These don’t let them move anywhere, especially if there is interesting content for viewers. Try to target education, engaging, social, and other topics. Post stories about the industry or market to get readers’ responses. Don’t forget to drop YouTube or other social media links in the discussion. These are effective SEO strategies to support your business’s monetized social media accounts.

Developing a blog is not difficult. It is valuable because of the excellent marketing opportunities. Everyone in a business or organization can participate and contribute content to improve their knowledge. Online marketers who support blogging are 13x more likely to get positive responses and huge ROI. Be one of the successful marketers and explain the value of blogging to have high revenues.


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