What is the Difference Between a Boss and a Leader?

Difference in Boss and Leader

by Shamsul
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Difference Between a Boss and a Leader?

Do you know the difference between a boss and a leader? When it comes to meaning, they are the same but they are not the same in other terms. A leader depends on goodwill, whereas a boss depends on authority. According to H. Gordon Selfridge, the leader trains people, and the boss motivates them. When it comes to boosting enthusiasm, no one can beat the leadership. On the other hand, the boss increases fear. The major difference between both is that the leader says “We” and the boss says “I”. The leader fixes problems, whereas the boss blames for the problem.

If you want to find out that you are a leader or a boss, then this article will certainly help you. The following traits will help you find out whether you are a good boss or a leader.

  • Can you coach or drive people?
  • Can you influence goodwill or depend on authority?
  • Can you promote enthusiasm or fear?
  • Can you focus on yourself or people?
  • Can you fix a problem or blame?
  • Can you push others or lead?

Based on these questions, you can easily figure out the differences. It is important to be a leader instead of a boss.

How Can You Be a Better Boss than a Leader?

If you just have the option to become a boss instead of a leader, then you can also become a good boss. It is possible by developing some essential skills. In some corporate cultures, a boss can create all the differences that a leader can’t. Sometimes, dictation works perfectly for you in some work environments. If you have a dull and uncouth team or employees, then a boss is the ideal solution for getting their desired results.

There is a major difference in terms of working manners and approach. He is proactively empowers communication and collaboration among people. On the other hand, it always motivates and inspires people to do the same. In simple words, a leader builds a nation and a boss builds a company. That’s how you can differentiate both.


Responsibilities of Boss

Both bosses and leaders also differ in terms of their responsibilities. They seem similar, but they are not. We have mentioned some responsibilities of the boss below:

  • Creating objectives or goals
  • Organizing everything
  • Developing strategies and plans
  • Delegating
  • Developing short as well as long-term policies

Responsibilities of Leader

The following responsibilities will show you how it differs from a boss.

  • Giving visions
  • Innovating techniques
  • Motivating actions
  • Empowering people
  • Establishing culture


A boss has the authority and power to get the desired outcomes from his employees. But, a leader inspires and gives vision to people to achieve a common goal. In other words, a boss always works to achieve short-term goals, whereas a leader always works to achieve long-term goals.

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