What is Your Leadership Style? A DiSC Assessment Can Help

Leadership Style?

by Shamsul
Leadership Style
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What is Your Leadership Style? A DiSC Assessment Can Help


What Kind of Leader Are You? A DiSC assessment

What is your leadership style? A DiSC assessment can help

What is a DiSC Assessment?

A DiSC assessment is a helpful tool when it comes to assessing your leadership style. Team leaders can utilize this tool to understand their leadership qualities to advance workplace teamwork. A post- DiSC assessment can highlight your competitiveness in several dimensions. A team leader can assess their employees’ DiSC traits to improve their skills, self-awareness, and sales. This tool is also helpful in increasing employee engagement. This tool is ideal for employees, small business owners, managers, and team leaders interested in assessing behaviors.

If you really want to assess your leadership behavior, then this tool can help. It helps people to understand their leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses. They can utilize their strengths and mitigate weaknesses to become good leaders. With this self-assessment tool, you can find your hidden personality traits to increase your self-awareness. As a result, you can easily achieve your goals or objectives under challenging situations.

In this article, we will discuss DiSC assessment and its benefits. If you want to know how DiSC assessment works, then keep scrolling.


DiSC Assessment

Basically, a DiSC assessment is a self-assessment tool that organizations and small businesses utilize to discover managers’ and workers’ leadership traits (strengths and weaknesses). The purpose is to improve workplace teamwork by providing more insight and self-awareness. The creator of this model was William Moulton Marston. He developed this method in 1928 and wrote in his book “Emotions of Normal People”.

According to his theory, behavioral expressions can be divided into four factors as given,

  1. Dominance
  2. Inducement
  3. Submission
  4. Compliance

These four behavioral expressions are the self-traits of a person related to its environment. Marston was a firm believer that understanding your behavioral traits will help you foster relationships and manage your experiences. A DiSC assessment is the modern form of Marston’s behavioral assessment method. Due to the change in emotional behaviors, DiSC now refers to as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

How Does it Work? A DiSC assessment

In this method, individuals such as managers and small business owners answer a set of different questions. They are assigned main as well as secondary personality characteristics. Moreover, it also helps to map out the standards that are important for you. As a result, you can determine how you handle different tasks or challenges or how you interact with others.

These days, several government organizations and business use this method to boost the performance of their employees. It helps team workers to work together effectively. When a company hires new workers, they suggest taking a DiSC assessment. In this way, they can quickly determine whether they can perform in a team or individually. It allows them to assign different tasks accordingly. After taking an online DiSC assessment, it will give you a compiled report of your answers.

Other than the DiSC assessment, many self-assessments are available on the internet. But, the assessment of companies or organizations take is a more reliable tool. A DiSC assessment report includes the following details.

  • It gives complete details about your employee’s performance in each segment. Plus, it also uncovers network and work-related characteristics in the form of strengths and weaknesses.
  • It fosters relationships with the workers and improves workplace teamwork.
  • It helps to review your workers’ main values in your business.
  • It highlights opposite DiSC assessment types and tells how to approach them in a better way.

The final assessment report is shared with the managers, workers, or other individuals to whom they report.


Why Does a DiSC Assessment Work?

A DiSC assessment is really useful to make your workers more self-aware. This increased self-awareness will help managers and small business owners to understand their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. In short, you can effectively exploit their characteristics for the betterment of the company. When you assess the entire staff using the same assessment method, you can better understand each worker, which makes it easier for you to make challenging decisions. For example, if you need a group of employees for a team project, you can pick workers who perform better when working together. You can communicate with them effectively by understanding their values and behaviors. It will also help you to assign tasks accordingly and resolve conflicts.

The best benefit of this method is that it predicts whether the team can achieve the target or not. It is a fact that open-minded and intelligent people can achieve targets, whereas narrow-minded and dull people can’t achieve goals.

According to Winsborough and Chamorro-Premuzic, when every member of a team shares values, there is a maximum chance that they will perform better and achieve the common goal. With assessment tools, managers can identify their values by noticing their behaviors. Teams with the same values display more commitment and innovation.


How to Find your DiSC Style? A DiSC assessment

In order to find your DiSC style, you have to perform different assessment tests with the help of Discprofile.com.


This type of style opposes its rivals in shaping its working environment to achieve results. Their main traits are focus and confidence.

  • Traits: A dominant worker is usually intense, fast-paced, blunt, forceful, and direct.
  • Behaviors: They are ready to accept complex challenges and can see the big picture ahead of time. They are fair in their dealings.
  • Styles: They are revolutionary, impressive, and determined.
  • Improvement: They should improve their patience level, focus, and sensitivity.


This type of worker usually shapes their working environment by encouraging others. This kind of person gives importance to establishing relationships, friendships, and openness.

  • Traits: In this type, a person is incredibly convincing, trusting, welcoming, and optimistic.
  • Behaviors: They promote a culture of collaboration.
  • Styles: Their styles are affirming, inspiring, and energizing.
  • Improvement: They should improve their speaking skills for both groups and candid.



This type of person loves to work with others. They promote a culture of dependability, sincerity, and cooperation. Here are some facts about a person with a steadiness style.

  • Traits: The traits of this type of person are patience, consistency, accommodating, and calm.
  • Behaviors: They oppose sudden change and offer supportive actions. They don’t like to do things at a fast or unnatural pace.
  • Styles: Their styles are affirming, inclusive, and humble.
  • Improvement: They should learn how to accept new changes and how to multitask.


A person with a conscientious style is highly conscious of their work. They are eager to achieve quality with accuracy. They promote a culture of competency and expertise.

  • Traits: This type of worker is generally tactful, cautious, analytical, and independent.
  • Behaviors: They accept challenges, oppose criticism, and maintain stability.
  • Styles: They are resolute, deliberate, and humble.
  • Improvements: They should improve their decision-making abilities and compromising traits.

Benefits of DiSC Assessment

When you conduct a DiSC assessment, it provides several benefits to your workers. As we know, DiSC assessment is also beneficial for your organization. Below, we have given some crucial benefits of DiSC assessment.

It increases self-awareness: When you understand your personality traits, such as strengths and weaknesses, you can efficiently deal with your stress, tasks, and conflict. It brings positive change in your personality and increases self-awareness. This awareness will help you in both your personal and business relationships.

o It Promotes Teamwork:

The significant advantage of this assessment is that it promotes teamwork. A team can work together better when their values and leadership styles match. In this type of work environment, a team can effectively communicate, automatically decreasing the risk of conflict. They work hard to achieve a common goal. Moreover, managers can assign different tasks based on their self-assessment results.

o It Raises Sales and Customer Service:

When a worker conducts a DiSC assessment, he can determine all his essential characteristics. He can perform better and deal with the customers accordingly. This thing will increase the sales of the company and customer service skills. He can adapt himself according to the changing trends to drive sales. These types of workers are highly beneficial for the company’s success. 

o It Aids you in Management of Everything Tactfully:

When a manager recognizes the general traits of his team or workers, he can effectively manage them and assign tasks. He can motivate his team members in a better way and can divide them into different sections to achieve the desired results. He can resolve workplace conflict by identifying their DiSC profiles. In this way, managers can reduce workplace tensions and develop a better working environment.

o It Brings Empathy:

A DiSC assessment promotes empathy. When a manager sees the profile of his workers, he can understand them better. By understanding their background, he understands his team members without making any judgment.

o It Enhances Employee Engagement:

When a manager assigns tasks to his employees according to their behavioral strengths, they feel more valued. This brings employee engagement and is enough to motivate them to achieve a target. It also helps in greater productivity with lesser employee turnover. It also helps to encourage workers to showcase their best skill powers that can contribute to the success of the organization.


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