What Make You A Great Motivational And Inspirational Team Player?

Motivational Team Player

by Shamsul
Inspirational Team Player
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What Make You A Great Motivational And Inspirational Team Player?

A team player’s characteristics differ from an individual player as the team player requires coordination and understanding even more than the job expertise. 


Why Should a Team Player Be Inspiring And Motivating?

A team player needs to be motivated and inspired as he is not working for himself only, but now the team’s success and other team members depend on him. Sadly, not every player is equipped with such qualities, and only a few players have inspirational and motivated personalities. Every team member must know how to inspire others and take inspiration from them so that they can all lead the team together and very well in hard times too. If the personality of even one player is inspiring, then other players will seek inspiration from him and be attracted to better performance and contribution. A few qualities are necessary for team players to give an inspired and motivated look. Following are the characteristics which make you an inspiration and motivational team player.


Provide a Purpose and Vision to all Team Players:

Every team player must create a future vision that can motivate him and give him a purpose. A good team player should always look forward and toward something bigger than he is working for. Every team player should insist (without offending) the others too to have a nice aim in future so that they can work hard and can keep themselves focused towards something. You should tell them about your struggle and how satisfactory the results were so that they can also rise up and have courage.


Setting the Clear Goals:

All humans need to have admirable goals in life to focus on them and move forward. A person with no goals in life is useless because he doesn’t know what he should do in life or the purpose of his life. A team player must have some admirable goals in life so that he can keep trying his best to achieve those goals. The team is always happy when you have goals that benefit your team and even you. It boosts your energy and increases your productivity rate very sharply.


Leading Team Player through Example:

If you make them learn something, then you should use some excellent examples so that they can learn well and on a better scale. Measures are necessary in such cases because they create a better vision. If you tell someone an example and try to motivate them, it will be far more effective than simply telling them to do a particular job. Through instance, people learn that they also have the capability to do this thing, and they are encouraged beyond their expectations. 

The examples inspire team players to do the same work more efficiently and zealously.


Encouragement of Team Work:

Teamwork is always beneficial and nothing can beat its output level. Teamwork creates a sense of responsibility and competition among players, which makes them stronger. They try to do better than all others and thus they try to be the best in a healthy way. When they play together, they form a nice bond which is hard to break in real life and in the work battlefield. They feel like family and connect with each other really well. Even a small encouragement like kind words makes the team more focused on its path.


Have Positive and Optimistic Views about Team Players:

Positivity is the solution to everything. If you have positive views towards something, achieving it with little struggle is very easy. If you think negatively, then you’ll see flaws in everything and you can never keep yourself motivated, and happiness will be a tale for you. A nice team player should always see the positive aspect of things so that he can keep himself motivated and inspire others to join the positive league. He will feel engaged in positive activities and there will be no way back to the alley of negativity in his life.


Give Rewards and Praise to Team Players:

Everyone loves prizes and they try hard to achieve rewards even if it is small. If you offer a prize over something, everyone will try to win and thus the team will be motivated. But don’t forget to stay and appreciate others for trying. It is human nature that when you are getting praised for a job, then you always try to do better in the future for that thing too. People will work efficiently to get a reward, and that’s how they will be motivated and focused.


Communication with Team:

It is very important for all team members to have a nice conversation with each other. If you have a conversation gap, then it will be difficult for you all to understand each other’s points of view. You should communicate with the team so that they can realize your presence and your point of view. If you do not communicate with your team, then you’ll feel like you are isolated. Moreover, you’ll be unable to give the team your best results. So, try to have a nice relationship and conversations with your team as it is in high favor of all of you.


Empower the Team Player:

When you offer any team member some power or authority to do something, they’ll feel free to try their best. So, it is essential to make everyone realize that they have some power. They can do things according to their choice. Nothing is stronger than freedom or power used for a positive purpose. So, you must give suitable authority to every team member to see the best part of them.

If every team member makes sure that they are following these rules, then you’ll see a clear change in yourself and your team while remarkable progress in each task will be shown.


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